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Treefolk's in Rome launches the Good morning cocktail list – Italian Cuisine

Treefolk's in Rome launches the Good morning cocktail list

The Trastevere gastropub has developed a cocktail list suitable for both a late breakfast and lunch, with low alcoholic drinks, hangover proposals and coffee-based mixes

Imagine New York at the turn of the sixties and seventies, the explosion of the advertising market and the enthusiasm of an economic boom. At that time it became customary to have a drink at lunch and the Martini was very popular, strictly with olive, as is done in the United States. It happened at the time that the "3 Martini lunch", the lunch based on three martinis, had even been the subject of a tax deduction as a business lunch. The assumption was that the topping olives had enough calories to be a meal replacement.

Over time, the habit of drinking alcohol at lunch, as well as during working hours, has been replaced by healthier fashions, but never underestimate the historical courses and resorts. And here is that in an era of pandemic and forced closure of premises after 6pm, the need for a drink has shifted. There are those who have replaced the appointment of tea with that of the aperitif, as well as those who have invented the cocktail menu for breakfast and lunch.

It is the case of Treefolk's, a beautiful gastropub opened in Rome, on Viale Trastevere, for a few months. He was not very lucky with the progress of the pandemic, having practically opened an epidemic already in an advanced state, however he had the ability to reshape his offer in an always innovative way.

And here he has been pulling a drink list called out of his hat a few weeks ago Good morning cocktail list, in short, a cocktail menu for lunch. Not just the hangover classics that are normally offered at brunch, such as the Bloody Mary, of which Michele Ferruccio, the bartender of Treefolk's, offers six versions, but also a variety of low alcoholic cocktails with coffee base, extracts, prosecco and fermented. The idea is to bring it to Italy British style that from 11.00 in the morning prefers the consumption of long drinks, beers and bubbles.

Among the low-alcohol cocktails, Ferruccio went to recover the memory of the great classics, such as Mimosa, which becomes Welcome Mimosa in its reinterpretation based on freshly squeezed orange juice, with the addition of ginger, bergamot, as well as prosecco: perfect to start the meal well, perhaps with a boiled meatball like the one they serve at Treefolk's, because we know that the bubbles degrease the frying. More refreshing is theExotic, a mojito with a carbonated taste, thanks to the fermentation of mint and ginger, mixed with Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Always fishing in the history of mixing, indeed going even further back in memory, Ferruccio proposes his version of punch in the menu of lunch drinks, the Real Punch, based on spices and fruit cider. The result is a light drink with a strong alcohol content and complex in taste, which takes you in a sip by a fireplace in Scotland on Christmas Day.

Then there are the drinks in which Ferruccio has put coffee as the protagonist, both because they are perfect at the end of a meal or for a slightly alcoholic coffee break, and because that of specialty coffees is another variation of the varied offer of this all day long venue. Given that in the evening menu one of the best sellers is the classic Espresso Martini, at lunch the game becomes even more serious, with a perfect drink for couples, the Cremini Martini. The customer is served a tray with a teapot containing a home-made coffee and whiskey-based liqueur, two glasses with ice, a portion of coffee cream and a mocha: the preparation of this decomposed Espresso Martini ends at the table and makes interactive and fun drinking.

Still on the “coffee drink” line, Ferruccio has put the Cold Brew Bourbon, a cocktail that combines the world of Specialty Coffee and that of blending. The whiskey is processed as a Cold Brew coffee, that is, through a cold percolation, it is left to filter through the finely ground coffee of Ethiopian origin. It is then mixed with a sugar syrup and banana flavorings. A drink that gives the right energy in the morning or is recommended to end the meal in joy.

The breakfast format that accompanies these cocktails features British-inspired dishes adapted to local raw materials. A selection of eggs, English Breakfast, avocado toast and a variety of club sandwiches, in addition to the most home-grown husbands, both in savory and sweet versions, and dishes of the day, which vary according to the shopping at lunchtime.

Photo by Alberto Blasetti.

Shopping at home: the best shops in Rome – Italian Cuisine

Shopping at home: the best shops in Rome

From meat to vegetables, from fish to pasta and bread, tips for shopping on the Internet in complete safety and with a high level of taste

TO Rome we sail on sight, for now in the Yellow Sea, but it is a moment that it becomes the Red Sea. So, even if in theory you can still go shopping, laziness prevails a little, it starts to get chilly a little bit and above all the recommendation is anyway to to stay at home. For this the various come to the rescue shops, which after the lockdown they have organized themselves with increasingly efficient deliveries. Shopping with a click is increasingly child's play and there are many companies that deserve the remote support of real foodies in the capital. From meat to vegetables, from fish to pasta and bread, here are the best shops to shop on the Internet in complete safety.

Dol – Of Latium Origin

Just call them and the Spesa Contadina arrives home, strictly of Lazio origin. From cheeses to cured meats, passing through the pantry and the wine shop. On Wednesdays even the boxes with the best of the catch travel. To guarantee the quality of the selections, from short supply chains to very short supply chains, there is Vincenzo Mancino. On the site you will find the online shop with all the products, from cheeses to cured meats, for which Dol is particularly renowned, passing through the pantry and fresh products such as fish. There are also delicious kits for making traditional Roman pasta such as amatriciana, gricia, carbonara and cacio e pepe at home. For Christmas, apart from the baskets in preparation, an idea could be to give a gift card to spend on Dol shopping.

Beppe and his cheeses

Everything in the shop can also be ordered delivery: cheeses, meats, pasta, preserves, flour, truffles and wine, but also ready-made dishes such as veal with tuna sauce and seasonal vegetable soups. Just contact them directly to find out what is available. They have prepared kits, but you can also draw on the long list of gastronomic wonders, including the wine shop. To order your shopping at home just call the shop at 06.68192210. Wonderful gift baskets are on the way for Christmas.


Zolle is a sustainable agriculture project that involved a group of 80 farmers and breeders from the Roman countryside, selected by a group of young entrepreneurs who have taught them. The Zolle are boxes full of products at zero km or a little more, which include vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese and meat. The goal is to support a local food market, bring healthy products and do it in a green way (with Zolle's bikes).

Fortunato Farm

Meat, meats, cheeses, vegetables: practically all the best of a complete and organic farm, based a stone's throw from Rome, in the Marcigliana, which delivers directly to your home. Due to the large number of customers it takes a few days to process orders, but deliveries are always precise.

Le Carré Français

For those who want to indulge in a French whim, Le Carré Français comes to the rescue with baguettes and foie gras, cheeses from beyond the Alps and champagne. There is also no shortage of wonderful desserts from the pastry shop and you can order everything on the shop's online shop. For those in a hurry, you can also order through the Deliveroo platform, where you can also find the restaurant's dishes.


Ercoli's pantry is on Cosaporto, with a selection of products from the counter, ranging from cheeses to cured meats, through to sea preserves and wines. Whether you go to the shop in Prati or in the one in Parioli, the feeling is always that breaking into that counter is a gourmet's forbidden dream. There are also ready-made kits, perfect perhaps for making a gift.


One of the most famous delis in the city has its own e-commerce site, from which you can order all over Italy and also deliver it to your home (free of charge if you don't go too far from Testaccio, where it is based). The best of national and international production of over-the-counter products such as meats and cheeses, the pantry and wines available for orders.

the cocktails of the future are already in Rome – Italian Cuisine

An extraordinary location, a creative bartender, a life and a generation to be told with cocktails

Everything, or almost everything, has been invented, shown, mixed. The drink that makes you dream today no longer derives from the skilful technique of the alchemist, but from the romantic who by nature possesses a sensitive soul. From here creativity awakens, breaks the mold, reworks the memory and takes the form of unique cocktails with a strong identity connotation, a story in liquid form to browse seated at the desk of the seductive hotel in the capital Chapter, written by the purebred horse Mario Farulla, talented bartender. The property is in the hands of the entrepreneur Marco Cilia who must have a good mouth (and vision), have a keen nose for talents, so much so that he can choose a bartending champion at the helm of his iconic Lobby Bar.

Immersed in art

It does not have a name, Chapter already works a lot to be placed side by side with another sign, it would just mess up the cards. A deck of cards where the aces are well over four. The container: inaugurated just a year ago, speaks of design and art, a place within a place, street art within austere nineteenth-century walls, a counter with the precious (and dated) bottle cabinet that becomes one with the mural of the American artists David Leavitt and David Torres, in a cosmopolitan atmosphere among colorful sitting rooms framed by a very rare indoor work of art (the only one) by Alice Pasquini. Elements that break the clichés of hospitality.

Mario Farulla (photo Stefano Delia).
Mario Farulla (photo Stefano Delia).

Story of a bartender

Talent: Mario Farulla made a lot of talk about himself and his goals already within the Baccano, also in Rome, taking him to position number 70 of the World’s 50 Best Bars. And the vocation of the ambitious champion always aims at goals and records, the will is in fact to be able to be the only Italian to enter the coveted ranking twice and with a hotel bar. «I feel the need to confront myself again. Chapter Rome represents my new challenge, that is to clear the concept of the hotel bar in Italy and in particular among the Romans, who continue to see it as a distant, almost inaccessible place. I ferry the Lobby Bar into an unprecedented "street" dimension, to open it to the city and make it an authentic engine of the ferment that revolves around this hotel. Once again, enthusiasm and a perennial explorer spirit guide me. And for this trip I packed the techniques refined in Asia, the attention to raw materials and production processes that I explored in South America, the experience gained in twenty years of career working from one pole to another of the globe and everything with the warmth of Italian hospitality, ”he enthuses.


The proposal: it is called Millennials and it is a drink list that spans the different eras experienced by the barman born in 1982. A drink list, or rather a container of life available to everyone, which contains twenty years of personal experience, life as a counter and as a customer. "Travel, scents and flavors of a nomadic generation born between 1981 and 1996, which needs to tell about itself, express itself and find its place in the world," he says. It is outlined through five chapters that want to represent as many phases of life. The first to appear are the colored ones Gratachecche Roman: "They were the popular remedy for the heat of the city summer, a childhood memory that refreshes and amuses". It is the turn of the chapter 00 in one sip which offers a list of great classics in mignon format (45 ml), also designed for a single sip: "I was inspired by the world of the night, of discos, where the first thing was to go to the counter and order a cocktail to feel part of the party! , but don't think of just any" shot ", you will taste the most captivating rum and pear of your long experience. Then there is theInfinity Jar to never disappoint and always let regulars try a new experience: large jars filled from above (same procedure as the Solera method) and constantly changing like the Perfect Negroni which will never be the same between one week and another, enriched from elements chosen by Farulla. The fourth chapter is about experimenting with the Circle of Life: «To give a second chance to every ingredient, as we also need it in life. For example, it refers to citrus fruits that can be reborn thanks to the redistillation process carried out in the laboratory where the team experiments and creates. Finally theEqual parts drinks where mathematics is an opinion and it is shown that perfection does not exist, if not in everyone's tastes.

Everything is put back into play by Mario Farulla, as soon as you realize the study behind this changing and technical drink list, you will have already finished your cocktail, so go on to the next one. Here history is written.

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