a masterpiece of new flavours – Italian Cuisine

a masterpiece of new flavours

The penne with vodka and prawns they find their ideal place during informal dinners, special lunches or occasions when you want to offer a original first course, that exalts the palate. This quick and easy recipe it has been adopted and reinterpreted in various culinary traditions, becoming a popular dish in many international cuisines, especially during the cooler seasons. Its origins are somewhat elusive, with several legends linked to its birth. However, it is commonly accepted that penne alla vodka has roots in the United States, becoming a popular item in Italian-American cuisine starting in the 1970s. The liqueur, added to the tomato sauce, helps create a creamy texture and a unique flavour. The preparation is relatively simple. The pasta is cooked al dente and the sauce is prepared with tomato, cream and naturally, vodka. THE shrimp, previously shelled and cleaned, are added to the sauce to cook briefly, maintaining their tenderness and distinctive flavour. Therefore, the combination of flavors offered by this dish is remarkable, complex, but much appreciated. Put on your apron and prepare these tasty penne with vodka and prawns. You will bring a triumph of flavors and taste to the table!

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