The best ice cream shops in Rome that you absolutely must try – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Since Dario Rossi opened Greed in Rome, in the Monteverde area, there are no longer any excuses: you have to try his ice cream! His shop in Frascati is always open and perhaps for those who live in southern Rome it remains the easiest to reach, but in any case Dario Rossi’s “cultivated ice cream” is worth the detour. Dario Rossi in his laboratory plays, in fact, to enhance the ingredients as much as possible from the territory and even better if from the family garden. There is no shortage of exceptions, such as Calabrian Bergamot, of which Dario is an ambassador. Attentive to intolerances and the environment, Dario also cares about the figure: to produce his very light ice cream he uses a percentage of sugars that does not exceed 10%. However, if you then give in to the temptation to eat ice cream in the kitchen, let’s say that Dario can turn a blind eye!

Geppy Sferra Gelato d’Essai

Geppy Sferra’s arthouse ice cream.

Two sales points for Geppy Sferra arthouse ice cream, one in Colli Aniene and the other in Tor de’ Schiavi. Both on the outskirts, because it is here that this master ice cream maker has chosen to bring the culture of this food. Also passing through schools, where Geppy and her team love to teach the art of ice cream. Excellent raw materials and the good habit of the so-called carpe diem: appointment on Saturday to taste the flavor of the week, a way to enhance the freshly creamed flavours, as well as to try something new, moving away from those 2-3 favorite flavors that are he tends to always order. Another recent proposal by Geppy Sferra, almost a provocation, is the ice cream-based aperitif, accompanied by ice cream on bruschetta.

Gracchi ice cream shop

The store in via dei Gracchi was the first for Alberto Manassei.

There are three sales points for this brand which set out from Prati to conquer Piazza Bologna, as well as the historic centre, with a shop in Via di Ripetta. The soul of Gelateria dei Gracchi is Alberto Manassei, who has already celebrated 20 years of activity (but also 40, if we consider the first steps in the art of ice cream making taken in his Sardinia). Famous in particular for its pistachio flavour, Gracchi is a natural ice cream that has made the history of craftsmanship in Rome. The basic philosophy is «following the seasons and the biological cycle of the raw materials, all Italian and zero kilometer.

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