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Here's what you'll learn at the Apulian cooking class – Italian Cuisine

We are waiting for you at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana, to learn all the secrets and traditional recipes of the Apulian cuisine: from the chicory tiella to the bride's desserts!

In a historical moment dominated by exotic influences, The School of Italian Cuisine organizes a new course, entirely dedicated to the Apulian cuisine. A cuisine attentive to seasonality, in which the ingredients and their quality are the center of attention.

As flavors, Puglia is influenced by both land and sea: you are curious to find out what you can learn by attending the course Regional Cuisine: Puglia? Let yourself be amazed by the ideas of our chef Michele Abruzzese, Apulian DOC in love with his land.


You will learn how to prepare the troccoli and to use them in many recipes of everyday life, even in combination with special sauces. These are a format of pasta, typical of the historical-cultural district of Capitanata, a territory now comparable to the province of Foggia. The troccoli take their name from the typical tool with which they are cut, called precisely troccolaturo. Did you know it already and, above all, would you be able to use it?


You will discover what flavor it has pancotto, a traditional recipe for recovery, prepared with bread stale and vegetables. These are carefully chosen according to the single season. It is a simple dish, but at the same time rich and tasty. Also, do you know what is the difference between the pancotto and the Pugliese ciambotta? Come and discover it at the Pugliese cooking class!


If a person offers you a sigh, no fear. They are typical sweets of Bisceglie, also called "sweets of the bride": simple and elegant desserts, whose recipe is already documented in 1500. A legend tells that a young pastry chef in love decided to trace the soft shapes of his beloved breast, to make them. Others, however, narrate the similarity between the shape of the sweet and the perimeter of the ancient walls of Bisceglie. Once tasted, you will not forget them anymore, especially if you have prepared them with your hands!

Finally, how not to mention the gluttonous chicory tiella, last proposal of the teaching plan. We are waiting for you soon in the kitchen: subscribe to the Regional Cooking course: Puglia!

Texts by Caterina Limido

Traditional sausages: learn to choose and match them – Italian Cuisine

Guided by a skilled hand by the Spreafico family, the Marco D'Oggiono ham factory has been producing excellent products for over 70 years. To be enjoyed alone or in delicious fingerfood.


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Marco d'Oggiono, who was he? Without sin of irreverence, it must be said that the name of this Renaissance painter born in the town of Oggiono, is not so well known to most: yet he was one of the favorite disciples of Leonardo da Vinci and his paintings are kept in large museums.

Just to pay tribute to his most illustrious fellow citizen, the Spreafico family has baptized Marco d'Oggiono his ham factory: and tasting the excellent charcuterie that they produce for more than 70 years, with passion and craftsmanship, we can say that the result is worthy of the master to whom they have dedicated it.

Today to drive the sausage factory are the three brothers Spreafico, Agnese (guest of our studio), Giulia and Dionigi: they were their parents, in 1945, to found the company, focusing on that raw ham that is still their flagship, but which is not at home in Brianza.

Essential, for the perfect natural seasoning, is the position of the ham factory in Lariano triangle, between the two branches of Lake Como. "Here, says Agnese," the fresh air of the hills intersects with that of the lake (the Lario and three minors), it is never very dry or humid, and allows us to use very little salt ". It is no coincidence that the pride of the raw ham Marco d'Oggiono it's the exceptional sweetness, a lot appreciated by emblazoned restaurateurs and chefs, with which the sausage factory mainly works.

But to savor it you can make a visit to the farm, where many excellent salami are sold: like the classic salami Brianza, but prepared with meat from Italian pigs of the raw prosciutto dop dough; the new Celtic Line (see recipes), with a smoke so delicate as to be perceived as a nuance of taste; cold meats to be cooked, including the awarded liver mortadella and the cotechino vaniglia from Brianza, with a spicy fragrance. And then bacon, speck, bologna, cup. A true example of high craftsmanship.

Agnese Spreafico (left) with Chiara Caprettini, blogger and writer, author of the dishes

Texts by Marina Cella
Recipes and preparation of Chiara Caprettini
Video Diego Stadiotti

Raw ham Marco d'Oggiono

Produced only from thighs of heavy pig of the Po Valley, with little sea salt and no preservatives, seasoned naturally in ventilated rooms (16-22 months, up to 30). It is soft and fragrant, very sweet and digestible. Appointed Traditional Food Product (PAT) by the Lombardy Region.

Bresaola the sweet Chianina

Handmade, is prepared with cow's tip of valuable Chianina breed. It has a subtle texture, fine fibers that melt in the mouth and a sweet and slightly spicy taste.

Celtic Lard

It is characterized by one light smoked never intrusive. Prepared with heavy pig, is worked dry and seasoned with tenuous herbal scent aromatic.


It's a Italian pork belly, rolled up, cooked and slightly smoked. It belongs to the Celtic Line, the same of lard, characterized by a slight taste of smoke.


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Flowers and Christmas garlands: learn to do them with us! Free workshop – Italian Cuisine

Christmas decorations for the home: flowers and wreaths. For a party that is all around us and our loved ones

Because for us at La Cucina Italiana a Happy Christmas it's not just about food! There must be love, first of all, a love that we show our family preparing them dishes with unmistakable flavors and aromas, which are printed in memory and that, even after many years, awaken memories dear and full of happy nostalgia. And then, as we always suggest in our articles, here too the aesthetics (and therefore, after taste and smell, even the sight) has a fundamental importance in making happy the time spent together. And during the Christmas season this visual aspect takes on a special value. We often tell you how to prepare the table (Saturday 15 will be just that the topic that will open our two days of Christmas), or how to serve
Sunday, from 11.30 to 12.30, with the help of Roberta and Nadia of Fiore Urbano instead, we are talking about Christmas house decorations: because the party must be all around us and our loved ones.

flowers and garlands

Here, then, our idea for the holidays of 2018: click on Flowers and Christmas wreaths and book to try with us how easy it is, with the right secrets, to make stunning decorations.

We are waiting for you.