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Water cake and coffee – Italian Cuisine

»Water cake and coffee

First prepare the coffee, mixing the lukewarm water with the instant coffee (alternatively, use 300 g of espresso, then making it cool), then add it with the sugar, making it dissolve well.
Add the seed oil, then add the sifted flour with the baking powder and mix well.

Pour the mixture into the buttered and floured mold and cook for about 50 minutes in a preheated static oven.

While the cake cools, prepare the icing: add the coffee (cold) and the icing sugar in a small bowl and mix very well, so as to obtain a smooth and lump-free icing.
Then decorate the cake with the icing and possibly with sliced ​​almonds or coffee beans.

The water and coffee cake is ready, you just have to serve it.

Board games that will make your mouth water – Italian Cuisine

Our selection of the best food-themed board games designed for food lovers of all ages, from the most classic Monopoly Pizza to those inspired by successful television broadcasts

Despite technological advances in the video game industry, i table games they never seem to go out of style, and continue to be considered a pleasant pastime for evenings to spend with family or friends. For those who want to have fun by combining the passion for board games with that for food, here is a selection designed for all age groups; from those for children who want to learn to cook, to those of successful TV broadcasts to the more classic ones, there is something for everyone!

Appetite comes with playing: board games for all tastes and all ages

Let's start with a board game from the 90s, but still available, that is Spaghetti Spaghetti. For those who don't remember, the game features a game board with a drawn on it succulent plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce while each player is assigned a fork and a spoon to which colored threads are connected. Once the ingredients are positioned on the board, players will have to strategically remove them at each turn, making sure they twist around their wire; of course, the winner is the one who manages to rewind the wire-spaghetti first, and then to eat more pasta.

From the "Americanized" Italian cuisine of Spago Spaghetti we go to the burgers of Burger Party, a fun action game in which you have to stuff a succulent giant hamburger with ingredient cards to extract or steal from opponents, paying attention to colors and penalties.

Burgers are also the star food of a particular version of the classic Monopolyor rather aspecial edition dedicated to Bob Burgers, the animated series that airs on Fox. In Monopoly Bob’s burgerjust like in the sitcom, the players must impersonate the members of the crazy family protagonist, owners of a singular restaurant, reliving some moments of their history and moving among the cult places they frequent.

From their fun adventures, to another special edition of the most famous board game in the world, namely the Monopoly Pizza. In this game, on sale for just over a year, everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail, from the cardboard-shaped pizza box, to the beautiful pizza-themed tokens, to the slice tokens up to the varied and delicious variety of condiment cards . Each player must accumulate as much pizza as possible, but also to acquire titles and experiences.

As we know, the toys designed for young aspiring chefs, on the market since the 90s, are many and include simplified, miniature and colored versions of ovens, ice cream makers or machines for making cotton candy or candies. In the much smaller offer of board games to give to children who want to take their first steps in the kitchen, we report The ice cream game by Alberto Marchetti. available online, in toy stores or at one of its ice cream parlors. The gluttonous game created by the well-known ice cream maker from Turin, which over the years has distinguished itself for the excellence of its homemade ice cream, contains papers that correspond to healthy and excellent products and ingredients and a recipe book. In turn, each player must juggle recipes of flavors of ice cream and the expense of other ingredients to make new recipes.

Cooking games

If your passion is cooking broadcasts you cannot miss the board game of MasterChef Italy. At each turn a player must wear a chef's hat and distribute the ingredient cards with which the others will have to create a recipe, including title and presentation. As you relive them iconic challenges of the culinary show, or Mystery box, the Invention test and the dreaded Pressure Test, the best and worst competitors are voted each time with the tokens, up to final announcement of the winner.

Also from Clementoni is another board game inspired by a TV show, this time dedicated to aspiring pastry chefs, or Bake Off Italy. In this case the players challenge each other with cakes between technical and creative tests, taking turns playing the role of judge. Creativity, speed and cunning are the main ingredients of this game, suitable for the whole family.

You just have to turn off the stove and try one of these pastimes, for an evening in joy to spend with your friends and relatives food lover!

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Rose water meringue recipe – Italian Cuisine

Rose water meringue recipe

  • 240 g caster sugar
  • 130 g egg whites
  • rose water
  • red food coloring

Whip egg whites with electric whisk by adding sugar a little at a time, 1 teaspoon of rose water and 1 teaspoon of coloring.
transfer the mixture in a pastry bag with a notched nozzle and form small meringues (4‑5 cm). For a more rustic effect, you can use a teaspoon. Bake in the static oven at 100 ° C for 1 hour and 30 minutes, keeping an open aperture.
Storage: in a dry and cool place, for 10 days, in an airtight box.

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