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Drink well by spending (a lot) a little – Italian Cuisine

New cellars, niche wines, areas of production yet to be discovered: this is how you can drink well, spending a little. And a selection of 10 wines under 10 euros (and up to 2.80 € per liter) that you can find at Eataly. Because "life is too short to eat and drink badly".

Drinking well by spending little is not a myth, but it is not easy. Because wine, like all the products we bring to the table, can be genuine, artisanal, worked in respect of traditions and the territory, or industrial, produced on a large and standardized scale. From Eataly the selection of the bottles is made starting from the vineyard and from those producers who, taking care of their vineyards in a natural way, give life to unique bottles, often unknown, small productions that do not arrive on the shelves of large supermarkets. Precious wines, of the highest quality, and many daily wines at prices up to € 2.80 per liter. "Life is too short to drink bad wines" said Luigi Veronelli. And life is what we live day after day, even in the company of the wine we bring to the table, always and not just for special occasions.

Hunting for new names
The noble wines, those of the most famous wineries are a bit like designer clothes and you should be amazed if they sometimes have important prices. The brand is synonymous with quality and a guarantee, and even this, you pay. Eataly, however, strongly believes in young people and small producers, and, in addition to the great names of Italian wine, research new talent, niche excellence, independent winemakers who will be famous tomorrow, thanks to them. Buying the wines of the Vivaio Eataly project often means spending less, but above all discovering emerging wineries and their wines.

Choose independent winemakers
The Independent Winegrowers are those producers who personally follow the whole chain of wine production, following a strict oenological code and personally taking care of every aspect of their product. They are custodians of ancient territories and knowledge, whose productions often come from old vines and "heroic" viticulture conditions, in which large companies do not want to invest. There are many labels of Independent Winegrowers you can find at Eataly, and whose prices will often surprise you.

The revenge of bulk wine
It seems so far when the wine was white or red and was the host to pour a glass of wine from the carboy – the low, glass, not the tasting glasses that are used today. It was the popular wine, to be shared, to drink every day, that wine that is part of the Italian culture of the table. "This is a wine of good quality, naturally vinified with fine grapes from renowned wineries" and this is how it should be the bulk wine, and how is the red, white or rosé wine that can be tapped from Eataly. While the wine on tap seems synonymous with low quality and a product with no name and surname, Eataly have chosen to give it a new dignity, as in a social winery, and to sell it to the public at around € 3 per liter. Loose yes, but certified and the indication of the cellar and the grapes used. And for retirees, there's a discount!

10 wines under 10 euros you can buy from Eataly
Valle Asinari, Rosso Ciuchino. Barbera from Alto Monferrato, 9.80 €
The Vis. Teroldego DOC Dolomites vineyards, € 9.90
Salcheto, Chianti docg, 8.80 €
The vineyards of Zamò, Rosso Zamò, 8.80 €
Wineries Castello di Santa Vittoria, Barbera 7,80 €
Serafini & Vidotto, Bollicina 8,80 €
Kalter Caldaro, Muller Thurgau, € 9.80
Improved Marchesi, Trebbiano d'Abruzzo BIO € 8.80
Baglio di Grisì, Grillo 9,80 €
Di Majo Norante, Molì Rosato € 7.80

the new drink to take at the bar if you love cocoa – Italian Cuisine

It is not an espresso and not even a chocolate, but a bit 'both things together. A cup of cocoa alone 19 calories

You are not a coffee lover and when others order it at the bar, you never know what to ask? This is the same thing that happened to Elena Luzi, founder of the startup Live Better, and producer of Chokkino, a drink that will make the head turn to those who adore the cocoa. Yes, because it is about first cocoa espresso in the world. A natural drink, made using only with 100% cocoa powder mixed with hot water.

Cocoa is a superfood

We often hear about the benefits that chocolate can give to those who consume it, and when it comes to cocoa in purity it's even better! In fact, cocoa is a real one superfood: food rich in antioxidants and magnesium, contains 20% of proteins and more than 30% of fibers. Without forgetting copper, potassium, manganese, zinc and iron … in short, a concentrate of good substances for our body, not by chance often called "food of the gods".

Chokkino: few calories and super taste

Chokkino is an alternative to coffee. We know that to the chocolate it does not yield often, because it is seen as a high-calorie cuddle suitable for winter afternoons. In this case, however, cocoa turns into a light drink, which only contains 19 calories and served in a small cup at the bar counter, just like a coffee. It gives energy, like espresso, but it has only 11 mg of caffeine (compared to 80 for a coffee and 32 for a Coca Cola). For this reason it is also good for i children and the pregnant women. Theobromine then, stimulating molecule contained in cocoa, has a gentle action on the nervous system and gives well-being for a long time. Chokkino is found in its different versions (long, spotted, Choppuccino, Chokkolatte, corrected, shaken or with a whipped cream curl) in many bars around Italy: on you find the one closest to you.

Drink a cake … you can! – Italian Cuisine

The new drink list of Dry Milano for lovers of sweets: there is also a cake to drink

The On The Wall, the historical drinks of Dry Milan, do not touch and still remain paintings on the wall of Via Solferino. The restaurant, which already plays with the combination of pizza and drinks, offers 8 new cocktails that amaze just thanks to unusual combinations and innovative mixing techniques.

The new drink list is called Made in Dry, but none of the cocktails has been given a name: just a number, which (for now) goes from 001 to 008, in order to ensure an experience in which the taste and the ingredients are really central.

"My inspiration – explains the bar manager Federico Volpeborn from the desire to encourage greater interaction with the cocktail and to bring the public closer to an experience that increasingly resembles a conscious tasting, capable of telling and enhancing each individual ingredient ".

Ramos Gin Fizz with twist: caramelized meringue

The tastes desserts they predominate thanks to ingredients like the chocolate or theegg, which appears for example in the cocktail 002, based on gin: a combination of flavors and textures between the air of white asparagus and the egg yolk crumble, attached to the glass with a sort of lemon zabaglione.
The egg is also present in the cocktail 008, along with meringue, which we also find in the new version of the Ramos Gin Fizz, this time caramelized on top of the glass. But the real surprise is the cocktail 005, one Carrots pie in liquid form.

Cocktail 005: a cake to drink at Dry Milano

The ingredients are: bourbon, nashi pear, carrot cake, lemon, sugar and ginger air.
The nashi pear is caramelized and cooked at low temperature in the beer; to it is added a "carrot cake mix", made with carrot centrifuge, fresh orange juice and a real pureed carrot cake. The end result is a cream with that ever-present scent of cinnamon, typical of carrot cake.

The other news of 2019

Try by Dry: every week a new pizza dedicated to a seasonal ingredient.
Early Dry: only at the Viale Vittorio Veneto office 28, from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm, an aperitif including a chef's consummation and a set of montanarine Lorenzo Sirabella (10 €)
Dry Martini 2.0: a reinterpretation of the Martini Cocktail to be enjoyed in two different ways. On one wall of the glass you will find an olive powder, while on the other a red Tropea onion powder. Which one will you choose?