Pizza in Rome is an "elementary" experience – Italian Cuisine

Pizza in Rome is an "elementary" experience

In the alleys of Trastevere the smells, flavors and colors of the round-novelties baked by Mirko Rizzo chase each other

Coda alla vaccinara, saltimbocca, meatballs with sauce, chicory. They are among the typical dishes of Roman cuisine. Today they go from the plate to the Pizza and are transformed into tasty toppings for rigorously thin, well hydrated and rimless rounds.

The idea is of Mirko Rizzo, soul of The Elementary Trastevere (together with the partner Federico Feliziani), a novelty sign overlooking the alleys of old Rome. On one side Piazza Trilussa and the Lungotevere, on the other the Botanical Garden.

«It is a tribute to the city where I was born and to my mother Nina, a great lover of cooking. I learned from her to use the rolling pin, in the version without knobs and 30 cm long because the dough is often rolled out with just one hand ”, says Rizzo. «Let's make a pizza half a centimeter high, weighing 160-180 grams, leavening for 24 hours, cooked in wood. The flours (type 0 and 2, closest to wholemeal) come from a Marche mill, the extra virgin olive oil from Umbria ". A "bottom" ready to welcome special condiments: Coda Vaccinata (that's how it is called) mixes the classic vaccinara tail sauce with crunchy iced celery and grated dark chocolate, Bello de Nonna focuses on meatballs with sauce to lick the mustache with the addition of parmesan and parsley, Saltimbocca combines raw ham, fiordilatte, sage while Sweet Orange wants to satisfy vegetarians thanks to chicory, rich in phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A, married with sweet potato cream, pumpkin season, roasted onions, vegan garlic mayonnaise and a pinch of smoked paprika.

And, since the climate of Rome also invites you to stroll while eating in winter, Mirko Rizzo has also invented the Pizza al Volo. «Attention: we are not talking about pizza by the slice, but about a classic round folded and stuffed with other traditional recipes such as boiled meat in green sauce and pecorino and mint tripe, explains Rizzo. The Pizza al Volo by L’Elementare Trastevere can be bought "at the window" and enjoyed while looking at Rome. Breathing Rome. Eating Rome. Not just with the eyes.

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