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Ravioli with nettles recipe | The Italian kitchen – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Ravioli with nettles recipe |  The Italian kitchen

Have you ever eaten ravioli with nettles and salted lemon sipping a gin and tonic? Venture into this chef’s recipe Daniel Canzian in which the meeting between the ingredients is a surprise, always exquisite.

The recipe for ravioli with nettles by Daniel Canzian

In this gourmet preparation, a thin egg pasta closed to form plinths, in the Piedmontese style, contains a filling of nettles, bruscandoli and dandelion flavored with herbs and spices and pickled lemon (which can be found online or in oriental specialty shops or do at home); the dish is completed with a walnuts sauce, chopped walnuts and nettle shoots. Enjoy the dish while drinking a gin and tonic, it will accentuate the flavours.

Who is chef Daniel Canzian

Born in the Veneto region, in Conegliano, to a family of innkeepers, Daniel Canzian worked in the best kitchens in Italy and France from a very young age. The meeting with Gualtiero Marchesi is crucial: the maestro puts him in charge of his group’s restaurants in the role of executive chef. After receiving the «Pellegrino Artusi award as best young chef, in 2013 Canzian the restaurant that bears his name opens in Milan, where he states his idea of ​​cuisine that eliminates the superfluous to let the raw material speak, according to simplicity, respect for tradition and seasonality. Today he is vice president of the European board of the JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs association.

the vegan drink that conquers the palate – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

the vegan drink that conquers the palate

The chukandar ki chaasAlso known as Indian beetroot lassirepresents a delicious refreshing drink, which combines Indian culinary tradition with the desire for healthy, flavorful options. It offers a tasty vegan alternative in a variety of preparations, suitable for anyone looking for a nutritious drink, but without compromising on authentic flavour. Its roots recall the culinary traditions of the northern regions of India, where the beets they are a common and versatile ingredient. The practice of incorporating this food into the daily diet is mainly linked to the beneficial advantages it brings to the body and its ability to adapt to many preparations. Over time, the combination of this root with lassi, a traditional drink a yogurt base, has given life to a unique combination of flavours. There vegan recipe of the chukandar ki chaas is rather direct and requires a few key ingredients, but offers the palate a true explosion of flavors, where sweetness, earthy notes, sourness and flavor blend, adding a silky and irresistible texture to the lassi. Don’t hesitate and offer your diners a taste of India by preparing beetroot lassi. Follow our recipe and you will create a real delight.


The chukandar ki chaas it is particularly appreciated during the warmer months, when its freshness becomes a panacea against the heat, as a refined aperitif on special occasions or as a light accompaniment to an original meal. Served cold, it provides instant and satisfying relief. Its versatility, however, is not limited to the summer season. Its goodness can be appreciated all year round, also ideal for a refreshing snack.

Hot chocolate with hazelnut cream recipe, the recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Hot chocolate with hazelnut cream recipe, the recipe

There hot chocolate it is undoubtedly the comfort food tastiest of winter. So, once you have decided to indulge in this sin of gluttony, do it in an exaggerated way! As? By preparing a hot chocolate like the one in our recipe, irresistible just by looking at it in the photo.

We prepared it using gianduja chocolate, milk, sugar and a little starch to thicken; our hot chocolate is completed with a spoonful of hazelnut creamwhipped cream, toasted and pralined hazelnuts and chocolate curls.

Try preparing it and discover these recipes: Classic hot chocolate with whipped cream, Rum chocolate, Coffee white hot chocolate with ice cream, Hot White Chocolate, Chocolate in a cup with hazelnuts and oil biscuits, Chocolate cuddles with whiskey.

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