In Brussels they make Neapolitan pizza… with water from Naples! – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Miracle in Brussels. For all pizza lovers, stuff for true fundamentalists: Neapolitan pizza made… with Naples water.

The hero is called Bernardo D’Annolfo, the address to note is that of Neapolitan Education. With the name of the place which is already a whole project, very clear. In quotes, “educate” the local people about all that is good, all that is best and all that is tasty about the truest authentic Neapolitan spirit. With this latest move that is truly unprecedented in the world.

«My doughs will be made, every week, only and exclusively with the water of Naples, says Bernardo proudly as he unpacks the first platform that has arrived from the foot of Vesuvius to the heart of the capital of Europe.

An initiative that falls right between science and heart.

«I’m certainly not a scientist, he adds, «but after months of research and consultancy we used, we understood that the PH of Brussels water is 6.2, while the PH of Naples water is 7.2. And, above all, we understood that to make a good Neapolitan pizza you need a higher PH than what we have here.”

But, beyond science, the real reason is that of the heart. Founded on the charm of being able to enjoy, thousands of kilometers from the historic center or the Mergellina seafront, an extraordinary, unattainable pizza, exactly as a pizza made in Naples is extraordinary and unattainable. After the flour and yeast from the Mulino Caputo, the “Mulino di Napoli” in fact, after the tomatoes and mozzarella, therefore, even the formula of the dough, even the essential element of water.

This recipe has already been read 26 times!

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