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5 non-sweet desserts for those on a diet and many other recipes – Italian Cuisine

A starting point to find something sweet and good to enjoy as a snack even while we are engaged in the diet mission

One of the first things that get rid of low-calorie diets is sweets. Yet, after a few days, that mad desire to stop the diet and eat a whole cake rises, perhaps covered with whipped cream. Don't do it (don't even do it when you're not on a diet!). But for avoid reaching these peaks of gluttony, why not pamper our palate with small low-calorie whims that look so much like desserts?
We thought about five spoonfuls ideal for enjoying a moment of rest from the rigor of steamed foods, scarce condiments and protein snacks. But before proceeding with the preparation of the recipes, a small tip. Choose these sweets like mid-morning or afternoon snack on alternate days so as not to make that dessert become an indispensable habit.

Ricotta and cocoa

The simplest preparation is a cow's milk ricotta to which you will add a teaspoon of bitter cocoa. Mix well until you get a cream which you complete with a flaked almond without peel.

From Greece with love

Another delicious dessert is a low-fat Greek yogurt to which you will add two teaspoons of honey and a handful of blackberries. Eat it when it is still cold, it will remind you of a creamy ice cream.

The omelette

Prepare a classic omelette with two eggs without adding salt, sugar or butter. Once the preparation is finished, leave to cool, spread the surface with a teaspoon of honey and complete with the peeled and diced strawberries.

Almost pancakes

Prepare the dough with two eggs, 4 tablespoons of low-fat yogurt, 3 tablespoons of oat bran, cinnamon and brown sugar or fructose (very little is needed). Heat the non-stick pan and cook without butter. Complete with a teaspoon of maple syrup.

The ice cream

To prepare a good ice cream with no added sugar, blend 250 g of ripe strawberries without reducing them to the liquid state. Add 100 ml of skim milk and three tablespoons of low-fat yogurt to the bowl. Leave to cool in the freezer, stirring occasionally. If you prefer a creamier effect, prepare the mixture with strawberries and lean ricotta.

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How to replace yeast in desserts and beyond – Italian Cuisine

How to replace yeast in desserts and beyond

The recipe you want to prepare includes yeast, but have you finished it? Here's how to do it

It may happen that you want to make a cake or muffins, but you have finished the yeast or having to take into account any intolerances. How then do you allow the cake to swell and become fluffy and light? What are the ingredients they can replace the yeast, getting a fairly satisfactory result?

We asked our pastry chef for help Emanuele Frigerio, teacher at the courses of The Italian Cuisine School.

How to replace yeast

Here are some tips to replace yeast with ingredients that can be found at home or to buy and keep in the pantry. Ideal for making desserts, but not only!

Chemical baking powder can be replaced with baking soda, but the quantity required by the recipe must be changed: it will be necessary just under half the amount of yeast. If the recipe includes a 16 g sachet of classic yeast, you will have to use 7 g of baking soda. Remember that baking soda releases a residue of sodium, so you won't need to add the classic pinch of salt to the mixture.

To favor the leavening action it will be necessary to add an acidic substance. You can use a few drops of lemon juice you hate apple cider vinegar, but also a little bit of mineral water will have its effect.

Cream of tartar
The cream of tartar can replace the yeast, even if it has a lower effervescence power (it also does not release taste). It is recommended to use it in even quantity the weight of the yeast specified in the recipe.

How to replace beer yeast

Instead of fresh brewer's yeast, you can also use the dehydrated one. This type of yeast does not have a deadline like that of fresh brewer's yeast and is therefore easier to to preserve at home for a long time. To replace it you need to divide by 3:57 the amount of fresh yeast required by the recipe: the result of the operation will be the weight of the dehydrated beer yeast necessary.

Do you need to prepare a sponge cake? Yeast is not needed

Remember that if you plan to prepare a cake with a sponge cake base, you will not need the help of the yeast. The secret for a soft sponge cake is simply in the eggs, which must be perfectly assembled with the help of electric whips, incorporating more air possible.

The advice of our Emanuele Frigerio? Never whip cold eggs in the fridge, rather heat them slightly in a water bath or in a bowl with warm water. How do you know when the eggs are whipped? The compound must "write": if you let it run from the whips it must leave a clearly visible trace on the surface.

How to replace butter with oil in desserts – Italian Cuisine

How to replace butter with oil in desserts

What is the correct proportion to replace butter with oil in a sweet recipe? Our pastry chef answers

You don't have butter in the fridge, but do you want to prepare a dessert that requires it among the ingredients? Nothing could be easier: to prepare biscuits, pies and cakes you can easily use the oil!

Replacing butter with oil may also be necessary if you are lactose intolerant and will also allow you to obtain lighter sweets. But to replace the butter with the oil in the preparation of shortbreads and cakes, some clarifications are needed: we asked our pastry chef for help Emanuele Frigerio, teacher at the courses of The Italian Cuisine School.

How to replace butter with oil

Pastry is all about chemistry. Butter contains on average 80% fat and 20% water, while oil is only fat. Due to their different composition, to replace the butter with the oil it is necessary to use different doses: the amount of butter must be replaced with a dose of oil of about 18-20% less. For example, for 100 grams of butter it will take about 80 ml of oil.

Obviously, the proportion is also valid in reverse: if you have a recipe that includes oil, but you want to use butter, just use about 20% more.

Replace butter with oil: which oil to choose?

What is the best oil to use to prepare delicious desserts? Choice is all about taste. Surely you can use theextra virgin olive oil, but its intense flavor may not be liked by everyone, especially the little ones. Its aroma will certainly be very strong, so it all depends on the dessert you are preparing and your taste.

With the same conversion rules we talked about before, you can use it seed oil. Peanut oil, sunflower oil, corn oil or rice oil are fine.

Watch the video below recipe by Emanuele Frigerio to prepare biscuits without butter and without eggs.

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