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go over cones and cups in Rome – Italian Cuisine

go over cones and cups in Rome

From the stick to the filled bubble waffle, 4 ice cream parlors that have reworked the ice cream theme and propose a tasty snack to refresh the summer of the capital

Not just cones and cups. The ice cream offers endless combinations and the guys from Selina Ice Cream know it very well, newcomers to the Capitoline market, who brought to Rome the experiences seen in other cities in Europe and the United States, from ice cream-filled bubble waffles to ice creams cookies, giving life to their American-style ice cream parlor. But we have seen alternative proposals for ice cream in the city for years, thanks to the success that the various gluttonous sticks have had, as well as the stainless Sampietrini and Caterinette di Fassi.

Selina Ice Cream

It is the apotheosis of greedy ice cream, with tastes prepared by a master ice-cream maker, Pierpaolo Santi, applied to the imagination of a group of friends who has traveled extensively and who brought back ideas from the world over. This is how ice cream cookies are born, with the most famous and recognizable cookies filled with the various flavors of ice cream found in the carapinas. But above all the various types of stuffed waffles, starting with the luscious bubble waffle with ice cream, cream, candy and so on and so forth. And again the cialdone, in which the same logic is applied, the waffle pop (which however does not include ice cream), the yoghurts, the cheesecakes and of course the classic ice cream cone is not missing. But once you pass through the door of this beautiful ice cream shop, how do you resist the call of the "ciccionata"?

Jealous Ice Cream

It opened last year and added a new piece to the concept of ice cream sticks. Nothing particularly new, but what makes the difference is the signature of the master gelato maker Manuele Presenti. The result is an ice cream on a stick without the use of industrial semi-finished products or thickeners, thanks to a skilful game of textures and temperatures, without forgetting an important selection of raw materials. There are two sizes, the mignon which perhaps allows a small tasting and the magnum one which is definitely a single portion. Over fifteen tastes, which may undergo further variations by adding a flow of chocolate and some tasty grains.


In 2013 Steccolecco was born with the claim «Ice cream that wasn't there. Perhaps it was already there, but certainly not in a craft version and not in Rome at that historical moment. The idea is brilliant, particularly suitable both for those who want to enjoy a gourmet break, and for those who may want to bring a tasty present to a dinner (not surprisingly, in the summer the sticks are much appreciated in delivery mode). More recent is the introduction of bon bon, which in practice replicates "bomboniere", but in an even more appealing version, because it can also have pralines.

Fassi ice cream shop – Palazzo del Freddo

Here we are on the great classic, the Palazzo del Freddo of the Fassi family, which despite having sold shares to the passionate Koreans remains a family affair. Its the patents of the mythological Sampietrini, of chocolate-covered ice cream squares that definitely resemble the Roman pavement, but only in aesthetics, not in taste, which is definitely exquisite. You should also try the other ice cream single portions (also available in a cake version, perfect to take to a dinner) such as the Caterinette and Gianduiotto. Delicious sandwiches and swivels are also available, in which the thinly-cut sponge cake emulates the sandwich bread and fills with ice cream.

Open-air venues for an aperitif in Rome – Italian Cuisine

Open-air venues for an aperitif in Rome

Places to have an aperitif outdoors, in the garden or on the terrace, in our capital. From the Hotel with excellent bartenders to the lesser-known pleasant places of Rome (even from the Romans)

What could be better than an aperitif on the terrace or in a garden with comfortable chairs on the grass? When the heat makes itself felt, in Rome we drag ourselves to the aperitif time, waiting for the ponentino to arrive, the typical evening breeze that refreshes the day. The right company, a cocktail in hand and you're done: you forget the heat and sweat in an instant. Here are the right places to enjoy a little refreshment and a good drink and, why not, even a touch of luxury for a handful of euros.

The Court

Just opened, it was a simple passage space inside Palazzo Manfredi, the boutique hotel overlooking the Colosseum. An internal courtyard, therefore, that someone had the excellent idea of ​​enhancing, to make it become the most exclusive cocktail bar in the city, thanks also to the intervention of the Loto Ad Project architecture studio, which wanted a furniture entirely made in Italy . The view of the Colosseum is breathtaking, especially if you arrive at sunset, when the sun goes out behind the rooftops of Rome, illuminating the Flavian Amphitheater sideways. The cocktail list is taken care of by an old mixing fox, Matteo Zed, an expert especially in the Italian bitters category, who does not fail to include in his drinks; for those who prefer wine, you can rely on the list prepared by the excellent sommelier Gennaro Buono. Last but not least, the appetizers served as an accompaniment come from the starred cuisine of Aroma and are the fruit of the inspiration of chef Giuseppe Di Iorio and the pastry chef Daniele De Santi.

"Na Cosetta summer

In the more than 4 thousand square meters of the new location on Via del Mandrione, for the summer the boys of ‘Na Cosetta have done things big. They promise "music – food – relaxation – life", with a restaurant under the stars, street food, kids area, playground and two stages to host over 70 artists on the bill for 4 months of events and concerts. Omar Pedrini who will sing the great successes of the Timorias, Almamegretta, Peppe Servillo, just to name a few and only to talk about the month of July of this billboard worthy of the best Roman summers.

Hotel Butterfly

The Butterfly Hotel reopens in the garden of Villetta Ruggieri at the Foro Italico in Rome, a few steps from the Ponte della Musica. For summer 2019, the Hotel Butterfly is divided into four different spaces: one dedicated to music and entertainment strictly live, the second has food and mixology as its protagonist, the third (an idea that was very successful last year) is the one of the smallest club in the world, finally the novelty of this year, the Cinecretinetti, where the characters of the silent cinema chase each other on the screen. Particularly interesting is the aspect of mixology, which the owner Giancarlo Battafarano – already owner of several successful Roman clubs – will entrust each time to famous names of the Capitoline bartending.


Right in front of the Gallery of Modern Art, at the top of the monumental staircase of fine arts, which leads to Villa Borghese, there is a kind of summer chalet (temporary for friends) which will certainly be one of the destinations favored by the Roman nightlife. The atmosphere is magical and the perfect location to enjoy both the great beauty of Rome, and the ponentino that refreshes the summer evenings, between tasty cocktails and djset, but above all a series of themed parties where glamor is at home .


Jacopo Ricci and Piero Drago's kitchen, at the helm of Jacopa, will certainly be the occasion to talk more widely, but in the meantime it is reported that they have finally given justice to the beautiful terrace that surmounts the San Francesco hotel, which houses this nice little restaurant. On the rooftop of the hotel you can enjoy the ponentino looking at the roofs of Trastevere and sipping one of the good cocktails prepared by Cristian Straccio and Rebecca Sanzone, following the advice of the well-known Emanuele Broccatelli who edited the drink list. As a worthy accompaniment, a simplified list of the two chefs' good ideas in the kitchen.

Garbatella dairy

Great news at the Latteria Garbatella, where the lighthouse was set on the beautiful garden for the warm season. New staff, new drink list, focused on elixirs, to treat the body while sipping a cocktail. Idea of ​​the bar manager Giovanni Miola, who has chosen to enhance the botanicals found in this beautiful garden, rather than at zero km. And if the latter took the reins of the counter, in the kitchen we point out the recent arrival of the chef Pasquale Aragona, who has developed a menu that is perfectly suited to the drink list, with easy proposals to accompany the aperitif.

Voodoo + The Sanctuary Eco Retreat

The novelty of this year is a village dedicated to street food, with more than ten stands every day to alternate cocktails with street food, in the open-air venue a step away from the Colosseum that has been making a couple of years ago breccia in the heart of the Romans. A unique enchanted park of 5 thousand square meters in which to spend an evening between tribal theme, street artists and artistic performances.

Palazzo Montemartini

The cocktails of the award-winning barman Riccardo Di Dio Masa and the dishes of the Sicilian chef Simone Strano, who every day promises a show cooking on the terrace for the aperitif, from 7.30pm to 9pm, without forgetting the musical accompaniment that is often live . This is the proposal of the Radisson Collection of Palazzo Montemartini, which for the summer opened the terrace overlooking the Baths of Diocletian in the iconic Penthouse Suite.

Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari @ The First

If last year the novelty was that the rooftop of The First Hotel had officially become Terrazza Molinari, with a partnership with the Lazio distillate company, as well as the arrival of the good Valeria Bassetti behind the counter, this year the news I'm in the kitchen. The stove was in fact entrusted to the young chef Claudia Ceppaluni, whose curriculum included a passage to the Heston Blumenthal in London and to the Ristorante del Cambio in Turin, at the court of the chef Matteo Baronetto. A more easy proposal than the one on the floor below, where in the meantime the arrival of chef Daniele Lippi has been made official in Acquolina's starred kitchens. Young promises, therefore, who take the lead and promise sparks.


We are at Pigneto, in the streets dear to Pasolini. Just Necci was one of the usual haunts of the poet, who has become a modern and pleasant place thanks to the new management which, incidentally, is the same as that of the nearby Spirito or the more recent opening of the Dalodi pizzeria-ice cream parlor, both within 50 meters of distance and with attached terrace. Valid alternatives en plein air if you can't find a place in the garden of Necci.

Ice cream shops in Rome: cone or cup in 10 top addresses – Italian Cuisine

Ice cream shops in Rome: cone or cup in 10 top addresses

Artisans, attentive to intolerances and gourmet, Rome's ice cream parlors are a fresh discovery based on fruit, creams and savory flavors. Here's where to go for a really good ice cream

When the temperature rises, the craving for ice cream shoots forcefully and you can't help but listen to it. However, it is difficult to navigate in Rome, a city where ice-cream parlors in recent years have more or less opened up to the rhythm of electronic cigarette shops. Among historic ice-cream parlors, brands that have established themselves as synonymous with good products and small artisan businesses that work well, here is a small guide to find the tastiest cone and satisfy the freshest summer desire.


Finally a woman, Maria Agnese Spagnuolo, at the head of an ice cream parlor that has conquered Rome with good reason: seven sales points, a few tastes but simple, with a few peaks of creativity like Baklava and great warhorses like the cheesecake taste and the Kiss of the prince (kiss and hazelnut) together). Some might complain that ice creams are not large, but to make up for it, the taste gains, along with the quality of the strictly natural raw material. The wafer used for cones is also very good.

Ice cream shop of the Gracchi

Everything starts in via dei Gracchi, even if we then report the openings of viale Regina Margherita, via di Ripetta and via San Pantaleo. Soul of this ice cream shop is Alberto Manassei, master ice cream maker who loves simple but well made things. Few peaks of creativity, therefore, but solid foundations for an ice cream that does not leave disappointed. Attention to the colors for the intolerant: white with milk, blue without, yellow with eggs. Don't miss the Bronte pistachio (there are those who think it is the best in the city), but also the gianduia with whole hazelnuts has its say.

Claudio Torcè

Claudio Torcè puts the name and even the face on it. On the other hand he is recognized as one of the Capitoline ice cream artists, as well as a teacher of other colleagues scattered around the streets of the capital. The most suitable place to taste his creations is via dell'Aeronautica, in Laurentina area, where the main laboratory is located, from which the tastes for the sales point of avenue Aventino. Resized after opening 8 stores (declared in an interview with Gambero Rosso that "ice cream cannot be replicated indefinitely"), Torcè has just faced an important restyling, both of the logo and of the contents and in particular of the ice cream, who had to rebalance to respond to his choice of field to replace sugar with fructose and milk and cream only with highly digestible products, to meet everyone.

La Gourmandise

We are in the Monteverde area, neighborhood that reserves not a few gastronomic goodies. Among these the ice cream of this Pesaro moved to Rome, Dario Benelli, who likes to invent innovative tastes and makes intelligent use of spices like saffron, fennel or nutmeg, to give an original and classic touch at the same time. To meet the intolerant, goat's milk is used or alternatively there are tastes without milk, and most tastes are gluten free.

Snow of Milk

The novelty is that it has opened the second store to Prati, near Piazza Cavour, while the headquarters a stone's throw from Maxxi remains a reference point for those wishing to combine art and food. The craftsmanship and the refinement of the ingredients, possibly certified organic, Dop and Igp, unrefined sugars, but also the water of the sorbets that comes from the mountains. The ice cream that bears the name of the ice cream shop, Neve di Latte, is basically a fiordilatte with a strong presence of vanilla.

Tedesco and Hauser

She is the German, but he is Roman, who evidently hid a destiny in the surname. Together they created a small neighborhood in via di Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, not far from the Happio shopping center. Teutonic rigor in the search for the raw material and in the balance of the ice creams, among which we highlight the salted pistachio, the hazelnut of Viterbo, the ginger. The used pod is also excellent.


For those who did not understand it, the name is ice cream written backwards, but it is perhaps the only strangeness of this solid ice cream parlor that recently closed the original lab in Viale dei Colli Portuensi to focus on Marco Radicioni's second creature , the one of piazza San Cosimato. Even if the laboratory has shrunk, the ambitions to produce high quality ice cream have not been reduced at all and Marco Radicioni it is confirmed a "nerd" of ice cream, which does not use semi-finished products, but starts from the raw raw material to make it become ice cream or sorbet.

Punto Gelato & The Taste Gelato

Two names, a single ice cream maker that quickly won the hearts of Roman gourmets. His name is Günther Rohregger and it comes from Bolzano, as well as the water that it uses for its sorbets comes strictly from the Dolomites (Acqua Plose), as well as its raw materials are selected in order to always have fresh products, without taking anything away from the seasonality. The main selling point is its own behind the Pantheon, in piazza Sant’Eustachio, but you can also find his ice creams in via dei due Macelli and via dei Pettinari.

At the Seventh Frost

He has just completed twenty years of activity, but he always remains one reference point for the Delle Vittorie district in which it is located. The ice cream of Mirella Fiumanò in very difficult times he already preached about craftsmanship and the search for raw materials. The selection is still strong and often falls on small producers, from the hazelnuts of Viterbo, to the lemons "Verdelli Siciliani". In sorbets there is at least 40% of fresh fruit and the seasonality of the product is followed as much as possible.

Strawberry Fields – artisanal ice cream parlor

With its two stores, in via Tor de ’Schiavi and in Colli Aniene, Geppy Sferra can be defined as a frontier ice cream artisan. Proud of his periphery, he makes the culture of ice cream at 360 °, starting from elementary and middle schools, where he goes to teach how to make a good artisan product, without leaving ethics at home. Its raw materials are possibly organic and seasonal, the percentage of fruit in very high sorbets, cocoa comes from fair and solidarity agriculture. In short, a good ice cream in every sense. Last but not least, in the store on via Tor de 'Schiavi Geppy has recently launched the novelty of the bistro-ice cream, where savory dishes are served in which the flavors of ice cream at the counter are used: unsalted ingredients that nevertheless go against the other elements of the plate in an up and down of tastes, textures and temperatures.

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