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The secret of happiness? Eight glasses of water – Italian Cuisine

The secret of happiness? Eight glasses of water

A new study finds that those who think they drink enough water regularly are three times more likely to feel "very happy"

The secret of happiness: drink water. A new study reiterated the importance of proper hydration, not only for the health of the body, but also for the well-being of the mind. For the research, conducted by One Poll, 2000 people were interviewed, who had the task of reporting how much water they drank each day and how happy they felt, in general.

Despite most doctors recommend drinking almost two liters of water, or eight glasses, per day, on average, study participants said they only drink about five glasses a day (wrongly claiming it to be the recommended daily amount).

The water of happiness?

Regardless of the liters of water that each participant had the habit of drinking every day, 67% of those who declared to consume a quantity "More than enough" he assured him he felt "very happy". Instead, only 21% of those who admitted not to drink enough said they were equally fulfilled by their lives.

It would therefore seem that the key to happiness is believe to drink enough water, even when, technically, it consumes a little less than doctors recommend. Of the participants who reported drinking 10 or more glasses of water a day, as much as 80% said they felt "very happy", and only 18% "a little happy".

The real benefits

But let's not forget the benefits of hydration for the body: most of those who drank more than 10 glasses per day reported feeling "Very energetic" (82%). Two thirds of the people in this group also called themselves "successful".

At this point it should not be surprising that the group of those who said they practically did not drink water was the one most inclined to call themselves "not very happy": they are 24 out of 100 people. "With the demands of everyday life, sometimes succeeding to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, Explained Anat Levi, CEO of O. Vine, the beverage company that commissioned the study. "Staying hydrated is part of this."

We often drink little

Why don't you drink enough water? Many of the study participants (75%) said they were simply too busy to do it. Others said they were not so thirsty (44%), they preferred other drinks (42%), they forgot to drink (33%), they didn't want to spend on bottled water (25%) and they didn't trust tap water (22%) or, again, not appreciating the taste of water (19%).

But over half (54%) also said they felt less productive at work when they were dehydrated. According to the large majority (75%) of study participants, drinking enough water every day is also a sign of maturity.

In Milan water bottles as a gift for elementary and middle school children, the idea of ​​Beppe Sala – Italian Cuisine

In Milan water bottles as a gift for elementary and middle school children, the idea of ​​Beppe Sala

Less than two weeks before the start of the school, the news of a "precious" gift waiting for them on their return arrived for all children enrolled in primary and secondary schools in Milan. This was announced on his Instagram profile Mayor Beppe Sala, making himself proud with two aluminum flasks in his hands. Here it is gift for the 100,000 elementary and middle school children in Milan: an aluminum water bottle to strongly reaffirm that Milan is becoming increasingly plastic free. And what is more sensible than starting from them, from children, to convey the message that a world without plastic is possible, with the effort of everyone and with small but important new habits to be acquired?

In September, therefore, 100,000 children (60,000 enrolled in the primary school and 40,000 in the lower secondary school) will be distributed as many aluminum water bottles, probably bearing the logo of one of the participating companies that the Mayor Sala is involving in the project (A2A or Mm). Thus the Mayor of Milan announced and explained this initiative on the pages of the Republic: "To set a good example we will start with our subsidiaries and public services. And we will also do symbolic actions that will help to reflect: the City will give all the girls and the children of the elementary schools, and the boys of the middle schools, on their return to school, an aluminum flask to mark our will to fight the plastic. We need signals and, above all, examples ".

We need signals, and examples. All parents know that they learn quickly how much their children learn more from their gestures than from their words. And even Beppe Sala (and the municipal administration) knows this very well and has realized how fundamental it can be to teach children a reduce the use of plastic in favor of a healthier and more livable environment.

And then in Milan the mayor's water is good and controlled, what better way to carry it around in the "mayor's bottle"?

The first step has been taken, now we are waiting for the next projects of respect and care for the environment that Milan intends to launch to be able to tell them and who knows, to hope that they can be "signs and examples" also for other Italian cities and beyond.

Trends: Water, a luxury for the few – Italian Cuisine


According to a signed study Zenith Global the luxury water market is currently approaching 147 billion dollars and is growing at a rate of 9 percent a year. The culture of healthy drinking increases, even in water (or perhaps above all), the culture of plastic-free gallops and marketing strategies are refined, to "quench the thirst" of the super-rich segment willing to pay a bottle of very precious exclusive water even 100 thousand dollars, as in the case of the Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition. And that diamond says it all.

But this market is made not only by super millionaire excesses. There is also a large group of people (certainly well-off and aware) convinced that health, well-being and skincare pass above all from this vital and essential liquid, for which the propensity to spend is dizzyingly increasing. Water is no longer taken for granted. Water can sometimes be a luxury.

177655Water like Wine, or how to give water, the most important asset for man, the same dignity as wine and champagne. This is the ongoing marketing and awareness campaign that hides behind the thriving and increasingly explosive market of the luxury water.

The pride of this market segment is Italian Prime Water fillets, one of the mineral waters purer than the world, which with its 125 years of age and purity shows that this culture was not born yesterday.

On the occasion of his birthday, the Venus of the Waters, with its source in Guarcino (FR), in the Ernico Apennines, showed off a suggestive combination of very cool packs, new labels, logos and rethought lettering to make the brand even more recognizable. The history of the brand is not only about quality, but also about an effective and far-sighted marketing strategy that has repositioned water, or at least some water, totally.

The first packaging restyling, in 2007, was taken care of by the agency Armando Testa, who revisited the classic bordolese wine bottle in extra white glass with the capsule, similar to that used for the classic bottles of wine and thought of a matte label. After Testa it was the turn of Independent Ideas, by Lapo Elkann and Alberto Fusignani, who worked to renew both the Acqua Filette logo and the packaging, with a project characterized by a sober and elegant linearity.

177658At home in the best hotels, Filette Prime Water is the official water of Palazzo Chigi and is available in three different versions: "Naturally natural", "Delicately sparkling" and "Definitely sparkling", distinguished respectively by the colors of the pearly label, white , medium gray and dark gray.

Another exemplary story of luxury water brand and marketing phenomenon (without detracting from environmentalism and health) is the history of French Évian, first to link their brand to the star system: in 2005 Jonathan Cheban, then PR for the company, had the brilliant idea of ​​placing Évian bottles on the tables of the post-evening Oscar parties. The media return was immediate. No advertisements and traditional commercials, but a lot of bottles that were part of the everyday life of celebrities, extolling the miraculous properties that made the Évian bottles a conscious choice.

But that water has the dignity to become a health product and a refined drink can be sensed for some time. So much so that in this luxury water market many are throwing themselves into it, sometimes with unexpected successes. Cool and stylish labels, refined graphics, eco-friendly materials and bottles with bizarre shapes studded with Swarovski crystals: luxury bottles are certainly a marketing phenomenon, but behind it is also the well-being and even the taste of water. In short, not only form, but also substance.

177661This is demonstrated by the most exclusive waters coming from the most remote and wild parts of the world. Come on backdrops of the Hawaiian islands to sources of the oldest Japanese rocks, from Scottish highlands all 'Tasmanian rainwater, trapped before it touches the ground, pristine, pure. And then those of the Canadian glaciers or from Finnish springs. Not all waters are the same and the palate must be trained to make the difference. Not by chance there are water sommeliers.

To name a few, let us remember Fillico, which arrives from Osaka in Japan and the luxury version costs about 195 euros for 750 cl, with a bottle shaped like chess pieces. Then, there is Kona Nigari, the desalinate water of the backdrops of the Hawaiian islands that seems that in addition to giving brightness to the skin, it makes you lose weight. Among the most expensive in the world theCrystal Water "Tribute to Modigliani", while Supernariwa it is native to Japan and one liter can cost 9000 euros. For the Tasmanian Rain 4.5 euros are enough for a 75 cl bottle. and the Royal Deeside, which was born in Scotland from the plateau of the Royal Valley of Deeside, near Aberdeen, known since 1700 for taste and beneficial properties, is officially the water of the English royal family (Prince Charles also uses it to dilute whiskey). Finally there is the Canadian Thousand B.C, the glacial water par excellence, the Veen, which costs 20 euros for 75 cl and flows from a source of the Arctic Circle, the Bling H2O, the water of Hollywood VIPs, bottled at the spring in Dandridge (in Tennessee) and packaged in customizable bottles studded with hand-applied Swarovski crystals.

And how not to mention, returning to the Bel Paese, also theOxygiter, water extracted from the Sesto Dolomites that from the Monti Pallidi which has a concentration of oxygen 3,000 times higher than that of the common waters.

177664Other brands are the Voss, the BLK and the Smart Water, all luxurious waters that boast additional additional features ranging from electrolytes to neutral Ph, while the Vitaminwater, owned by Coca-Cola, adds to these benefits also the assorted colors and aromas. Speaking of water and health, we talk about the most disparate benefits, so much so that some people are even a little skeptical. Luxury water, in addition to boasting a precious container that is worth a shot on Instagram, combats sleepiness, enhances physical and work performance, promotes digestion, fights the hangover, improves sexual performance, reduces stress and is an ally of longevity. Anything else?

Emanuela Di Pasqua
August 2019

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