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Tips for a spring detox diet – Italian Cuisine

Spring is the last moment to get back in shape before the summer, if you haven't been attentive to the line so far. Here are our tips for a detox diet

Spring is time for gym membership and miracle diets to arrive in perfect shape in the summer. Needless to say, it would be better to follow a balanced diet and do physical activity all the year, but if you want lose weight and detoxify start now because there is still time. Better late than never!

Detox: diet, don't worry!

DIY diets are of no use and are only a health hazard, as are prolonged fasts. Do not skip meals and do not completely eliminate certain foods from your daily life.
If you want to lose weight go to a nutritionist doctor or a nutritionist biologist and don't rely on diets told by other people or food tables found in magazines. We would like to point out that this article also does not want it to be one list of tips to feel fit for the summer season and not a diet to be taken literally.

Aqua, centrifuged and herbal teas

Drink a lot. Start in the morning, fasting, with a glass of warm water and a little lemon juice to get your metabolism going.
Continue with a centrifuged fruit and vegetables at breakfast or mid-morning snack: be careful though! Centrifugates can become a concentrate of calories and sugars; to avoid exaggerating in the centrifuge always match a fruit and a vegetable and do not abound with the quantities. In fact, in a centrifuge glass there must be the amount of fruit you could eat in a snack, no more!
Drink at least a liter of water during the day and some draining herbal tea made with finicchio, ginger and cherry, preferably not sweetened.
And then don't deprive yourself of one or two cups of green tea a day which is a powerful detoxifier.
Avoid alcoholic and sugary drinks in general.

Password, detox

To start a diet the first thing to do is detoxify. During the winter, thanks to the cold and heavy sweaters, you have not kept an eye on the scale. Have you exaggerated a bit with fatty and over-seasoned foods? It's time to run for cover reducing quantities and changing cooking methods. Remember that theExtra virgin olive oil should never be missing from your diet, but two tablespoons a day in condiments are more than enough. Instead, enrich your dishes with of spices or with lemon and orange juice to have more flavor, but less fat. consume more white meat and fish and avoid red meat and dairy products. And if you are lovers of pasta, don't give up a nice portion for lunch, but choose it whole. As for cooking, they are banished fries if not on rare occasions, and are instead super favorite steamed and grilled.

Go ahead for sprouts and vegetables

Feel free to eat vegetables when you want. A nice portion of mixed salad before meals it helps reduce hunger. Did you know? Enrich it with i sprouts, rich in properties and sources of vitamins and minerals. Soy, alpha alpha and many others are now on the market in many supermarkets. An alternative to salads are the grilled or steamed vegetables, but always remember not to add too many seasonings and sauces. And if during the day you want to munch on something, take it with you fennel, cucumber, radish and carotand already cleaned that are less caloric than any other snack and quickly fill the stomach.

One fruit salad a day

In all diets the fruit it is almost always weighed and distributed throughout the day in a balanced way. This is because it is true that fruit does well and contains few calories, but it is equally true that it is rich in sugars. Our advice is to prepare a beauty every day mixed fruit salad and to consume it little by little at the end of meals. Obviously you don't have to add sugar or enrich it with alcoholic beverages or sugary syrups. One is enough sprinkle of lemon juice and some fresh mint leaves or basil to add an extra touch to your fruit salad. And if you want, add one too banana, the fruit forbidden during diets. Some washer never hurt anyone.

It takes movement

Know that no diet will work if you don't spend a few hours a week physical activity. You don't necessarily have to register at the gym, that's enough walk or run for 40 minutes a day. Choose your step and go to the park or even on the road to take long walks. It is a simple activity that stimulates the metabolism and is good for the heart. It costs nothing, so why not start right away?

tips to prepare it and 5 recipes – Italian Cuisine

An easy second that brings the whole family together because children like it too. It is prepared in a moment and you can make different variations

THE meat loaf in general they are always a good idea because they are easy to prepare, can be made in the pan or even in the oven and are versatile so everyone can enrich them as they prefer.
Tuna one in particular it can become a different dish.
It can be made with potatoes, it can be cold and without perfect cooking for the summer, it can be gratinated and baked and can be more or less tasty with the addition of herbs and spices.
Here some ideas to prepare it.

Simple meatloaf

Jumbled up 240 g of canned tuna well drained with 1 egg and 30 g of Parmesan cheese.
Add bread crumbs enough to reach the right consistency, salt and pepper.
Wrap the mixture with the greaseproof paper giving him the oval of a meatloaf and then close the candy wrap using two strings for the ends.
Cook in boiling water for 30 minutes almost completely covering the meatloaf.
Use a lid and always keep the flame low.
Once cooked and cold, cut it into slices.

In the oven with potatoes

Boil 800 g of potatoes, let them cool and mash them.
Mix them with 500 g of tuna in oil, two eggs, salt, pepper, chopped parsley and a handful of Parmesan.
If the mixture is too soft, add breadcrumbs a little at a time.
Then give it the shape of a meatloaf and place it on a sheet of parchment paper.
Season with a little oil and Bake at 200 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.

Steam powered

Prepare the meatloaf with the potatoes as in the previous recipe, but instead of putting it in the oven, wrap it in candy with parchment paper closing the ends well with two strings and cook it in a steamer or in a long, high pot. Cover it 3/4 with water.
Once ready, pass it anyway for a few minutes in the oven.

Baked breaded

If you like meatloaf with a little crust, panatelo.
You can both brush it with the beaten egg and then bread with the breadcrumbs, or simply use the breadcrumbs to sprinkle it before cooking it.
For an extra touch of flavor prepared a mix of breadcrumbs and aromatic herbs type parsley or marjoram and chop everything.

Without cooking

If you do not feel like taking the time to cook in the kitchen raw meatloaf.
But be careful because potatoes, at least those, should be boiled and, once cold, crushed and mixed with tuna. Also add capers and parsley chopped with a knife.
A pinch of salt and pepper and breadcrumbs to give a little firmness.
Wrap the meat loaf in the plastic wrap e let it cool in the fridge.
If you give it the shape of a fish it will become the classic Fake fish that children love so much.
How to accompany it? Certainly with a bit of mayonnaise.

How to use the wok? Useful tips and advice on the Chinese pot – Italian Cuisine

The wok is suitable for many types of cooking to prepare many light and tasty dishes in no time. Here's how to use it

Looking for one pot suitable for all types of cuisine? Ideal for frying, browning and steaming? If you still do not know it or have never used it we will present it to you: here is the wok! Its origin is Chinese, but it has long been that this pot has crossed into Italian borders and is used by many chef, even for very common recipes. There are various types of them on the market dimensions (usually between 26 and 34 cm), with removable and very light handle.

Why use the wok

THE advantages of cooking with the wok there are so many. The conical shape of this pot, just to give an example, causes the heat to radiate uniformly over the entire surface, making the cooking food much faster. Thanks to the cooking speed, food does not lose its precious ingredients nutritional substances of which they are composed and the types of cuisine usually heavier – such as fried – they are lighter because less oil and less time will be needed. It should also not be underestimated how perfect this pot is to prepare more foods at the same time.

Tips for learning to use the wok

But which ones technical should I use it to optimize the use of the wok in the kitchen? Here is 5 advice fast.

1) Whether it is steamed, fried or simply sautéed, the trick is to do fast. The wok, in fact, loses its peculiarities when the preparation time becomes longer.
2) To cook steamed with the wok, don't forget the special basket.
The wok can also be used with one grid resting on the top of the pot. All the fats will fall in the lower part of the wok and allow you to cook light and tasty dishes.
3) When inserted into the wok more ingredients to be cooked together remember to mix them transversally and not circularly, making them stick as closely as possible to the very hot walls of the pot.
4) Combining a cover at the wok you can easily stew your food or thicken the sauces you are preparing.
5) When will be the turn of to wash the pot after using it, pass it under hot water with a sponge to remove the dirt. The non-stick walls the wok will be cleaned quickly and – except in some cases with more encrusted dirt – you will not even need dish detergent.

wok pot steam cooking grill fried read recipes Italian cuisine

The dishes you can prepare with the wok

After these tips it is time to give some examples of dishes which you can easily prepare using the wok. Let's start with a great classic: i Pad Thai, the famous Thai noodles that, thanks to the kitchen in the wok, will be ready in a very short time. If we talk about long pasta we can not remember the noodles, traditional Chinese spaghetti that are perfectly prepared with this fantastic pan. If you want something more complex but definitely tasty, you can try your hand at preparing steamed ravioli, meat and vegetables – the famous ones dumpling – with the wok that will be your precious ally during cooking.

Even the cooking of rice, with the use of wok in recipes like the Cantonese rice and the most classic of the saffron risotto they will be faster and simpler. Not to mention a second dish with a Thai flavor vegetables and ham.