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Follow the advice of our chefs and amaze your guests with the colors and scents of a wonderful land: Sicily

For a summer evening not to be forgotten, we recommend preparing one Sicilian dinner, that spaces from classic recipes to more innovative ones. The inspiration we took from the dinner held at The School of Italian Cuisine Wednesday 17 July.
The chef Davide Negri has prepared a menu dedicated to Sicily: if you are curious, look at the pictures in the gallery. To take inspiration from the recipes, read our tips below!

Fresh fish appetizer

To start the dinner, prepare a fresh dish and dare with unusual combinations: red prawn tartare with ice cream a almond milk of Noto. In making this recipe you can reuse some set off, which normally come discarded: you can prepare a sauce to dress the tartare, blending and filtering some shrimp heads. The taste will be more complete and at the same time delicate.
More heads of shrimpinstead, after having cleaned and dried them carefully, you can pass them in cornstarch and fry them, until they are very crunchy; the advice to make them even more crispy is to keep them for 4-5 hours in the oven at about 80 ° C. They will be an excellent decoration for the final dish.

First Sicilian classic

For the first course, opt for a classic preparation, respecting the Sicilian tradition. The sauce to the Standard it is, in fact, one of the symbols of Sicilian culture: prepare a fresh tomato sauce and plenty of basil; fry the aubergines, previously cut into cubes, in abundant hot oil. Cook the pasta and, after cooking, season with the sauce; finally garnish with aubergines and grated salted ricotta. Keep the various components separate, so that the flavors are well defined when tasting.
You can choose to use the busiate, as a type of pasta, as typical of the area of Trapani. The name derives from the busa, a grass that grows on arid and sandy soils; originally this was used as a support to realize the typical form of busiate.

Second course with quality ingredients

For the second course, focus on the quality of the raw material: choose a fillet of bluefin tuna and enrich it with a fanciful one breading to pistachios. The consistency and flavor will be enriched with fat, which this animal accumulates as a defense, to survive the low temperatures of the seas in which it lives.
To obtain slices from the fillet, proceed with the horizontal cut; then brush the slices with egg white, so that, when you pass them through the chopped pistachios, they adhere well. Finish cooking in a pan with a drizzle of oil, browning the outside and leaving the inside raw. Portions sliced, only after browning. You can serve tuna with a light one zucchini cream and enrich it all with fried zucchini flowers.

Classic desserts

For dessert, choose the great classics of Sicilian pastry, such as cassata, granita and cannoli. To fill the cannoli you can prepare the classic stuffing or add candied orange cubes and a little lemon juice to the inside: the result will amaze you with its freshness!

The School of Italian Cuisine thus continues a series of events, dedicated to specific and structured topics such as dinners. The next one in the calendar is scheduled forSept. 11 and the theme will be Fish: for booking click here!

Texts by Caterina Limido

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