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Pastiera by the glass – Pastiera recipe by the glass of – Italian Cuisine

»Pastiera by the glass - Pastiera recipe by the glass of Misya

Beat the eggs well with half the sugar, then cook in a bain-marie, always continuing to whisk with the whisk, for about 10 minutes or until it reaches 72 ° C.
Let it cool.

Pour milk, wheat, the remaining sugar, cinnamon, grated orange peel and vanilla bean engraved in a saucepan.
Cook for about 30 minutes, then let it cool.

Sift the ricotta and mix it with millefiori, orange blossom and the now cold zabaglione.
Once the wheat cream is cold, add that too.

You will need to obtain a homogeneous cream.

Roll out the pastry and cut 5×0.5 cm strips (or depending on the glass you have chosen to use).
Cook at 180 ° C for about 7 minutes in a preheated ventilated oven, then let it cool.

Fill the martini glasses with cream, then decorate with 4 crossed pastry sticks, icing sugar and candied fruit and serve your pasta by the glass!

staying at home in the evening (with a glass of wine) is the new fashion – Italian Cuisine

The emoji of the Finland Promotion Board

Do not you want to go out? Nothing strange! For the Finns, relaxing in the home is the top. And the trend now also depopulated by us

Heavy socks, blanket, fireplace or lit candle, music in the background or a program on TV, a glass of wine to drink on the sofa: if in winter the evenings you like more and more spend them so, in the comfort of home instead of restaurant, at the cinema, out for a drink with friends, know that you are not alone.

The new trend from Finland

It's called Kalsarikännit, comes from Finland and is a new trend, or the art of dedicating themselves to relaxing in the home, after an intense and stressful day, wearing comfortable clothes (pajamas or just underwear), doing what we like best , sipping some wine or a drink (do not exaggerate!) and with no intention of going out. Better yet, then, if you are alone.

The emoji of the Finland Promotion Board
The emoji of the Finland Promotion Board.

An official thing

This mood is also told by the official website of the promotion of Finland, produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Communications, and illustrated with some nice emoji. There is also a book that explains it, released last June: Päntsdrunk: Kalsarikänni, The Finnish Path to Relaxation of Miska Rantanen.

The emoji of the Finland Promotion Board
The emoji of the Finland Promotion Board.

Comfort food

If your drink you want to combine a little 'comfort food, sweet and savory snacks to munch, you just have to prepare something tasty that you can enjoy even sitting on the couch. Here are our proposals!

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