Amatriciana omelette, the delicious recipe from Rome – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Amatriciana omelette, the delicious recipe from Rome

If you are lucky to be in Rome and its surroundings in the next two weekends, we recommend you The Amatriciana and Carbonara Festival to Eataly Ostiense for a total gastronomic experience. Otherwise you can try cooking a tasty treat at home Amatriciana omelettefrom the recipe of Pastificio Secondi – scroll to the bottom of the article.

The Amatriciana and Carbonara Festival 2024

Take note: for two weekends, from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th and from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May, it will be possible to appreciate and celebrate the richness of Roman cuisine and it will also be a unique opportunity to meet artisans and chefs who will pay homage to the most famous dishes of the Capital. In fact, the best catering companies will be guests at Eataly, who, starting from quality raw materials, will create an unrepeatable experience full of taste and fun.

Who will cook?

On the occasion of the Festival, it arrives at Eataly Rome Rosti at Pigneto, with its genuine and seasonal proposals. On the menu there will be the Burger Carbonara, the hamburger in the sandwich enriched with pecorino romano, bacon, egg and pepper and also the amatriciana version of the beef meatballs.

The historic flavor shop Ercolinow also a restaurant, cocktail and vermouth bar, brings traditional recipes and ingredients: fresh maccheroncini amatriciana and fresh mezze sleeves rigate carbonara, both enriched with a sprinkling of Sichuan pepper.

Amatriciana and carbonara themed sushi also arrives at Eataly Rome: it brings it Jappo Romanooffering the makiroll in two versions, to pay homage to the Roman tradition with an Asian twist.

Abruzzo meets the Roman tradition, with Forest – Truffle workshops: the spaghetti alla guitar carbonara will be cooked with Il Norcino bacon from Avezzano and Pecorini from Anversa, in the province of L’Aquila and embellished with a grating of fresh black summer truffle, while the tonnarelli all’amatriciana will be seasoned with Pera d’Abruzzo tomatoes Rustichella d’Abruzzo, Il Norcino bacon from Avezzano and Brigantaccio pecorino cheese from Nunzio Marcelli from Antwerp.

Can’t miss it too Cioli Egidiowith its porchetta di Ariccia PGI, directly from the Castelli Romani, proposed in combination with the organic Pantarallo from the Eataly Bakery.

With CaciocavalloImpiccatoinstead, a variation on the theme is made, bringing the flavors of Basilicata to Rome: there will be gourmet bruschetta, with bread from Matera, caciocavallo Lucano, truffle, wildflower honey from Pollino and crusco pepper from Senise PGI, the one with pistachio, with delicious Lucanian pistachio pesto from Stigliano and will also be offered with Lucanian bacon.

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