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PDO and PGI cold cuts: a unique heritage of taste, gastronomic tradition and culture of our territories – Italian Cuisine


PDO and PGI cold cuts: a unique heritage of taste, gastronomic tradition and culture of our territories

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A journey of 4 showcooking promoted by ISIT (Istituto Salumi Italiani Tutelati) through the cooking school of Sale & Pepe that – in addition to presenting tasty recipes and revealing unexpected combinations – has enhanced the individual PDO and PGI cold cuts, letting them know the characteristics of their identity, telling their story and enhancing the link with the territory of origin.

A gastronomic journey – but also cultural – through Italy, to discover our most authentic gastronomic traditions of which PDO and PGI cold cuts proudly take part, proud spokesmen of a certified quality that tells stories of territories, people and a know-how made of ancient gestures and production techniques wisely handed down, but also improved over time.

Stories of recipes, of traditional cuisine but also of creativity and originality in the kitchen.

Just as chef Eva Golia showed that in the 4 showcooking she was able to enhance the flavors and contrasts between the ingredients by presenting tasty recipes, easy to make even at home and ideal for gratifying the palate but also to enrich the table with that innate conviviality that the cured meats, helping to satisfy the ancestral pleasure of eating well and being together.

Mock sushi with Emilia with Mortadella Bologna PGI

An easy but very tasty dish. Roll the slices of Mortadella Bologna PGI with grated growth and Grana Padano PDO and leave to rest in the fridge. Cut the roll like a sushi and garnish the top with the chopped pistachios. For a sweet and sour note, you can use a few drops of balsamic vinegar to complete the dish.

Crostini with caramelized Prosciutto di Carpegna and pine nuts

A quick recipe with complex flavors. Sauté butter, raisins and Prosciutto di Carpegna DOP until it is almost caramelized, blending with balsamic vinegar. Arrange the mixture on croutons and serve them while still hot. Excellent as an appetizer.

Rustic donut with Salame Felino PGI

A savory pie ideal as an aperitif, both warm and cold. It is made with flour, milk, eggs, oil, Grana Padano and Salame Felino PGI cubes. To bake in the typical donut mold.

Culatello di Zibello DOP with micca, flavored butter and gardener

An encounter that is love at first taste. The traditional “micca” bread welcomes the unmistakable taste of the Culatello di Zibello. A combination to be enhanced with the flavor of the gardener and, if desired, with a flavored butter, such as rosemary.

Tagliolini with PDO Modena Ham, bottarga, lemon

To give originality to the “classic” first course tagliolini with bottarga and lemon, complete it with finely chopped Prosciutto di Modena DOP. Its sweet and intense perfume and the savory but not salty taste will give it an unexpected touch. A dish that tastes like summer!

"Tortellini" of Bresaola della Valtellina PGI stuffed with wild fennel vegetables

An idea that satisfies the taste and also the view! Roll out the slice of Bresaola della Valtellina IGP, place a spoonful of goat cheese flavored with fennel or chives on a half. Fold it, match the two ends together and raise it to make the pasta tortellini. Perfect accompanied by asparagus tips.

Mace of peas with sweet flaky pecorino cheese and Italian Salamini alla Cacciatora PDO

A meeting of flavors that complement each other wonderfully.

Mace of fresh peas, obtained simply by boiling them for about 20 minutes and then blend them emulsifying them with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. To be completed with sweet flaky pecorino and ground pepper.

Excellent to accompany the sweet taste of Italian Salamini alla Cacciatora PDO.

Coppa di Parma PGI with zucchini julienne with apple sauce

The full and round taste of Coppa di Parma PGI is ideal to be enjoyed in purity, accompanied by a good homemade bread. But try to exalt it all with the unexpected touch of a zucchini julienne with sour apple. Guaranteed success

Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO to be tasted alone

Ideal consumed in purity to appreciate all the taste. Perfect accompanied by fruit

of season and cheeses, both fresh and seasoned, to compose a colorful and perfumed cutting board to share with friends.

Risotto with Speck Alto Adige PGI and South Tyrolean Apples

With its special aroma, finely spiced and delicate at the same time, Speck Alto Adige PGI is great for enriching risotto with South Tyrolean apples.

After toasting the rice, blend with Gewürztraminer wine. Brown the apple in cubes in a little butter, cut the speck into strips and add 5 minutes before finishing cooking.

Pitta with anchovies, Capocollo di Calabria DOP and caciocavallo

Delicately spicy, Capocollo di Calabria PDO goes perfectly with caciocavallo and a fillet

d'acciuga, in a hot pitta made simply with flour, durum wheat flour, brewer's yeast and a teaspoon of sugar.

Varzi PDO Salami and polenta quenelle with escarole cream

With a sweet and delicate flavor, a fragrant and characteristic aroma, Salame di Varzi PDO goes perfectly with polenta and an escarole cream, obtained by blending the leaves with pine nuts, pecorino cheese and a drizzle of oil.

Finger of Cotechino Modena PGI with apple sauce

From the unmistakable taste, Cotechino Modena PGI is excellent served with a compote of rennet apples cut into cubes and softened on the fire with a knob of butter. Also taste it combining it with sweet flavors, such as caramelized pears, or with the pungent touch of ginger, lime or balsamic vinegar.

Salame Brianza DOP with Grana Padano waffles with fennel and mint

With a sweet and delicate flavor, taste it on grated Grana Padano PDO cheese waffles, flavored with finely chopped fennel and fresh mint. To make the waffles, place the mixture on the baking tray of the hot oven, forming discs of about 10 cm in diameter. To be completed to taste with chopped sun-dried tomatoes.

Tagliolini with cabbage cream and strips of Prosciutto Toscano DOP

An ideal proposal to enhance the flavor of Prosciutto Toscano DOP. Make a risotto pasta, cooking it in a compote of cabbage and boiled and whisked potatoes. Bring to the end of cooking by adding some broth and stirring the tagliolini with a drizzle of oil, grated Pecorino Toscano and strips of Prosciutto Toscano DOP, to be used also as a final garnish for the dish

Pumpkin Quenelle with Coppa Piacentina DOP, Parmigiano Reggiano and Agresto

Let yourself be surprised by the combination of Coppa Piacentina DOP (served in thin slices) with a pumpkin quenelle and amaretti. Accompany all with an agresto sauce, a very old condiment made from the cooking of the unripe grape with the addition of vinegar and spices

A project to enhance the knowledge of the excellence of the protected Italian delicatessen produced by the Salt & Pepper School and promoted by ISIT (Istituto Salumi Italiani Tutelati), the Association the reference of the Consortiums for the protection of DOP and IGP cured meats, thanks to the valuable contribution of the Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies (Mipaaf).


The contents of this post have been produced entirely by ISIT.
© Reproduction reserved.

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Greedy Christmas in Turin: gastronomic tour of the city – Italian Cuisine

Greedy Christmas in Turin: gastronomic tour of the city

Ready to taste as many things as possible during the Christmas holidays?

An itinerary to be savored tasting some bars, restaurants, bistros, with typical and Christmas recipes, ranging from vegetarian to traditional cuisine, to fusion. A journey from appetizers to desserts to experience the upcoming holidays in peace. Sake and cheese included.

Vegetarian and traditional cuisine interpreted by the chef of Era Goffi, Lorenzo Careggio, two menus for next Christmas, traditional and vegetarian. The chef manages to capture the essence of vegetables, vegetables and tubers and transfer different sensations and textures to the dish. For next Christmas they will be the protagonists of the vegetarian menu: Pumpkin and almonds, Cabbage and fondue, Plin and Jus of vegetables, Roots and Tubers. For the omnivores a divertissement between Pecorino and Jerusalem artichoke egg, traditional Agnolotti, Brasato Piemonte and for dessert, Gourmet Panettone and creams. Book your experience at Era Goffi, open 24/12 for dinner, 12/25 for lunch and 31/12 for New Year's dinner.

Fabrizio Racca, inaugurated at the end of October this year the new venue in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, a central showcase, in the chic heart of Turin, with a perfect setting for the upcoming Christmas holidays. An engineer who has decided to explore the secrets of design by applying them to pastry: his cakes are unique, so beautiful that he almost can't eat them, innovative desserts but also traditional ones.
The 2019 version of the panettone by Fabrizio Racca will have a light mascarpone cream, red fruits and praline almonds, a real ode to the throat.
It could be his panettone for next Christmas, to share with friends and family. We are more than sure that one will not be enough.

Cafe in a historic roasting plant in the Crocetta district, Crampon Roasting: close your eyes and activate your papillae (and smell). You are about to enter a small, very well-balanced paradise between Arabica and Robusta, via San Secondo at number 40.

Sake and cheese tasting? Do not be surprised, we are not crazy: from Uovo Torino, in piazza della Repubblica (opposite the Porta Palazzo market) you can taste a selection of cheeses accompanied by Shinzemai sparkling sake from the Kidoizumi winery.

Fusion cuisine from Yari Sità, Taperia y Cocina (via Santa Giulia 32) which always manages to surprise with its daring combinations of plants, meat and fish and spices, with great skill and balance. In paper new dishes, very interesting: Baccalà, Romanesco, Peruvian potato, hazelnut and cuttlefish ink and Crunchy Sea bass tartare, tripe and Wasabi broccoli.

Lo Stellato, Casa Vicina Restaurant, for the Bagna cauda to drink, one of the chef's iconic dishes, is always served as a welcome from the kitchen to restaurant guests.
From 8 to 23 December you can taste one of the traditional dishes of the Vicina family, the Cappone.
The dish proposed is a review: Capon terrine with candied chestnuts and savoy cabbage from Montalto Dora with black truffle.

From Casa Mago, to celebrate the upcoming holidays nothing better than a great cocktail or more than one. At number 61 / A of Corso San Maurizio, in the former premises of Magorabin (which has moved a little further on) Marcello Trentini and his wife Simona Beltrami, inaugurated this multi-purpose space, a bell hybrid of cocktails, cuisine, the now famous Trentini Bowls. Behind the counter a very talented barlady, Carlotta Rubia already on the Piano 35 crew. A drink list with character, here you can come for an aperitif, be late and stop to eat one or two bowls, with fish and meat dishes , including dessert. Try it for the environment too, a lot of New York style and swing music in the background. News of these days, the new proposal of Mago sandwiches, sandwiches and sandwiches, recipes that cross the Piedmontese territory. Trentini has become Brand Ambassador of Raspini Salumi, a collaboration that includes not only the creation of a series of dishes created ad hoc for the customers of Casa Mago and Magorabin, but also a 360 ° consultancy in the design of new products for Raspini. The first of the series (a total of 8) is Mago-Sando, a hybrid of the territory and Piedmontese products, the idea of ​​making the Japanese sandwich, the Katsu Sando which was originally prepared with a pork cutlet, cabbage, teriyaki sauce and mustard. Taste it!

The Bistrot of the Bottega del Gusto At Mauro Garbarino there is an air of traditional Piedmontese cuisine, a nice creative and interpretative journey: Purple potato gnocchi on a pumpkin bed by Piozzo, hazelnuts, amaretti and cocoa, Cubes of beef cheek marinated with Barolo and beetroot with white truffle d'Alba. And then one of the Piedmontese recipes best known and loved by offal estimators, the Finanziera, from a recipe of grandmother Elia (family recipe of Mauro Garbarino's mother) typical of San Marzano Oliveto (Asti). Find the bistro in Via Sant’Anselmo 4, opposite the Synagogue.

Greedy for Mignon and Bignole pastries? At Pasticceria La Monaca, in corso Moncalieri 256. Not only desserts, but also traditional savory preparations, such as the gourmet panettone or the Canapè, which will be the solution for your homemade aperitifs. Obviously booking recommended.

Mexican gourmet cuisine from El Beso in via Galliari 22, in the heart of the San Salvario movida. We asked chef Jerry Sànchez Sotelo, chef de El Beso, what we eat in Mexico during the holiday season; Christmas that was celebrated for the first time in 1526, as part of the evangelization of the Mexican people by the Spaniards. The traditional dishes are quite similar throughout the country, depending on the region the contours vary, the fillings of the meat, the condiments: Bacalao alla Vizcaina, cod cooked with onion, aromas and red peppers, Pavo en Adobo, whole turkey marinated with chillies and bitter orange, Pierna Mechada, the marinated pork leg, filled with dried and candied fruit, baked in the oven and Tamales, sweet or savory, depending on the region of origin of the recipe. In the new menu there will be some surprises, the place will be closed on December 24th and 25th, open on New Year Book to find out what the new Christmas dishes will be!

Venice, NutriMenti is back, festival of gastronomic culture – Italian Cuisine

Venice, NutriMenti is back, festival of gastronomic culture

The second edition of the review organized by the Italian High School of Gastronomy Luigi Veronelli is a four-day meeting, tasting, workshop and debates with personalities from the world of wine, gastronomic criticism and culture

Food and wine: the pillars of local culture. The kitchen, agriculture and food tell us so much about the land, the people who live there and their social relationships. For all lovers of gastronomic culture, be they professionals or curious minds, in Venice, from 24 to 27 October, come back nourishments, the second edition of the festival organized byLuigi Veronelli High Italian Gastronomy School. There will be four days of meetings, tastings and debates, a large wine and table workshop in which personalities from the world of wine, food criticism and culture will participate. The appointment is on the Venetian island of San Giorgio Maggiore, overlooking the San Marco basin, where the Giorgio Cini Foundation is based.

The program

It begins Thursday 24, with the preview presentation of the Gold Guide Veronelli 2020 wines: from 2.30 pm, the editors will tell about the new edition of the first guide to Italian wines. And, in the Palladian Upper Room, the ten Suns, special prizes for the will be delivered Tales in the form of wine that best represent the competence, commitment and creativity of Italian winemakers. Then guests can taste the award-winning wines and talk with producers and curators of the guide.

The day ends with the short film Not just food !, realized within the European project Food Relations, supported by the Veronelli Seminar to focus on the study of new dynamics of hospitality and knowledge between different cultures, and to show how in the kitchen and at the table nobody is ever really foreign.

Friday the festival activities are reserved for the Scientific Committee, the Faculty and the Partners of the High Italian Gastronomy School Luigi Veronelli.

But Saturday 26 we return to deepen our knowledge of Italian wine excellences together with all the enthusiasts. It can become Gastronomi for a day and attend some lessons of the advanced course of the Veronelli High School, Walking the vineyards: places, people and the culture of Italian wine. Fabio Rizzari, authoritative signature of wine criticism, will talk about wine productions in Sicily and Sardinia, while Giuliano Boni, Vinidea's head of training, will lead a journey to discover the sensorial defects of wines. At the round table Venice All You can Eat we will talk about Venice as a theater of evolutions and degeneration of cuisine and urbanity. There will also be space for music: with Sixth Sense, by the musicologist Luca Damiani (conductor of Six Degrees, cult broadcast of Rai Radio 3) we will start for an ideal journey that combines musical pieces interpreted by Claudio Farinone, guitarist and author, and great wines offered in guided tasting.

Sunday we start again with a focus and a comparison on food communication: Write with meaning. Then, on the 90th anniversary of "La Cucina Italiana" and a few months after the bicentenary of the birth of Pellegrino Artusi, the panel discussion… And the art of eating well will investigate home cooking as a "possible revolution of daily food": at 3 pm Alberto Capatti, a historian of gastronomy, Maddalena Fossati Dondero, director of "La Cucina Italiana", Laila Tentoni, president of Casa Artusi, Massimiliano Borgia, director of the food journalism festival in Turin and Aldo Colonetti, philosopher and design historian. The festival ends with a dialogue with Annalisa Metta: in Land, wine and landscape the story of four agrarian landscapes will be combined with the tasting of as many wines selected by the editorial staff of the Gold Guide The Wines of Veronelli.

Both Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am to 5 pm, the Palladian Cenacle of the Giorgio Cini Foundation will host the Sensorium Veronelli High School, a tasting counter of wine excellences, which guests can enjoy in front of The Wedding at Cana, a masterpiece by Paolo Veronese now kept in the Louvre. There will also be sensorial focuses, tastings and masterclasses: to participate in the events it is necessary to book on the website of the High School Veronelli (here the complete program).

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