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A precious cover – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

A precious cover - Italian Cuisine

Here we are. Here we are with the September issue. The "director" of this month is Antonia Klugmann. An extraordinary chef with an intimate, intelligent, contemporary cuisine that goes straight to your heart.
L’Argine restaurant in Vencò in the province of Gorizia tells us about his world, among the Collio vines. He reveals his family recipes, sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, always captivating. And then ideas for cooking meat or fish with fruit as is customary in this central European part of Italy. And then you will notice the cover that, as my grandmother would have said, "sberlucicca". It was created by Sara Shakeel, a Pakistani artist who "illuminates" monuments, objects and people with a generous dose of talent and diamonds. In this shot by Monica Vinella she worked on corn leaves in the field right in front of Antonia's restaurant, a way to tell the world that green is precious, so precious. Our adventure continues, intense, exciting, compelling.
The journey is as beautiful as the finish line. We cook friends and friends. Enjoy your meal, as always.

100 covers, 100 stories, 100 cover stars – Italian Cuisine

100 covers, 100 stories, 100 cover stars

The September issue of Vogue Italia is an exceptional project, unprecedented, which sees the involvement of 100 characters for 100 covers: famous models, actresses, social rights activists, Instagram stars, artists, writers and ordinary people with their story unique to tell.

Vogue Italia comes out on newsstands on August 28, once again with a collector's issue, in which the numbered covers become a work of art and a fashion manifesto for everyone, under the banner of diversity, beauty and hope.
"Last April, when we chose to leave our cover blank, we were convinced that silence was a just message of respect and modesty," Emanuele Farneti, editor of Vogue Italia, writes in his editorial. "Now, however, at the beginning of a new season that is in many ways decisive, we think it is time to speak out loud about beauty and hope. For the first time, we shot and printed one hundred covers. Each of them is dedicated to a different protagonist: by age, physical appearance, skin color. It is the portrait of a community which, while respecting the restrictions of distances and times imposed by the context, after having diligently waited, now finds itself and starts over ”.
Creative director Ferdinando Verderi, who conceived the project, says: "The idea is very simple: more is more. A challenge to the canons of quantity with which fashion has always measured itself, a desire for rebirth, a celebration of diversity that once printed will become a collective experience, lived at a distance. We shot the 100 cover stars individually in a simple studio in New York. The photographer chosen is Mark Borthwick, the historical signature of Vogue Italia who returns after decades. The cast unites 100 people without distinction, including models, actresses, artists, talented people in the most diverse fields, icons of the past and people who have nothing to do with fashion .

In the cast there are people very different in age, ethnicity, profession, life. Side by side, without hierarchies, without filters or photographic or cosmetic devices. There are iconic supermodels: Cindy Crawford, Pat Cleveland, Patti Hansen, Donna Jordan. The tops of the moment: Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, Julia Nobis, Freja Beha Erichsen, Sasha Pivovarova, Irina Shayk, Alek Wek, Raquel Zimmermann, Saskia De Brauw, Rebecca Longendyke. Instagram stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Paloma Elsesser. Actresses like Chloë Sevigny. Emerging faces. Non-binary, genderless or transgender models like Indya Moore, Juno Mitchell or Cici Tamiz, at the forefront of LGBTQI + rights. Black activists like Bethann Hardison. Then again, the pioneers: Ugbad Abdi, the first to walk a catwalk in hijab, or Precious Lee, the first plus size model of color to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But also Cameron Russell and Trish Goff, decisive in the battle for the #metoo. Ash Foo, returned to the catwalk after a year of chemotherapy. Internationally renowned activists, writers, photographers and artists: like Dominique Duroseau who explores issues such as racism, black feminism, gender; like the painter Elizabeth Peyton, the deputy director of the New Museum of New York Karen Wong and the archistar Gisue Hariri. But also ordinary women like Uber driver Debra Solomon. A curiosity: among the hundred characters there are also two of the artists who created the covers of the famous “Illustrated Issue” of Vogue Italia (January 2020): Cassi Namoda and Delphine Desane.
The project represents an investment in print, in the ability that a paper object still has to produce ideas destined to last, but also provides a strong digital soul: all the protagonists in fact tell their story in a one-minute video, which will to form an exceptional kaleidoscope of faces and voices on the IG channel of Vogue Italia.

In the issue, which for the occasion presents a renewed graphic layout, there is also the political manifesto by Tyler Mitchell (the first African American photographer to have signed a cover of Vogue America) dedicated to the battles of Black Lives Matter, accompanied by a text written by playwright Jeremy O. Harris. Mert & Marcus shoot Chanel, the artist Tina Barney Gucci. Collier Schorr, with his 20 portraits of women, portrays the most relevant looks of the season as digital artist Jason Ebeyer tries to shape fashion into the future. To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of "Made In Milan", the documentary that Martin Scorsese dedicated to his friend Giorgio Armani, Vogue Italia has created an exclusive interview with the director and an editorial video inspired by that iconic meeting. The magazine also brought together, for the first time in over forty years, the entire Rossellini family for a group shot that anticipates the docufilm "The Rossellinis", presented at the next Venice Film Festival.
The September issue of Vogue Italia is part of the global Vogue “Hope” project: a collaboration between the 26 editions of Vogue around the world for the September issue. The initiative represents the first time in Vogue's 128-year history in which all editions come together around a single editorial theme, to convey hope, optimism and solidarity at a time when the world is facing extraordinary change.
The extraordinary digital performances of Vogue Italia continue: the social profiles of Vogue Italia count 8.2 MIO of total fan followers, marking a + 19% YOY. In particular, the official Instagram profile has crossed the threshold of 4 million followers. The Vogue site in the first half of 2020 was visited by an average of 3 million users every month, with a growth of 48% compared to the previous year.
The complete list of the 100 characters featured on the covers of the September issue of Vogue Italia: Heaven Aaliyah, Ugbad Abdi, Akon Adichol, Adesuwa Aighewi, Diana Al-Hadid, Madeline Allen, Angeer Amol, Kai Avent-deLeon, Zazie Beetz, Munaiya Bilal, Sara Blomqvist, Lexi Boling, Naomie Broquet, Abby Champion, Asia Chow, Susan Cianciolo, Pat Cleveland, Meghan Collison, Giannie Couji, Cindy Crawford, Anisa Dagher, Saskia De Brauw, Delphine Desane, Agyness Deyn, Dominique Duroseau, Denali White Elk, Paloma Elsesser, Freja Beha Erichsen, Ash Foo, Beatrice Galilee, Kaia Gerber, Trish Goff, Bella Hadid, Patti Hansen, Bethann Hardison, Gisue Hariri, Donna Jordan, Xiao Wen Ju, Jake Junkins, KiKi Layne, Precious Lee, Lacey Lennon, Loren Lenox, Havana Liu, Rebecca Longendyke, Dede Anyema Mansro, Carly Mark, Hiandra Martinez, Vineeta Seshasai Maruri, Jade Meehan, Emily Miller, June Miller, Juno Mitchell, Maria Mocerino, Lineisy Montero, Indya Moore, Cassi Namoda, Haley Nichols, Ariel Nicholson, Samantha Nixon, Julia Nobis, Elaine Palacios, Soo Joo Park, Benzo Perryman, Elizabeth Peyton, Sasha Pivovarova, Efna Plaza-Merritt, Kyla Ramsey, Emily Ratajkowski, Missy Rayder, Rachel Rose, Talia Ryder, Ajani Russell, Cameron Russell, Tafv Sampson , Carolina Sarria, Valerie Scherzinger, Yulu Serao, Tschabalala Self, Chloë Sevigny, Irina Shayk, Zora Sicher, Avery Singer, Ming Smith, Toni Smith, Debra Solomon, Gray Sorrenti, Lili Sumner, Cici Tamez, Cara Taylor, Laurel Taylor, Lulu Tenney, Varsha Thapa, Tara Thomas, Kita Updike, Guinevere Van Seenus, Binx Walton, Alek Wek, Karen Wong, Raquel Zimmermann.

Grimes on the cover of Vogue – Italian Cuisine

The pop star, Elon Mask's partner, has given birth to her first child a few hours ago. The photo shoot, signed by Ryan McGinley, portrays her in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Grimes, who welcomed his first child, a boy, on May 4 with his partner Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, is one of the protagonists of the May issue of Vogue Italia. The photographer Ryan McGinley portrayed her in a service that sees her, in the ninth month of pregnancy, immersed in a California with unusually Gothic outlines.

The shots are accompanied by an interview in which 32-year-old Claire Boucher, an environmental activist and techno-feminist, talks about digital identity, motherhood, technology and fashion and imagines the future post coronavirus.

A few days after the birth, Grimes commented on the expectation: "It is certainly very demanding to be pregnant in the middle of a pandemic. It's hard not to be able to see friends and family. A friend of mine recently died and it was a nightmare not being able to be close to her loved ones. It won't be easy in the hospital, I don't go into details but I feel very empathetic with those who are going through this phase. And me I do of what the maternity wards are doing to manage the situation, I have great respect for the doctors' work ".

“Fashion has been generous to me. It allowed me to promote my work, ”says Grimes. "Fashion is one of the ways in which the human body can become a work of art, so I take it very seriously." And he continues: "I am passionate about digital fashion in video games and I prefer those with many clothing options or in which part of the game is precisely the purchase of virtual clothes. I believe it is a cultural advance, certainly more sustainable than creating and consuming real clothes ".

Reflecting on the exceptional times we are experiencing and on the horizon of the post-pandemic, Grimes underlines how we are faced with "an interesting change in consumption habits. This is an opportunity to start thinking about how we live, even if it is painful !. " And he concludes on a positive note: “Humans are incredible. Even in the darkest hour we are surrounded by wonder. "

Grimes was photographed on Vogue Italia by Ryan McGinley who chose the same setting for the self-portraits of the shooting he made for L'Uomo.

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