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Avocado and raspberry toast – Italian Cuisine

»Avocado and raspberry toast

First clean the avocado.
Cut a little less than half into slices and mash the rest with a fork, seasoning it with salt and lime juice.

Brush the slices of bread with oil and toast them a couple of minutes on each side, so that it appears golden brown.

Spread the avocado cream on the bread, then add the whole raspberries and the avocado slices.

Decorate with a few drops of balsamic vinegar: the avocado and raspberry toast is ready!

Champagne on Valentine's Day: the 10 rules not to ruin the toast – Italian Cuisine

Champagne on Valentine's Day: the 10 rules not to ruin the toast

The party of lovers requires a glass of bubbles, but be careful not to run into this series of possible mistakes

The candles are ready to be lit, some rose petal has been tactically scattered here and there between the various rooms of the house and the menu has been carefully developed, between voluptuous snacks and aphrodisiac suggestions. What is missing, therefore, to complete the picture of the perfect Valentine's dinner? The bubbles, of course. For the most romantic evening of the year, it is better to take a few whims and to aim for a quality sparkling wine. Maybe choosing a champagne, as tradition suggests, for a toast characterized by elegance and complicity. Attention, however: a fine bottle, ça va sans dire, also requires a series of attentions worthy of its rank. So it is better to avoid mistakes by beginners and review carefully these 10 basic rules.

1) The right temperature

A champagne must be served fresh, of course. But beware: fresh does not mean a step away from turning into a giant bottle-shaped ice lolly. The correct temperature of service varies between 8 and 10 degrees: to achieve it, dust off that silver bucket that you hold in the cupboard for about ten years, fill it with ice, water and salt and give your sparkling wine a refreshing bath of at least twenty of minutes.

2) No bang, thanks

It's not New Year's Eve, it's not going to start a train with the cry of Brigitte Bardot Bardot and no, you have not won a Formula 1 Grand Prix. To open your bottle, hold the cap firmly and start to extract it by rotating it back and forth little by little, without letting it escape. You will spare the chandelier in the dining room, an unpleasant fountain on the laid table and a too much noise.

3) Eye by the glass

The champagne cup is best left to those who still try to get an idea of ​​the size of the breast of Queen Marie Antoinette. In 2019 it is better to choose a common white wine glass, or alternatively the characteristic tulip flûte. The goal is to preserve the aromas of wine for longer.

4) A clean glass, but in the right way

Perhaps not everyone knows it, but the way in which the glass is washed before the toast is essential to allow the aromas and sparkling wines to express themselves to the fullest. It is important not to use detergents that could leave residues on the glass, and do not help drying with a cloth: just a little 'hot water, then leave to dry the glass in total autonomy, upside down.

5) Pour carefully

Since it is assumed that in a romantic dinner neither of them intends to steal the bottle from the table and run away, it is better to pour the champagne into the glass with full knowledge. Remembering that yes, sparkling wines tend to overflow, and that no, you do not want to soak the tablecloth even before you start eating. So let's remember to pour in two times, making a few seconds pass before topping up, and never exceed two thirds of the glass. The effect "full to the brim" does not ease the toast and extinguishes the enthusiasm.

6) No to the empty bottle overturned

No, no, and no. The practice of putting the bottle upside down once you have poured everything its contents makes no sense. So save them hanging and keep some elegance.

7) The napkin that saves the tablecloth

Next to the ice bucket, remember to always keep a napkin. Possibly white, more chic, but at the bottom the color is not very relevant. What is important is to avoid splitting the whole tablecloth with water. This is why it is necessary to carefully dry the bottle before holding it and pour the wine into the glasses. Watering dishes and cutlery – let us remember – will not give birth to flowers from the table, but only a widespread sense of embarrassment and sloppiness.

8) A minimal table

Although it is Valentine's Day, the feast of love and lovers, it is not necessary to set with heart-shaped dishes, red napkins, flower-like curtains and a bouquet of 45 red roses as a centerpiece. Choose simplicity and let your champagne give the right touch of color to the whole. Golden or rosé it is.

9) Inform yourself, thank you

The sparkling wine can also be sublime, the label is beautiful, and the bottle is the most expensive that you have ever bought from graduation in this part. It is not enough. If your sweetheart should ask you some questions about the wine you have chosen, you will not be able to get away with answering that it is a champagne, and therefore it is French. Much wiser, therefore, to inquire in the least on the vintage and on the grapes, maybe even on the cellar, if you want to overdo it. Knowing the history of what you are about to drink, and knowing how to tell it, is a touch of class from true masters.

10) Sparkling bubbles throughout the meal

A glass of champagne is a perfect way to inaugurate a romantic evening, we know it well. But it can also go very well to accompany the rest of the dinner, from appetizer to second. Unless you have decided to propose a menu based on polenta and stew, but that's another story. Ask your wine shop for advice, therefore, to choose the bubbles best suited to dishes in anticipation. And remember that for the moment of dessert it is better to keep a more sugary sparkling wine in reserve, like a demi-sec. A winning idea, especially if you intend to end the evening with the classic flirt with strawberries, languid looks and soft music.

How to make french toast – Italian Cuisine

How to make french toast

You've certainly seen French toast in many American movies because this is it typical breakfast-brunch recipe along with pancakes, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. I'm very simple and quick to prepare: just immerse the slices of bread in the box in a mix of eggs and milk and then fry them in a pan with butter.
French toast comes served lukewarm, sprinkled with icing sugar and accompanied with jam, maple syrup, fresh fruit, honey or cream.

How to make a french toast

First you decide whether to make a toast with two slices stuffed in the middle or with only one slice.
Then choose bread. It can be del panbrioche if you want a sweet and greedy toast, but it will also be simple white bread in the box.
you can fill the toast as you prefer, with butter and sugar, butter and jam, ricotta and honey, hazelnut cream and everything you like. If you use only one slice, however, you do not need to add anything.
Then pass the slices of single bread or stuffed toasts into a mixture prepared with 3 beaten eggs and 100 ml of milk.
You can add a pinch of cinnamon, if you want, and a teaspoon of powdered sugar to sweeten, but if you use pan brioche it will not serve.
The last step is the cooking in a pan with a knob of butter.
The toast must become crispy and golden.

And the croque monsieur?

We do not confuse french toast and croque monsieur, two recipes from the French name and based on bread in a box but do not provide the same procedure or the same ingredients.
The croque monsieur, or its richer version croque madame, is prepared with two slices of bread stuffed with bechamel, ham and cheese and then seasoned with another béchamel sauce and roasted in the oven. The croque madame, however, is a toast stuffed with ham and cheese then cooked in a pan with butter. It is characteristic because it is served with a fried egg as the last layer.

And the pain perdu?

Another recipe very similar to French toast is the pain perdu, very famous in France and in some northern European countries and also known in Italy as a recipe for the poor tradition.
It is a full french toast, but prepared with slices of common bread, better if stale.
The slices are not stuffed, but simply wet with eggs and milk and then fried with butter.
It is a recipe for recycling that can be served at any time of the day with an accompaniment of cooked fruit like apples or pears or compotes of all kinds.
It is a true comfort food.

Here now in the tutorial some ideas to prepare for delicious french toast for your breakfast.

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