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the ingredients for a rich idea – Italian Cuisine

A dish to prepare with broad beans, asparagus, peas, but also mushrooms and goat's milk for a little more freshness

There omelette it is the ideal recipe for all those times that you don't know what to cook or don't have time, but you want to bring something good, tasty and healthy to the table quickly.
Two or three eggs a week they are the ideal quantity in a balanced diet and if you don't like them firm or fried, the omelette is a great way to consume them.

The perfect mixture for the omelette

Let's start with the basics: how to prepare an omelette?
Just bang the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper, of the grated Parmesan cheese it's a little bit of milk (optional).
Attention: beat, but do not mount!
You can add the herbs, usually chopped parsley, and to give a little bit of consistency a tablespoon of ricotta cheese.
With this mix you can prepare omelettes in the pan or in the oven.

Not just omelette: the roll

With the omelette's basic compound you can actually prepare other things as well.
For example, a beautiful man roll to stuff with something creamy like a classic stuffed with ricotta and spinach.
Just cook the omelette in the oven inside a rectangular mold and then, once it is cold, fill it and roll it up.
Wrapped in the film, it is left in the refrigerator for a while and then it is ready to be sliced.
Children like it very much because it looks funny.

Omelette or muffin

Always with the mix of eggs, salt, pepper and Parmesan, you can fill them baskets of crunchy bread or speck.
Just cover a muffin mold or even single portion aluminum cups with slices of bread squashed with a rolling pin or slices of bacon.
Fill with the omelette mix and bake in the oven at 180 ° for about 15 minutes. A beautiful idea for a standing aperitif.

Spring omelette recipe

The omelette is the recipe that can be transformed in a thousand ways.
You can indeed enrich it with many ingredients and we suggest you this season broad beans, asparagus, peas and mushrooms.
Simply boil or steam everything and then mix eggs, legumes and vegetables. Alternatively, cook the omelette and then add the rest on top, a little like a pizza base. The consistency game is very pleasant.
The vegetables omelette are also very good onions and, to give a little color and fragrance, of the herbs.
We like basil and mint in combination with legumes and vegetables, but you can have fun with perfumes as you like.

We add the cheese

To make an omelette full of vegetables fresher and tastier, we suggest adding cream cheese and with a slightly acidic aftertaste: the caprine.
Do not cook it with the eggs, but simply pour a few spoonfuls onto the lukewarm omelette.
First, however, mix it with a little oil, lemon zest and chopped basil to make it a soft and tasty cream.

The pancake with omelette: must eat of the season

This spring omelette can obviously become the rich filling of a sandwich to bring to a picnic as the days become more and more beautiful, warm, bright and long and it's time to eat outdoors.
The perfect bread for the omelette? The rosette, the michetta or the simple bread to slice with the crispy crust.

Avocado Tomatillo Salsa – A Simple Green Sauce for Summer

This spectacularly simple green sauce may be the perfect
summer condiment. It requires no cooking, only takes minutes, looks gorgeous,
and tastes amazing with anything grilled, and most things not. 

It’s also great for
treating a bad sunburn. That’s right, just serve this and chips along with
three or four margaritas, and the victim will feel significantly better in no

I will admit this is a sauce I take for granted. I’m
lucky enough to live near San Francisco’s Mission District, and there are
hundreds of taquerias and restaurants, all of which feature some type of fresh,
green salsa. Each place uses a slightly unique combination of ingredients, but
I’ve never had one I didn’t enjoy. 

Not all contain avocado, but I really like the addition
since it adds a wonderful richness, and the extra fat helps carry the other
flavors around. As you’ll see next week, this was delicious on some pork tacos,
but there are so many other amazing options. Try it on scrambled eggs, use it
as a relish for sausage, or as a dip for fried-anything.  I really hope you give this a try soon.

Ingredients for about 1 1/4 cups:
1 generous cup sliced tomatillos (about 6 oz by weight)
*Note: if you can’t find fresh, you can use canned
tomatillos in a pinch
1 tbsp minced Serrano pepper, or to taste
1 large ripe avocado
1/4 cup packed cilantro leaves
1/2 lime, juiced
salt to taste

The ten most expensive vegetarian ingredients in the world – Italian Cuisine

If you thought that a vegetarian diet was necessarily cheaper, you did bad things. This is demonstrated by the prices of the ten most expensive vegetarian ingredients in the world

Although the vegetarian diet is now widely spread in Italy and in the world, in many people is still rooted the prejudice that it is not only an unhealthy and unbalanced diet, but that is even poor in economic and quantitative terms. Nothing could be more wrong: to prove it, in addition to the not always low costs of the raw materials purchased, even those of the ten most expensive vegetarian ingredients in the world. To draw up the ranking of these gastronomic delicacies that are also real luxury goods is one of the world's most authoritative sites in the luxury sector, namely Luxurylaunches, based in Mumbai. Let's go then to discover these expensive vegetarian foods, starting from the most expensive.

1. Yubari King, Yubari, Japan Melons – US $ 12,000 / kg (€ 10,600)

Incredible but true: in the first place we find a fruit, or the Japanese melon Yubari King. This type of melon is a cross between two types of cantaloupe and is produced exclusively in the Yubari, northern region of Japan. The Yubari King is known to be perfectly round, to have an exceptionally smooth crust and for its sweetness and its unique qualities.

2. Saffron Absheron, Absheron, Azerbaijan – US $ 11,000 / kg (9,700 €)

The saffron, oriental spice known for its innumerable and extraordinary beneficial properties, is a very precious ingredient not surprisingly nicknamed "red gold". Although the main producing country is Iran, it is in the Azerbaijan, the oldest center of the saffron market, that the most prized bulbs and the most expensive variety are found. This country is expected to earn over $ 142.6 million from saffron industrial production in 2019.

3. Red swiftlet's nest, China – US $ 10,000 / kg (8.800 €)

This vegetarian ingredient, as expensive as it is bizarre and unknown, is much appreciated in the Chinese culture and much sought after by local collectors. Also known as Caviar of the East, this nest is a sort of solidified salivary secretion of the swiftlet bird, so proteinic and rich in mineral salts as rare and valuable. To collect these nests it is in fact necessary to climb the rugged limestone cliffs of the Palawan resort, and climb up to 150 meters in height.

4. Bali Peri honey, Saricayir Dagi, Turkey – US $ 7,000 / kg (€ 6,200)

This exotic and delicious honey it is also known as "fairy honey" or "elven honey". Originally from the mountains of Saricayir Dagi, in the north-east of Turkey, it is in fact extremely rare, as it is collected and extracted from inside a cave and can not be reproduced elsewhere.

5. Alba white truffle, Piedmont, Italy – US $ 6,000 / kg (€ 5,300)

In fifth place we finally have a renowned Italian vegetarian ingredient. If the saffron is called "red gold", the name of "gold of the earth" is given to the refined truffle. The most expensive ever sold in the world is a rare Piedmontese white truffle weighing 1 kilo, beaten in an auction in Italy and bought at the amazing price of over 5,000 euros. He was the owner of a luxurious restaurant in Florida, in the United States.

6. Watermelon from Densuke, Hokkaido, Japan – US $ 5,000 / kg (4,400 €)

After the most expensive melon in the world, we find another fruit among the most expensive vegetarian goods on the planet. This time it is a particular e rare Japanese variety of watermelon from the city of Toma, coveted by connoisseurs and collectors all over the world for its unique nature. This watermelon has in fact a perfect circular shape, a very dark skin without streaks, but above all a taste that is defined as "a new level of sweetness".

7. Black truffles Perigord, Dordogne, France – US $ 2,500 / kg (€ 2,200)

The truffle, an increasingly expensive ingredient as well as king of tables all over the world and loved by chefs, triumphs also winning the seventh position. Here we find, in fact, a particular French black truffle, a rare gastronomic delight with an unmistakable aroma that, despite a relatively short shelf life, has a very high value.

8. Kopi Luwak Coffee, Indonesia – US $ 1,000 / kg (887 €)

The Indonesian Kopi Luwak is a unique type of coffee in the world, as derived from coffee beans partially digested by the coconuts of Asian palms, known locally as luwak or rattoscimmia. After the grains are ingested and fermented in their intestines, they are defecated and carefully harvested by local farmers. Since the first discovery this product has had an extraordinary success on the market, with very high prices. If you are interested in buying this unique commodity, pay attention to the many imitations, and document the great drama of the exploitation of Asian civets.

9. Cheese Pule, Macva, Serbia – US $ 1,000 / kg (887 €)

For cheese lovers and experts, the Serbian Pule is considered among the most exquisite in the world. This exotic wonder, not particularly seasoned and with a grainy consistency, is an exceptionally rare product with inevitably very high costs (almost € 1,000 per kilo and around € 100 for a taste). The pulle, in fact, is produced by milking of endangered donkeys who live in the Zasavica nature reserve. As if this were not enough, pure donkey milk is famous for being the most complex in the world to make cheese.

10. Potatoes La Bonnotte, Noirmoutier, France – US $ 600 / kg (€ 530)

At the last place we find a vegetarian food usually famous for its affordable prices, or the potatoes. In fact, this list is one rare variety called Bonnotte, cultivated only and exclusively on the French island of Noirmoutier. These potatoes are appreciated for their complex and unique flavor, which includes hints of lemon, land and sea, thanks to the soil enriched with algae in which they grow. Their difficult growth process, the small production (only 20,000 kilos a year) and the demanding hand harvesting that takes place one week a year and involving the approximately 2,500 inhabitants of the island are the other factors that justify the price so tall of these rare vegetarian gems.

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