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Valentine's Day, the most romantic restaurants to celebrate. From North to south – Italian Cuisine

Valentine's Day, the most romantic restaurants to celebrate. From North to south

From the shared table of the starred to the small restaurant in the center with a sea view. The five restaurants where you can eat with your sweetheart in simplicity

Valentine's Day is approaching, and the time has come to book a romantic restaurant to celebrate the feast of lovers with the person of our heart. Here are 5 perfect addresses from north to south of the Peninsula

Social eating

Unforgettable (Turin), chef Christian Mandura

Exposed stone walls, resins on the floors and lighting aimed at highlighting the architectural details and the protagonists. The two lounges were designed to accommodate diners before and after the tasting itinerary, with an aperitif and cocktails prepared by the barman Salvatore Romano (from Barz8, a famous cocktail bar in Turin). Unforgettable is a location with a unique personality: a fifteenth-century building that became the first Italian restaurant without tables. The diners sit at the counter, conceived as a strong point, with the chef in front of them. The name of the place means that the experience will be hard to forget but, playing on the word, the "table" ending also suggests how traditional tables, coming last, are no longer necessary.

Valentine's Day menu
Fried potato, cuttlefish in zimino
Foiegras, yolk
Tuna and artichoke sandwich
Fennel and orange salad
Grated cauliflower
Taiarin with porcini mushrooms
Braised lettuce
Roasted peppers
Chocolate and pear cake
Crème brûlée
Price: 90 €

In medio stat virtus

Vertigo – Contemporary Osteria (Milan), chef Franco Aliberti

It is located inside the Milano Verticale hotel | ONE Experiences. The real flagship of Milano Verticale is in fact the gourmet proposal, declined in three concepts: fine dining restaurant, contemporary tavern and cocktail bar, all managed by Franco Aliberti, resident chef and new entry of the Bartolini team, undisputed protagonist of the international gastronomic scene. . To unify the three "public places" of food & beverage, open to the city as well as to hotel guests, is the large sloping tile ceiling: the space contracts and expands making the three spaces fluid, connected to each other, but at the same time perfectly identifiable. Vertigo – Osteria Contemporanea is an open environment, with an informal atmosphere, overlooking the kitchen and with a natural propensity to project outwards into the terrace and garden. The cocktail bar with urban garden offers a cocktail & drink menu created with the advice of Mattia Pastori and a food pairing prepared by the kitchen.

Valentine's Day menu
Winter salad
Goat cheese mousse and marinated yolk
Beetroot ravioli stuffed with parmesan and herbs
Tenderness of beef, cream of potatoes and marinated radicchio
Tartlet with raspberry, chocolate and gianduia
Price: 43 € per person (excluding wines)

From North to South, last call

L’Orangerie – Manna Resort (BZ), chef Manuel Astuto

The love for winter gardens and childhood memories give life to this restaurant where Southern Italy stands out. The protagonists are the raw materials of Italian excellence, with a keen and aware look to Asia. All reinterpreted in a creative way by chef Manuel Astuto together with his international cuisine brigade, sous chef Andreas Pernter and pastry chef Gregory Concin. Result: simple, genuine, elegant dishes that wink at the concept of "as it once was". From fresh pasta, strictly homemade, to bread, up to small pastries, everything is in the name of quality and refinement. For the feast of lovers, the menu focuses on sea and land delights.

Valentine's Day menu
Brandada of crispy cod and Pimenton de la Vera
Salty “Ringo”, cuttlefish, almond, lime
Manna Sushi roll
Thai soup
Amberjack, parika, tamarind
Raviolo with red prawn from Mazara del Vallo, bisque, orange, pistachio
Braised beef cheek and smoked eel, peanuts, daikon, kale, oriental sauce
Avocado and kumquat
Lychee, macadam, ginger, amaretto
Price: 95 per person

A jolt to tradition

Gio's, The St. Regis Venice (Venice), chef Nadia Frisina

Located a few steps from Piazza San Marco and with the widest view of the Grand Canal, the restaurant attached to the luxury hotel of the Marriott group combines the refined taste of the city on the water with the desires of the contemporary traveler. The love for the land and raw materials remains the first inspiration for the chef, who, following to the letter the "shaking traditions", claim of St. Regis Venice, has developed a menu that allows you to rediscover on the plate the tastes of the Italian tradition combined with suggestions from the Venetian Lagoon and certainly enriched by ideas of contemporary cuisine. The signature dish is Spaghetto Cavalier Cocco with Three Tomatoes, a declared homage to the flavors of the Italian culinary tradition. But for Valentine's Day the chef has thought of something even more special.

Valentine's Day menu
Oysters and passion fruit granita
Amberjack marinated with red turnips, Bronte pistachio, lemon and Romanesco cabbage
Carnaroli risotto with smoked artichokes, candied citron, toasted hazelnuts and goat cheese
Red mullet stew
Fillet with fine truffle
Mango sorbet
Dark chocolate mousse with soft raspberry filling
Price: € 180 per person (drinks not included)


Pesciolino (Rome), chef Gabriel Lucca

Elegant and modern fish bar & restaurant in via Belsiana 30, a stone's throw from Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of the Trident. A welcoming place in the heart of Rome with a proposal that combines Mediterranean and South American flavors and suggestions; between ceviche, bowl, comfort food and mixology. For this Valentine's Day the new chef has curated an exclusive special menu.

Valentine's Day menu
Glass of champagne with chef's entrée
Selection of raw seafood
Tuna tacos with 'nduja mayonnaise, wakame seaweed and allspice
Fresh pasta tagliolini with red prawns, pistachio and peanut butter
Amberjack Tataki with Herbal Yogurt
Mandarin crème brûlée
Price: 69 € per person (drinks not included)

Near the sea, faccimm 'ammore

MySeacret (Naples), chef Antonio Passariello

It has recently opened, but the location, the chef's offer, the atmosphere promise that it will become one of the most popular restaurants in the Neapolitan city. My Seacret, along the historic via Chiatamone in Naples, a stone's throw from the seafront in via Caracciolo, combines catering fine dining with the language of art, with the continuous and permanent display of paintings and sculptures by Neapolitan artists, such as the lacquered ceramic San Gennaro that stands out on the tables. The cooking proposal is entrusted to the young chef Antonio Passariello. Born in 1987 and with a specialization in macrobiotic cuisine, he heads an under 35 brigade. The sea is (almost) absolute protagonist, even for the Valentine's Day menu. For the choice of wines ask Christian Moreno, attentive maître de salle.

Valentine's Day menu
Oyster, Tabasco green apple and caviar
Seared scallops on pumpkin and cardamom cream
Risotto with red prawns from Mazara
Dumpling stuffed with fiordilatte di Agerola, clams and candied lemon
Red mullet stuffed with Neapolitan-style endive
Dessert: Unconditional love
Price: 65 per person (drinks not included)

Michelin Guide 2022: the new stars of the South – Italian Cuisine

The 2022 Michelin Guide has announced the new stars and Southern Italy is the winner. Lots of news, including the only woman – and also very young

The Michelin Guide 2022 has announced its new stars. Among the novelties of the “Rossa” 2022, the southern Italy today shines more than ever. From Campania to Calabria, these are the southern chefs who have conquered a space in the Olympus of haute cuisine.

What a beautiful fresh air

Just 6 months after opening, Aria Restaurant to Naples got his first Michelin Star with the chef Paolo Barrale: «Such recognition is a source of immense joy but at the same time represents a gauntlet: we must always give our best to make a difference. A bit like it happens with children: there is a specific responsibility to follow them in everything and make them grow in a healthy and diligent way ", commented the young Sicilian chef. The Aria project, signed by the JCo Group, is a goal that Barrale shares with his entire team, from the brigade to the staff in the dining room (and in the family): "From Mario Stellato, my sous chef, to Giacomo who introduced me to the splendid family that is the J co Group, to Ilaria and Maurizio, to Letizia, Danilo, Angelo, Mario R., Luigi and Gianluigi. Thanks to Serena De Vita, our restaurant manager, to Mattia, Marcello, Chiara, Andrea, Mirko and Camilla. Finally, thanks to my friends and customers of all time but above all I want to say thanks to Marina, my only and irreplaceable life partner .

And there are those who doubles

We always stay in Campania, this time with the restaurant Krèsios from Telese Terme, in the Benevento area, which wins its second Michelin star. After the first obtained in 2013, always reconfirmed, the chef and patron Giuseppe Iannotti doubles and consolidates Krèsios among the most interesting gastronomic realities of the moment. “I'm also happy for my kids, whom I let down and who knew nothing. Perhaps this was the hardest thing for me: looking them in the eye and not being able to share all this, ”commented the chef. And he added: "We never stopped, even in the most difficult moments, we never got scared. Rather we have continued with our heads down, with the awareness of having responsibilities and we have continued to do what we know, to create new paths and invent solutions. This is the strength of Krèsios: to undertake unexplored paths and create new routes, when the known and comforting ones have closed. It is the strength of a group that for me is my family. We have cleared customs for a method: finally in Italy you can only do one tasting itinerary, ours is in the dark .

The twist

Surprisingly, the double star arrives without going through the route (i.e. without any mention) also for Giovanni Solofra of the restaurant Three Olives from Paestum (SA) that with tears in his eyes the first person he thanked is Roberta, his wife. Awarded for its sensorial and territorial gastronomic interpretation, for its proposals hyenas of surprises, the fine technique and the minuteness and precision of the combinations, often intriguing.

My Calabria

Going further south, the recognition of the prestigious guide also goes to Antonio Biafora for his Hyle, to San Giovanni in Fiore (CS) which wins its first star. And to think that the young chef has begun his adventure first in the kitchen of the family restaurant, "where I performed the first service during a graduation party, and the second in Caserta, at the kitchens of the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli. As soon as I got there I asked to start immediately, in front of me I had: parsley, potatoes and tomatoes . When the quality is recognized by the basic ingredients and by the skill with which to know how to combine them harmoniously, the rest is only a matter of time.

Fresh from the star too Luigi Lepore of the restaurant of the same name in Lamezia Terme (CZ) which, after the important experiences at the Trussardi alla Scala in Milan, at the Caino in Tuscany, at Il Comandante in Naples, among others, in 2019 began to write a new e, to do so, he chose his home, his Calabria. But with an innovative format, with broad horizons and, at the same time, with firm roots in the material cultures that characterize the territory's identity. Despite the "hiatus" of 2020, he is today celebrating his "coronation".

All the new 2022 Michelin stars in Southern Italy

Luigi Lepore – Luigi Lepore Restaurant

Hyle – Antonio Antonio Biafora

Aria – Paolo Barrale

Giuseppe Molaro – Contaminations Restaurant

Savio Perna – Li Galli

Francesco Franzese – Rear Restaurant

Nicola Somma – Cannavacciuolo Countryside

Fabio Verrelli D’Amico – Marter1aPr1ma

Alessandro Bellingeri – Osteria Acquarol

Stephan Zippl – 1908

Graziano Cacciappoli – San Giorgio

Jorg Giubbani – Orto by Jorg Giubbani

Sergeev Nikita – The Arcade

Richard Abouzaki and Pierpaolo Ferracuti – Background

Emanuele Petrosino – Bianca on the Lake

Fabrizio Molteni – La Speranzina Restaurant & Relais

Alex and Vittorio Manzoni – Osteria degli Assonica

Salvatore Camedda – Somu

Claudio Sadler – Gusto by Sadler

* Young of the Year Award to Solaika Marrocco del Primo, from Lecce


Opening photo Krèsios (ph Marco Varoli)

South Tyrolean breads: ancient recipes and flours for timeless flavors – Italian Cuisine


We went on a journey through the valleys of South Tyrol to discover traditional bakeries, their most typical products and the millenary history that intertwines agriculture and white art


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Enclosed by majestic mountains, theSouth Tyrol jealously guards gastronomic traditions whose origin is lost in the mists of time. One of the most fascinating is that of bread and of flours rustic with which, in the area of South Tyrol, has been kneaded for millennia.

Traces of Emmer were found among the mummified remains of Ötzi, the shepherd who lived in these areas more than five thousand years ago. While of the rye We have news since 800 BC, when it seems to have come from distant Asia Minor, only to find fertile ground in these areas and become one of the most used cereals for white art, as bread making is called.

Even today, rye is widely cultivated, often by the same bakers who collect and grind it in their mills. Some even use machinery dating back to the late nineteenth century, such as the svecciatoio in the photo, which is still in operation on the farm today Roatnocker from Georg Weiss, high Val di Non, which separates the beans according to shape and size.

Among the specialties baked daily in South Tyrolean bakeries are the Paarl, loaves kneaded with rye and spelled that change according to the mix of flours that compose them. So, for example, they are called Vollkotnpaarl those entirely of wholemeal rye.

They are called instead Urpaarl the breads of pure rye typical of Val Venosta, the "granary" of Tyrol. The prefix "Ur" recalls the ancient city of Mesopotamia, the cradle of cereal. There eight shape, obtained from the union of two rounded loaves, symbolizes the union of marriage (in the photo, the offer to the bakery of Peter Schuster in Laudes, in Val Monastero).

The technique with which the thin discs of the Schüttelbrot: the dough is placed on one circular shovel which is made to rotate, by the skilled hands of the baker, until it widens and thins at the right point.

The result is round, low, toasted and very crunchy bread, the emblem of South Tyrol and typical of every production.

The distinctive taste of Schüttelbrot, Paarl and other specialties is given by the trigonella, an aromatic herb that grows in the mountains and produces pale blue flowers.

After the harvest, the trigonella comes dried and ground. The scent is halfway between anise and cumin: the latter, moreover, is also part of the bouquet used in typical recipes.

Among the seeds that enrich the preparations, those of pumpkin and those of sunflower, used for large loaves, small rolls, crunchy cracker (in the photo, those of Furnaria Seppi, in Val Badia). The seeds of poppy.

There puccia is a characteristic specialty of Ladin community, settled in the valleys surrounding the Sella dolomitic group. The traditional loaf of these areas is mixed with 70 percent rye flour and 30 percent wheat and there is also a dry and flat version.

Not just rye: also the wheat flour finds greedy application. For example in the Laugenbrot which, like the classic German and Austrian pretzels, are immersed in a soda bath which makes the crust brown and shiny.

They are light in color and quite soft, again due to the presence of wheat flour, even i Puschtra Breatl, round and low loaves. In the photo, one of the loaves baked in the bakery laboratory Feichter to Dobbiaco, high Val Pusteria.

In short, the doughs and shapes of the loaves change from valley to valley and from village to village. And there is no shortage of contaminations such as the use of flours that come from afar (in the photo, a spelled bread and Sicilian Timilia flour from Merano Ivo de Pellegrin).

To enrich the proposal of South Tyrolean bakeries, even one pastry shop simple but delicious. How to resist the Biscuits double, stuffed with jam?

When it is season, here comes the raisin bread. Less sweet than you might think, it is suitable for breakfasts and snacks also, why not, in combination with salty ingredients.

Finally, it is inevitable apple strudel, symbolic delight of South Tyrol. According to the traditional recipe, the delicious filling is wrapped in a casket of shortcrust pastry crumbly. One bite is enough, and the oven is served.

The addresses
Roatnocker farm, Weiss family, Obere Innere 12, Senale San Felice (BZ), telephone 3487686627
Bäckerei Schuster, Laudes 139, Malles Venosta (BZ), phone 473831340
Furnaria Seppi, Strada Col Alt 34, Corvara in Badia (BZ), telephone 0471 836 863
Bauernhof Familie Feichter, Zipfanger 1, Dobbiaco (BZ), telephone 0474972324
Ivo De Pellegrin oven, Via delle Corse 141 °, Merano (BZ), telephone 3338593629

Photo by Felice Scoccimarro for the reportage made for Sale & Pepe by Riccardo Lagorio
September 2021

Posted on 09/28/2021


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