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Cold remedies: how to relieve symptoms due to seasonal ills using natural ingredients at their best

With the arrival of autumn and winter it seems that there is no escape, the seasonal cold returns with its annoying symptoms (stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, cough, etc). However, it is possible to feel better with the help of natural remedies which can speed up healing and relieve symptoms.

This advice must absolutely not replace the opinion of the attending physician.

Colds: the importance of prevention

First of all, we all know, today more than ever: prevention is better than cure. When the first cold starts it is good cover yourself adequately before going out, especially using scarves to ward off bad sore throats. It is especially important ventilate closed environments, avoid heavy jump in temperature or a climate that is too dry.

To avoid any contagions from viral influences, thepersonal hygiene plays a fundamental role, through a frequent hand washing. Finally, it is good to avoid contact with other people who show flu symptoms.

Cold remedies: what to eat and what not to?

Adequate nutrition can exert beneficial effects on the immune system, promoting the relief of symptoms.

In the presence of a cold it is ideal to consume first simple meals and easily digestible, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, which can hinder the healing process. Green light at hot drinks, such as broth, soups, herbal teas, hot milk. Of course, bring to the table the richest types of fruits and vegetables C vitamin: the citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges or grapefruits, i berries, i Kiwi, i peppers, i broccoli, i cabbages, i cauliflower he spinach.

Among the essential ingredients we also havegarlic, considered a natural antibiotic, the onion, with decongestant properties, the chili pepper, capable of acting in case of a blocked nose, it ginger, useful against inflammation and nausea.

Fundamental rule: hydrate yourself as much as possible, drinking a lot water.

Cold remedies: natural ingredients to feel better

Cold remedies: get better naturally

Among the most effective cold remedies are i fumigations, also called fumenti, which can help clear the upper respiratory tract. Just boil the water in a pot, add essential oils and breathe in the steam released, covering the head with a dry cloth, so that it doesn't despair. Essential oil witheucalyptus it has balsamic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties. There mint it can help decongest thanks to its balsamic power. Alternatively, the bicarbonate it is a good disinfectant.

In addition to fumigations, gargling is also useful, to relieve pain and irritation in the throat, and nasal washes with saline solutions, to promote breathing.

As we said, hot drinks are a lifesaver in case of a cold. The best herbal teas are those based on ginger, lemon, mint, thyme, rosemary. And to sweeten infusions or hot milk, you cannot miss the honey, a classic grandmother's remedy to calm coughs. In particular, eucalyptus honey is the best against seasonal ailments.

Lemon balm, echinacea, and dog rose are other plants with useful beneficial properties, to be taken in the form of extracts, syrups or supplements.

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