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Pinky toast: the recipe for trendy Fancy Toast – Italian Cuisine

American toasts are open, colorful, healthy and very fancy. Queso in total pink is one of those you like in Milan – and that you can easily do at home

Trends are born on the West Coast of the United States, California, and Open Toast is one of them. Nothing so new in reality, but a slice of bread in a cottage, topped with topping (and up to here it is an Italian bruschetta or a Danish smorrebrod) but colorful. In San Francisco, the city of love, what is in fashion is colorful, healthy, multi-ethnic and with tacos and poké, open toast is also in trend. The most famous? Avocado toast.

For us, the toast is closed between two slices of bread, cheese and ham. For Americans, it is a grilled cheese sandwich (that is also in fashion), but the Open toast is made differently, but just as simple.

Here's how they prepare it from Fancy Toast, a Milanese fast food chain that imported the idea from California to Italy – and explains the secrets to do it.

The bread
The slice of bread must be high, that of Fancy Toast is 2.54 centimeters high, toasted to perfection in their original Californian toasters, the same ones they use in the West Coast. The best bread is cereal bread, made with sourdough and a little salt. After the plate it must be crunchy on the outside, even better if on the edge of the scorched, extremely soft inside, warm and fragrant.

The cream
The second element is the cream, or mash, arranged in a zigzag! Each self-respecting open toast has its own cream or mash (from English to mash, "reduce to pulp"!) Arranged in a zigzag, directly from the pastry bag, on the slice of bread that serves as a base, for create a perfect contrast of textures.

Above the cream or mash are the ingredients of your favorite toast! Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and sweets of all kinds, is really worth everything. Just be colorful, fun, carefree and bring the West Coast to mind

The sauce
On open toast you don't settle: the sauce goes there, and that's it, as in the States. Arranged in zigzag, it gives the final touch. Mustard dressing, passion fruiti sauce, yogurt sauce and honey sauce: here too, there are no limits.

Pinky toast
The trendy recipe is the pink one, of course, that of Pinky Toast with beetroot humus, diced avocado, radishes, dried fruit, sprouts and edible flowers. Served with parsley creme fraiche.

50 healthy lunch recipes

Fancy something healthy for lunch? We’ve got plenty of quick and easy lunch recipes to choose from that are sure to put a smile on your face.

When it comes to being good you automatically assume that you have to miss out on your favourite foods – not with our simple recipes. Whether you’re on a diet or just trying to be healthy – we’ll have the lunch recipe for you.

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Fancy sandwiches for a different (and gluttonous) lunch break – Italian Cuisine

Fancy sandwiches for a different (and gluttonous) lunch break

Enough with the usual sandwiches! Let's make them colorful, balanced and appetizing: here are some ideas for a mouth-watering lunch break!

Stufi of the classics sandwiches with meats, cheeses and vegetables? It is comprensible. The bars above all often offer the usual choices and you end up doing one lunch break always the same. How to solve? With a sandwich brought from home, well stuffed and balanced, both in tastes and textures. We have invented 5 that will make you lick your mustache, here they are!

The veg sandwich with avocado and hummus

We talk a lot about avocado toast, but this fruit can really be used in many ways in a sandwich. With its buttery consistency, the charge of calories and intense color, it combines perfectly with one black bread or seeds. Start by preparing theHummus, or a cream of chickpeas that will spread on bread and will give softness to the sandwich. Add the avocado into slices, fresh radishes and thin slices and seasoned separately with lemon and oil, cucumber and, if you like, a few leaves of songino. A bomb of colors and vitamins!

The sandwich with the crispy fish

What they are fish sticks – on the market you can find cod or even salmon – or fillets of white fish to brown in a pan with butter and sage, also use these ingredients to fill your sandwich. Then add hard-boiled eggs to slices, a base of créme fraiche and fresh cucumbers. A sandwich definitely out of the usual patterns, but delicious!

The sandwich with feta and sottoli

The feta is rather salty, let it drain and cut into cubes. Stuff with a crispy ciabatta cheese and add some vegetables in oil, like eggplant, dried tomatoes, artichokes. So you will stem the salty flavor of the feta and taste the sandwich.

The sandwich with salami and peppers

For lovers of strong tastes, the sandwich is rich and well stuffed! Spread a crispy bread of your choice with a soft cheese cream, add slices of salami Milan, do not forget the grilled peppers and you're done!

The sandwich with the roast chicken

A great classic is the roast chicken, maybe left over from the day before, to bone and cut into strips to use it for a tasty sandwich. Go ahead then to slices of tomato, fresh iceberg salad and mayonnaise prepared at home.

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