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Grouper recipe, recipes: delicious baked grouper – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Grouper recipe, recipes: delicious baked grouper

It has tender and juicy meat: there are many recipes that can be made with grouper. Tomatoes, capers and olives they are the fundamental ingredients together with chilli pepper and aromatic herbs for cooking a tasty fish according to tradition Sicilian. This preparation is suitable for fish such as swordfish, gurnard, anglerfish, scorpion fish and grouper.

Delicious grouper: our version

The latter is the protagonist of our recipe which we have prepared with some variations in cooking compared to the traditional one in the pan. The grouper, filleted, cooks in the oven And separated from its sauce, so as to keep the meat more consistent. The dish gains in lightness and clarity of flavours.

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Pan-fried prawns, our quick and easy recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

THE pan-fried prawns they are easy to make, quick and the flavor never disappoints. They can be eaten as they are or added to pasta or vegetables to obtain many different seafood dishes. Before you start sautéing, we give you some fundamental advice to put you in a position to choose quality prawns and handle them with care without wasting anything.

How to tell if prawns are fresh

You don’t need to be an expert fisherman to recognize a fresh product, with our tips you will be able to choose the best prawns. The first thing to look at is the head, which deteriorates easily, contains viscera and coral, so important for the good final flavor of the dish. So make sure that the prawn heads have a nice homogeneous and brilliant colorslightly softer, a little translucenton queues, of which the pulp must be visible. They must not have dark spots on the head, much less on the tail, nor a white film on the surface: in the first case the prawns are not fresh, in the second they are dry, poorly preserved.

How to clean shrimp

Cleaning the prawns is a delicate operation, but necessary for the perfect outcome of your dishes. Detach the head to the prawns, remove the gut using tweezers or pulling it gently with your fingers and shelled. The fillet or dark casing of the prawns is their intestine, it is better to remove it because it could have a bitter taste. Always keep the heads and shells aside to create a bisque and flavor your fish dishes.

Grill: 20 recipes from cheese to dessert – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Grill: 20 recipes from cheese to dessert

It’s officially the season for barbecues and outdoor dinners. But have you ever thought about how many things you can do grilled? The recipes are not just based on meat – delicious, of course, but there is more. You can grill vegetables, fruit, even shellfish and shells. Surprised? Here are 20 delicious recipes for a perfect barbecue for you.

What to do at a barbecue?

The answer is simple: everything! Practically each ingredient goes well with the grill, from cheese to meat and fish, finishing with fruit. By turning on the grill or barbecue you can prepare a wonderful meal from appetizer to dessert, without touching the stove! Wanting to prepare a vegetarian grill you can start with grilled apricot croutons and then continue with grilled peppers and stringy cheese with tomatoes. To finish on a sweet note, why not try the grilled peaches with almond crumble? Lovers of classic grills they can only prepare the marinated Chianina steak, the rump with herbs and the Abruzzo kebabs.

Marinade for a barbecue

When preparing for a barbecue it is essential to remember that many meats go first marinades, since they are rich in proteins but low in sugars, and a good marinade allows them to caramelize. Chicken is one of the meats that most enjoys a good marinade par excellence, its own soft meat absorbs all the flavors of spices and aromas that are added. Two recipes to try are chicken thighs with yogurt, lime and tarragon and chicken wings marinated in honey and ginger.

Fish can also benefit from a good marinade, which has the purpose of give it more flavor and to allow the meat to remain softer and hydrated. Where meat prefers a raw marinade, fish can be marinated either rawbefore being cooked, like mackerel fillets marinated in lemon or once cookedsuch as marinated mullet with wine, vinegar and shallots.

Let’s light the grill: 20 recipes to try

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