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Neapolitan pasticcio | Yummy Recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Neapolitan pasticcio |  Yummy Recipes

Cover the bottom and edges with the aubergines, reserving some. Place a layer of penne, a layer of courgettes, the peas and a layer of sliced ​​mozzarella, sliced ​​pepper and sprinkle with a little chopped basil in the baking dish.

mezze penne with Romanesco broccoli, a tribute to regional cuisine – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

mezze penne with Romanesco broccoli, a tribute to regional cuisine

The half feathers they are a pasta made from durum wheat semolina and water, molded into a shape that allows them to retain sauces excellently. Their origin can be traced back to the southern regions of Italy, where the tradition of making these delicacies at home has been passed down from generation to generation. The simplicity of the ingredients and ease of processing make them a common choice in many regional menus. Therefore, the regional recipe Of half penne and Romanesco broccoli it fits into the rich culinary history of Southern Italy, creating an extraordinary combination of different textures.

The Romanesco broccoli, a variant of cabbage, is native to the Center and has gained popularity in local cuisines for its crunchiness and slightly sweet flavor. Cooked just right, it retains its freshness and distinctive flavour, enriching the pasta with crunchy notes and a vegetal scent. With the addition olive oil, garlic and chilli pepper it helps to create a light, yet richly flavored condiment, further elevating the sensorial experience. There quick and easy recipe today it becomes ideal for a light lunch or a comforting dinner, especially in the milder and warmer seasons, when Romanesco broccoli is at its most ripe. Follow our recipe today and prepare mezze penne with Romanesco broccoli. You will amaze everyone with its goodness!

penne alla norma, the first course that embraces Sicilian authenticity – Italian Cuisine

penne alla norma, the first course that embraces Sicilian authenticity

The pens to the norm, a first course of Italian cuisine, are a sublime example of balance and culinary simplicity. Serve as a main course during lunch or dinner, this regional recipe offers a combination of robust and authentic flavors, which represent the Sicilian gastronomic tradition. The dish originates from Sicily region, a land rich in fresh, quality ingredients. Their name it is commonly associated withtheatrical work “La Norma” by Vincenzo Bellini, one of the most famous composers of the place. The exact reason for this connection remains uncertain, but many interpretations suggest that the dish was so excellent that it was considered “norm” or perfect, much like the musician’s work of the same name.

The regional recipe involves the use of key ingredients. The aubergine, cut into cubes and then fried, adds a tasty richness to the tomato sauce, while the basil gives an aromatically fresh note. Garlic, used sparingly, enriches the sauce without dominating the other flavors. The salted ricotta, grated when serving, completes the dish with its salty creaminess. The preparation of penne alla norma, although simple, requires attention to the choice of ingredients and their cooking. It is customary to use the penne to better capture the sauce, ensuring a complete tasting experience in every bite. The preference for penne alla norma is often seasonal, finding its maximum expression during the summer and early autumn, when tomatoes and aubergines are fully ripe. Bring some delicious penne alla norma to the table and your guests will thank you.

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