Stuffed Krapfen Recipe | The Italian kitchen – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Stuffed Krapfen Recipe |  The Italian kitchen

Biting into cream-filled donuts: does just the thought make you daydream? You are in the right place then, where you can find the recipe for fabulous krapfen.

What is the difference between krapfen and donut?

Sometimes they are used synonymously, but krapfen and donuts are not the same thing. The donut is typical of Tuscany and is created without eggs, without filling and with granulated sugar around it, while krapfen has eggs, filling and icing sugar.

Krapfen: origins and diffusion

The krapfen has Austro-German origins and due to proximity it first spread to Italy in the Dolomites area and then, with many variations, to the south, such as in Campania and Sicily, where they are known as “graffe”.

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