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Protein pancakes: the recipe for making them at home – Italian Cuisine

Pancake: quick and easy step by step recipe

Protein pancakes are the ideal breakfast for those who don't want to stay in shape without sacrificing taste. Here is the recipe to prepare them at home

THE protein pancakes are the right recipe to start the day or to take a sweet and nutritious mid-afternoon break with taste and without losing sight of the line. Perfect for one sweet breakfast full of energy, they are rich in protein and fibers and they have very little fat and sugar.

A recipe, that of protein pancakes, absolutely healthy, but never sad, which gives energy and makes you feel full, perfectly balanced between carbohydrates / proteins / fats and without sacrificing taste for start the day with a smile and get out of bed with at least a little more desire.

Protein pancakes: the recipe for making them at home


To prepare this sweet and protein breakfast, perfect for adults and children, you will need: 70 g of type 1 flour (or in any case not refined and rich in fiber), 170 g of Greek yogurt (or with very little sugar), 100 g of egg whites, 1 banana, 1 / 2 teaspoon of baking soda, lemon, brown sugar and cocoa powder.


The first thing to do for prepare at home protein pancakes is to put the egg whites in a large bowl and whip them with one whip or a fork. As soon as they are well assembled, the Flour, two teaspoons of brown sugar, 100 g of Greek yogurt, the bicarbonate and a few drops of lemon, stirring vigorously the compound until a thick and very fluid batter is obtained.

After preparing the dough for the pancakes it's time to put a non-stick pan to heat and, when it is hot, pour in the center a ladle of protein pancakes batter. They should be cooked approx one minute to the side and then placed on a plate to be garnished with the cream.

Then cut the bananas slices and, with the remaining yogurt and two tablespoons of cocoa powder, prepare a cream and pour it on the pancakes, filling them one at a time. Garnish with bananas and enjoy hot.

An easy recipe for making pizza at home – Italian Cuisine

One of the most loved dishes by Italians can be prepared at home without too much effort. that's how

If you are in the mood for pizza, but not to call a take-away pizzeria, there is a solution that you may never have thought of before. In fact, there is one easy recipe of the Pizza, with which you can get a tasty result even if you are not expert pizza chefs: just leave laziness aside, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

The easy pizza recipe: the dough

Start with what you need to make a simple one Margherita Pizza: just for the pasta you need 500 grams of White flour, 250 milliliters of water, 15 grams of brewer's yeast, 20 grams of oil, 10 grams of salt. For the seasoning, instead, you must have 500 grams of peeled, one mozzarella cheese and a little Origan. Start by dissolving the yeast in a little water at room temperature, the ideal would be a 25 degrees. Arrange the flour on a pastry board, or pour it into a container. Add the water a little at a time, trying to mix the ingredients well and gradually. After you have poured half the liquid, also add the salt, which must not come into direct contact with the yeast, in order to prevent it from neutralizing its action. Pour in the last part of the water, always gradually, and knead until you get a homogeneous compound. Now is the time for oil, also to be added little by little. Knead the dough for a few more minutes, without rolling the dough but folding it back on itself.

Easy pizza

Two more steps: leavening and baking

Once you have a soft and smooth dough, transfer it to a container, cover it with a cloth or plastic wrap and do it bump up for about an hour and a half. The important thing is that the leavening process takes place at a temperature around 26-28 degrees. For this you can put the bowl in the oven off but with the light on. When the pasta is beautiful swollen And soft, remove it from the container, transfer it to the work surface and divide it into two equal parts. To roll it out, don't use a rolling pin but the hands, doing "Pirlare" the dough, or squeeze it so as to bring it towards you and then move it away. Repeat this four or five times, then form two balls and let them sit for another half hour. At this point the pasta will be ready to be rolled and seasoned to taste. The pizza should be cooked in a hot oven a 220 degrees for about 20 minutes. The trick for a daisy with all the trimmings? Add the mozzarella a half cooked.

Recipes for the more experienced

5 simple secrets for making a chef's broth – Italian Cuisine

Five tricks, from the parmesan crust to the temperature of the water, to change your broth forever (even the Christmas one). From beginner to pro level, you need it too

There is always a reason, sometimes more than one, why some of the recipes are better than others. But "no chef secrets", the reasons are very often written in science books. Or now in the new Why don't spaghetti Bolognese exist?A volume (Ippocampo edizioni) that answers hundreds of questions about the kitchen and its tools very frankly, to become aware and improve without having to study as for a doctorate. Of the many why the author Arthur La Caisne he answers there is a section dedicated to broth that is perfect for this period. A broth can really make a difference during Christmas lunch, in fact, but also in everyday life, from the classic risotto to the mistreated soups. So here are five tricks to go from a sad bland broth to a super broth.

Beginner level: umami

The easiest way to improve a broth that doesn't taste much is to add a parmesan crust or a drizzle of soy sauce to the pot. Both will give your broth the famous umami flavor, the savory, which will "push" the flavor without overpowering the others. The result of a single gesture will be more pleasant and tasty.

Amateur level: do not salt

There is a limit to the amount of flavors that can dissolve in water. When the water is saturated it will no longer be able to absorb other flavors. Salting the water at the beginning will prevent the ingredients you put in your broth from releasing all their flavors, leading to a bland and forgettable result. So don't salt the broth and it will be even tastier.

Advanced level: use rich cuts of meat

Collagen po they fero or po they feather. If it is not cooked enough or at too high a temperature it becomes a shoe sole, instead if you are careful, it melts into a tasty, lean cream, which helps to capture other flavors. Do not use fine cuts, you will only waste money and the broth will be much less tasty than the cheap one. The neck, the head, the royal and the white stalk are therefore welcome. Cut them into small pieces to reduce cooking time and favor the infusion of flavors into the water.

Professional level: do not boil the water

As many know, starting with cold water allows you to better extract the flavors from the meat. However, few know that a good broth must cook while remaining between 80 ° and 85 ° degrees. This allows for a better quality of the infusion, because the collagen remains dissolved, the flavors remain sharp and clean, no bitter foams are created that force us to foam it continuously. So, to have a better control of the temperature, better do a lot of it, on the fire to the minimum, with a cast iron or terracotta pot that distribute the heat evenly. Then check it: better to have a real professional thermometer, but failing that, just observe that it makes a maximum of one or two bubbles every now and then. This is the main tip for transforming your broth from a simple accompaniment to an irresistible golden infusion.

Chef level: design the broth according to the dish

Not all broths are the same. Try different combinations and taste them to become real experts. Do you want a persistent broth? Do not degrease it and do not clarify it. Do you want clearer tastes and a cleaner mouth? Microfilter it, let it cool in the fridge and remove the superficial fat with a spoon. Do you want a roasted flavor? Put the bones in the oven at 180 degrees until they brown and then dip them in cold water. Do you want to have a French touch? Also roast vegetables and meat in the oven. Which broth is best, you will decide on the basis of the balance of the final dish. Try it, indulge yourself and your diners will compete for the last spoonful.

Bonus level: Don't waste the broth

The broth does not keep for long. It can be frozen, but there are better options to take full advantage of it. In the Christmas lunch, for example, you can use it with cappelletti or tortellini, then you can use it in cooking the roast and finally reduce it to make it a sauce or sauce. Broth is a very versatile base that can transform even a simple soup into a dish to remember.

Text by Jacopo Giavara, Margo Schachter

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