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The brands celebrate autumn with 10 limited edition pumpkin products – Italian Cuisine

With the arrival of autumn, a shower of delicious limited edition products has also arrived that have pumpkin as their protagonist: from the Philadelphia cream cheese to the pumpkin, up to the spiced pumpkin chai tea from Twinings

There pumpkin, ancient food as well symbol of autumn, in addition to surprising for its wide variety of colors, shapes and flavors, it is highly appreciated for its versatility in the kitchen. This vegetable, in fact, can be used to give life to many sweet and savory dishes, from the classic risotto to the Emilian tortelli, up to desserts of all kinds. Precisely to pay homage to this extraordinary ingredient and to celebrate the arrival of the autumn season, several brands have decided to make limited editions and special products of its already known products, choosing the pumpkin as the main ingredient. Let's go and discover ten of these appetizing novelties, bearing in mind that some are only available in certain countries or for a very limited period of time.

Philadelphia spreadable cheese (Kraft) with spiced pumpkin

This greedy spreadable cheese, designed to add creaminess and flavor to both sweet and savory dishes, it is made with concentrate of pumpkin, brown sugar and a hint of autumn spices including cinnamon. It can be spread on toast and other baked goods or added to savory first courses and desserts such as cakes and biscuits.

Pumpkin macaroni and cheese (Kraft)

Although Macaroni and cheese are a rather bizarre gastronomic gimmick for Italians, in many countries including Australia, the United States and England they love it. Kraft knows that well with brands Kraft Dinner, Kraft Macaroni and Macaroni Cheese, successfully markets several variations of Mac & Cheese, some of which you (even) think about for breakfast. With the arrival of autumn, Kraft decided to launch, through an unconventional marketing campaign, a limited edition of a particular recipe made with pumpkin and various spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice. In fact, only 1000 lucky Canadian consumers who were the first to subscribe to a waiting list were awarded the product. However, Kraft has announced that it is ready to relaunch Kraft Pumpkin Spice Macaroni & Cheese in the United States as well.

McDonald's pumpkin and cream pie

Among the iconic desserts of the most famous fast food chain in the world is the Apple Pie, that is the apple pie baked in the oven. In the various menus McDonald's scattered around the world there are different recipes of this cake, from the Thai one based on purple taro to the Egyptian date and cream. Only for this fall and for its stores in the United States, the fast food is offering a special vPumpkin-based version and covered with custard.

Spiced Pumpkin Cheerios Cereal

There Cheerios has decided to put "autumn in a box" and to present the limited edition of its famous cereals, which have as their main ingredient pumpkin flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Kellogg's Special K pumpkin cereal

From the wholemeal oat rings of Cheerios we pass to the crunchy sheets of wholemeal flour and bran from Kellogg's, which for this season are enriched with a delicate addition of pumpkin and spices, for a truly unique breakfast.

Quaker® Instant Pumpkin Oat Soup

Another limited-time offer for a breakfast or snack full of autumn flavors comes from Quaker®. It is an instant soup, ready in just two minutes and to be enjoyed hot or cold, with whole Canadian oats, pumpkin and a pinch of cinnamon.

Kit Kat pumpkin pie bars

Fans and collectors of Kit Kat bars they know well how many seasonal flavors and limited edition proposals exist in the world, just as they know well that years ago an original variant of the "pumpkin pie" flavor (Pumpkin pie). Kit Kat has decided to celebrate autumn by re-proposing this bar, also in a special edition and available only in some countries.

Instant coffee to make pumpkin latte, from Starbucks

The most famous American coffee chain in the world has always ridden the wave of news and food trends. In its menus, for example, the so-called "milk”(Or our latte), available in many flavors and colors. No wonder, therefore, that this fall too Starbucks has decided to bet on pumpkin flavor, launching a sweet, creamy and delicate product on the market autumn instant latte to be prepared comfortably at home. The coffee, of course, is Starbucks 100% arabica, and is naturally flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Twinings Pumpkin Spiced Chai Tea

If you prefer tea to coffee, you can opt for the new limited edition flavor of Twinings. It is a black chai tea which combines the sweetness of the taste of pumpkin and a rich assortment of spices, including cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice.

Baileys spiced pumpkin liqueur

The latest special autumn novelty on the market is the one created by Baileys, which for this season has decided to add a pleasant addition to the classic recipe of its famous liqueur spiced pumpkin. This special Baileys recipe can be enjoyed at the end of a meal, used as a base for cocktails or added in some creative preparation.

Unfortunately, most of these products are not available in Italy, but it is possible to order them online or wait for some other greedy seasonal commercial gimmick to arrive on the shelves of our supermarkets.

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Condé Nast Italia brands enrich the digital schedule – Italian Cuisine

Condé Nast Italia brands enrich the digital schedule

All the new digital entertainment initiatives by Condé Nast Italia: from our direct on Instagram to the Vanity Fair and GQ schedule

The brands of Condé Nast Italy enrich the digital schedule and launch new initiatives for readers and users. New formats that are proposed as a tool for discussion, reflection and entertainment for the community.


The Italian kitchen entertains its readers and users with 2 appointments a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first sees the involvement of The School of Italian Cuisine: the chefs will prepare the recipes of the La Scuola delivery menu live and will give advice on professional cooking techniques applied to home recipes. The second is instead dedicated to Italian excellence: the protagonists will be the food artisans, restaurateurs, wine producers, with a focus on the theme of e-commerce and delivery. The first appointment scheduled today features the chefs of La Scuola, Thursday will be there as a guest Marco Magnocavallo of Tannico and next week the journey to discover the excellence of the territory will continue. Also The Italian Cuisine USA continues his live instagram schedule with show cooking and talks to learn about the main ingredients for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


With its new initiatives Vanity Fair wants to continue to be the correct and contemporary narration of our reality through stories, emotions and debate. After #VFQuarantineStories, spin off of the Vanity Fair Stories festival, launched during the first lockdown, the Condé Nast Italia weekly directed by Simone Marchetti, wants to continue the dialogue and the relationship thanks to the format #VanityFairDebate. Evolution of Quarantine Stories, the new format is proposed as a tool for discussion on topical issues and as a container of stories that can inspire and entertain the community. The format consists of three weekly appointments: Instagram direct organized every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Monday as an antidote to blue Monday, with interviews with people who inspire you to change your life by bringing examples of transformation. The appointment of Wednesday will see a journalist from the editorial staff of Vanity Fair in conversation with a character to tell and deepen the themes of the issue on newsstands. The Friday instead it will be dedicated to current events and will be discussed with experts and celebrities. The first appointments saw the participation of Maura Gancitano, Paolo Volterra and Francesca Schiavone, today Wednesday 18 November is the protagonist Teresa Guccini.


GQ Italy launch instead #GQVoice: 6 weekly Instagram direct between 4 and 6 pm – two on Mondays, two on Wednesday and two the Friday – dedicated to the world of male passions. The themes will be: sport, explored through sports tutoring and testimonials from champions; fancy and then style, men's wardrobe, toys, vision of consumption, beauty, watch; gaming, to explore the world of video games also through the voices of fans of the sector. After the participation of Gianluca Gazzoli, today the schedule has as protagonists Andrea Erati and Jacopo De Carli which will follow in the coming days Danilo Gallinari, Max Sirena, Marco Belinelli, Alessandro Sartori.


Experience Is, a brand directed to the Generation Z of Condé Nast Italia, every Wednesday entertains its users with a live on its Instagram channel: #WednesdayLive is the weekly appointment in which the editorial director Francesca Zaccagnini meets the most loved young talents of music, art and entertainment on social networks, from Depressetti drawings, illustrator with over 100 thousand followers and already author of a column on the magazine's website, a Beatrice Bruschi, leading actress of the last season of Skam Italia, the cult TV series for under 30s.

The initiatives confirm Condé Nast Italia's commitment to use technology and content to offer readers and users quality information and entertainment.

4 brands use food in their creations – Italian Cuisine

4 brands use food in their creations

Respect for the environment, eco-sustainability of fashion, links with the cycles of Mother Nature and the desire to amaze. Here are 4 fashion brands that use (also) food to create their own collections

While the Milan Fashion Week it drives (and drives the city crazy), we decided to observe the fashion world through a food reading for an original and, why not, unusual point of view. Although at a glance the link between the two fascinating worlds appears far away, we have discovered some surprising contaminations thanks to 5 foreign brands that use food in their creations… will you want to eat them or wear them?

Chaga mushrooms for Older Brother

Among the fans of the American brand Older Brother there are VIPs eco-conscious such as Gisele Bündchen, who chose to be interviewed by the US edition of "Vogue" wearing a T-shirt from the collection Hand Me Down hand-dyed organic cotton from Japan. A garment so simple and at the same time just as significant to support the vision of the brand, which travels in contrast to the fast fashion, also responsible for waste and pollution of the planet. Older Brother, just like an older brother, tries to give a better alternative by using only edible pigments and natural materials such as turmeric or rice paper for his creations, following the seasonality of Mother Nature. The latest collection takes advantage of the chaga mushroom for a palette of colors related to the earth, from sand to dark brown. In fact, it is this particular fungus, normally used for its healthy properties in the protein diet, to be used as a natural dye.

Edible clothing for Leeann Huang

Graduated last year at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London, the fashion school where talents like Stella McCartney or Riccardo Tisci came out, Leeann Huang It has been noted with a concept fashion decidedly original. "I wanted my clothes to be surreal and confuse people wondering if they were real," said the designer to Fashionista. In fact, his creations are not destined to last in time, but rather to be also exploitable as real food. Incredible and innovative his collection p / e 2019: if for jellied jelly and chocolate has created special molds, for the bright pants has set oranges and walnuts in the resin. Passionate about cooking, the vision of the Asian artist is realized in this collection of clothes that can be eaten thus launching a message of rupture against consumerism. Leeann Huang has joined the creative team of Maison Martin Margiela, to keep an eye on!

Persian dishes for VVORK VVORK VVORK

Another fashion novelty that intersects with the food is found in streetwear clothing sewn by hand in Brooklyn by the artist Zeynab Izadyar inspired by the packaging of Persian food, from rice to tea bags. The idea of ​​working on food came to Izadyar from cooking techniques that he learned growing up in Iran with his mother, who decorated dishes with natural dyes such as saffron, beets, red cabbage and chives. Made with a combination of carefully selected materials, hand-dyed fabrics and handmade embroidery, the garments of VVORK VVORK VVORK they use a visual poetic language created by different media drawing on words and sounds written in Persian, English and Arabic. A well-defined style that, inspired by the cuisine, emphasizes the traditions of Iranian and Persian food for an important mix & match from the political meaning of intrinsic equality.

Ephemeral jewelry for Keef Palas

Keef Palas is an anarchist project born spontaneously in the summer of 2016: the two co-founders define it on the site Claire O'Keefe is Eugenia Oliva. These are ephemeral jewels, which last only for a certain period of time in perfect harmony with the laws of nature and in contrast to the fast fashion of consumption. The brand explores the ephemeral through particular details such as peppers, garlic, walnuts, olives and so on, employed as the protagonists of bijoux at least original. Living between Mallorca and Barcelona, ​​the choice of materials is comparable to a sort of Mediterranean diet: in fact, they only use what they find at their fingertips, without imports or contaminations. Like a restaurant or a grocery store, each piece is vacuum sealed and stored in the refrigerator until it is shipped to the customer. From the white grape bikini to the mussel earrings, the menu is nothing short of amazing!

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