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Today is the right day to drink a liqueur – Italian Cuisine

The liqueur-based cocktails to try this evening and the Disaronno® Day celebrations, from one time zone to another

Today is the Disaronno® Day, which is the perfect day to end dinner with a glass of liquor and toast the upcoming spring break. The bad news is that even on this occasion the secret recipe will not be revealed, kept by generations of the Reina family since 1525. The good news is that there are so many opportunities to celebrate! From 7.30 pm the event The Longest Shift will take place, born from the project The Mixing Star: bartenders, locals and the public, from Auckland to Los Angeles, will celebrate the event at the same time with an exclusive ad hoc drink list signed Disaronno®. Shanghai, Moscow, Athens, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Madrid, London, Cape Town, New York and Montreal are all set to celebrate by moving from one time zone to another.
An unmissable event at the Milan MAG with Flavio Angiolillo and the Iter with Nico Scarnera. But if you are not in Milan … drink a toast at home!
For the occasion we chose two easy and fresh cocktails: Disaronno® Sour and the timeless Godfather.

Disaronno® Sour

45 ml of Disaronno®
30 ml of fresh lemon juice 5 ml of sugar syrup

Mix all the ingredients with ice

A slice of lemon

Disaronno® Godfather

50 ml of Disaronno®
50 ml of your favorite whiskey

Pour the ingredients and mix them in the glass

Orange peel

7 color tea, the Bengali rainbow tea-based drink – Italian Cuisine

7-color tea is a hot drink made from typical Bangladesh tea, characterized by 7 rainbow-colored layers, different flavors and densities

To look at it almost looks like a cocktail, but the Bengali tea with 7 colors it is one of the many colorful tea-based drinks spread in Asia, including the much more popular Bubble Tea that has recently landed successfully in Taiwan in the West. The lesser known but equally fascinating Seven-Color Tea is typical of Bangladesh, not surprisingly one of the countries with the highest high consumption of tea in the world. This multicolored drinks it has a fascinating history and a special, partly secret recipe, which includes multi-colored layers based on different blends and different tastes.

Invention and history of the Asian rainbow drink

No wonder that the creation of such a complex drink was due, years ago, to a "tea alchemist": Romesh Ram Gour, owner of two tea shops in Srimangal, in the north-eastern region of Bangladesh, Sylhet, about 200 kilometers from the capital Dhaka. Gour, in fact, years ago made an extraordinary discovery; pouring different varieties of tea, containing different spices, tea leaves and milk into a glass, he noticed that they were going to create distinct layers, each with a different color and density. Starting from this intuition the owner of the Nilkantha Tea Cabin has carried out his experiments for about a year, until he achieved and perfected what is the secret original mixture. Since then, many people go to the stalls adjacent to its two shops to taste the now famous drink, as many are those who try to reproduce it or buy it.

7-color tea has become so popular over the years that it has also attracted the attention of important international media, including "The Wall Street Journal" and "The Guardian", and that of famous people. The first of these, in 2012, was none other than the prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, who summoned Gour to have the famous drink prepared for him personally. A few years later, in 2017, it was the turn of the Qatari ambassador to Bangladesh, Ahmed bin Mohamed al-Dehaimi, who not only visited Gour at his store, but decided to pay for a 7-color glass of tea 7 thousand taka, about 70 euros.


The formula for making tea with seven colors

Although the original recipe is still shrouded in mystery, long ago Romesh Ram Gour decided to reveal some ingredients and part of the process. What is known is that to make tea from 7 colors serve local leaves, condensed milk, lemon, various aromas and spices and finally green tea and three different types of black tea. It is also known that the surface of the drink is covered with cinnamon, that the fourth layer is a black tea mixed with condensed milk and that the final one is made with fragrant green tea with cinnamon, cloves and a secret ingredient. The result is one drink composed of colored levels and clearly distinguished from each other, ranging from bright green to dark brown to burgundy red. The classic mix requires that there are seven layers, hence the name of the drink, but sometimes Romesh Ram Gour has managed to reach up to ten.
One last curiosity: once the various types of tea are poured into the glass, the rainbow effect with the distinct strips remains intact for about 30 minutes, so if you ever happen to go to Bangladesh, you have plenty of time for take good pictures and then drink it calm!

Photo: 7 Bengali 7 color tea_Te colors_Salim Khandoker Wikipedia Commons.jpg
Photo: Seven_Layers_Tea_Te with 7 colors © Moheen Reeyad_Wikimedia Commons_CC BY-SA 4.0.jpg
Photo: Tea from 7 colors_Sylhet, _Bangladesh_George achik.jpg

10 wines to drink with roast chicken – Italian Cuisine

What do you drink with roast chicken? Here are our tips for combining (beer is only valid with the spit)

Roast chicken like Sunday dish, to be served on a well laid table, with grandparents and grandchildren, but also the grilled chicken of the trusted butcher, to have dinner immediately ready. Baked, grilled or grilled, flavored with some aromatic herbs and accompanied by a nice potato pan or a fresh salad, is the recipe that goes well in every season and to which no one can say no. What are the better wines to accompany him?

The meat of the chicken tastes rather delicate, which should not be covered with a too full-bodied wine. The best choice is to match a light red you hate medium structure, as a Chianti or a Pinot Noir. I are very indicated vintage reds, refined only in steel, but a good choice, especially in the warmer months, is represented by the combination with i rosés from southern Italy. And for those who want to drink white? Try with one chardonnay of good structure.

Here are our choices: 10 wines for roast chicken

Chianti Classico 2016 Riecine
The vineyards of one of the best Chianti of the denomination are located in Gaiole: the clayey soils with limestone and galestro and the altitude between 480 and 600 meters make it a masterpiece of drinkability and finesse.
21 euros

Tai Red Vineyard Riveselle 2017 Piovene Porto Godi
A family that produces wine from the end of the sixteenth century and a native vine of the Vicentine area of ​​the Berici Hills: here it is declined in traditional version and has floral and cherry scents, with an intriguing peppery finish.
13 euros

Rossese of Dolceacqua Brae 2017 Maccario Dringenberg
Strawberries, orange, Mediterranean and wild herbs characterize the aromatic profile of this Ligurian red, produced by one of the most talented winemakers in Italy.
15 euros

Cirò Rosso Classico 2016 Librandi
Juicy, pleasant and able to challenge time. Cirò di Librandi is a red from gaglioppo grapes, with an excellent relationship between quality and price.
8 euros

Air of Caiarossa 2014 Caiarossa
Four grapes (cabernet franc, merlot, syrah and cabernet sauvignon), biodynamic agriculture and refinement in cement and large barrels, for a glass that combines grace and complexity, with an intensely fruity taste, intriguing spicy notes and final full of juice and salt.
25.50 euros

Oltrepo Pavese Pinot Nero Carillo 2016 Frecciarossa
A pinot noir produced in a very suitable area of ​​the Oltrepo Pavese from a historic company in the area, which amazes for lightness and flavor: it has aromas of small red fruits and a slightly spicy finish.
10 euros

Bardolino Classico Frescaripa Masi
Here is a wine that is super friendly to the table: produced with red grapes typical of the Veronese side of Lake Garda (corvina, rondinella and molinara), it will captivate you with its lightness and intense fruity aromas.
9 euros

Sicily Perricone Guarnaccio 2016 Tasca d'Almerita
From an autochthonous Sicilian vine, it is a very pleasant red, very versatile. The aromas of blackberries and sour cherries are refreshed by balsamic notes; to the tasting, it is fruity, a little rough, with a well-balanced finish.
9.50 euros.

Nardò Rosato Dances of the Contessa 2017 Alessandro Bonsegna
From negroamaro grapes with a small balance of Malvasia Nera di Lecce, it is soft and enveloping, with good structure and flavor, with aromas reminiscent of the Mediterranean scrub.
8 euros

Chardonnay Vigna Maso Reiner 2017 Kettmeir
After aging in barrique on its lees, it has a golden color and intense aromas of tropical fruit, honey and vanilla. The taste is sapid, slightly spicy and fresh, as only mountain wines can be.
19 euros