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12 recipes with Brussels sprouts – Italian Cuisine

12 recipes with Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are good and good. But how do we cook them if we don't want to use them as a usual side dish? Here are 12 recipes to experiment to make the most of this ingredient that brings so many benefits!

Brussels sprouts are a plant of Northern European origin, widespread above all in Scandinavian countries and the Benelux, in fact they take their name from the capital of Belgium where this curious variety of cabbage seems to have been selected. It is a plant of the cruciferous or brassicaceae family, or of all those vegetables that make flowers with petals that form a sort of cross, such as broccoli And cabbages. But that's not all: numerous other foods fall into this category, from rocket to the cauliflower.

Properties of Brussels sprouts

THE Brussels sprouts contain a good share of mineral salts, including phosphorus and iron; proteins; fibers; And vitamins, especially vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and B vitamins. They have a beneficial action on female hormonal metabolism and are recognized as anti-anemic and detoxifying properties. These miniature cabbages are considered real stimulants of brain activity and concentration; it seems that this property derives from the combination of thiamine And folic acid, of which they are quite rich.
Other useful information: I am a mine of antioxidants, including thiocyanates, indoles, zeaxanthin, sulforaphane and isothiocyanates; for this reason they are considered a useful food in the prevention of tumors, in particular those of the prostate, breast and colon. Zeaxanthin also protects the retina of eyes.

How are they cooked?

Brussels sprouts are mainly eaten as side to fish or meat, but not only (if you prefer them alone they can also be served with a cream cheese). The proposals you find in the gallery above are recipes for first or second courses to lick your fingers!
They are eaten alone cooked and boiled in salted water. Before cooking them, cut the hardest core at the base and remove the outer leaves. You can also partially cook them in water and complete them in the oven, in this case from 25 min. of initial cooking plan to cook them half the time and complete them at oven or pan.
To remove the slightly bitter taste, after boiling them you can caramelize them with a spoonful of brown sugar or with a spoonful of maple syrup and a drop of water: they will be crunchy and with a sweetish base.

Cuttlefish and Brussels sprouts recipe – Italian Cuisine

Cuttlefish and Brussels sprouts recipe

  • 600 g clean cuttlefish
  • 300 g Brussels sprouts
  • 30 g extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 orange
  • salt
  • pepper

For the cuttlefish and Brussels sprouts recipe, remove the tentacles of the cuttlefish, remove the beak and cut the bags in two lengthwise. Remove the outer leaves of the sprouts and divide them into four.

Cut the orange peel into thin fillets and peel the slices. Heat the oil in a large pan, add the sprouts and brown them for 3 'over medium heat, then add the cuttlefish, stir and cook for 2-3', then add the orange peel and cook, covered, for another 2 '.

Salt, pepper and serve the cuttlefish with the chopped orange wedges.

Brussels sprouts, good for the bones – Italian Cuisine

Brussels sprouts, good for the bones

They are good for the skeleton, but also for the eyes and concentration: here are all the benefits contained in a very small vegetable

Brussels sprouts? A real cure-all for the bones. And not only. Also for the eyes, for the heart, for the prostate and for the brain these vegetables represent a precious mine of health. The bones, however, are the ones that can benefit most from the consumption of Brussels sprouts. And here's why.

Mine of vitamins and minerals

The secret of the privileged relationship of Brussels sprouts with bone health lies in the abundant presence in these small vegetables of vitamin K, which guarantees the correct functionality of some proteins that form and keep our bones stronger. But not only that: Brussels sprouts also contain excellent quantities of mineral salts (starting from iron, calcium and phosphorus), as well as proteins and fibers. The other vitamins present are instead those of group B, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Property to no end

Stimulants of brain activity and concentration, Brussels sprouts also owe these properties to two other elements of which they are particularly rich: thiamine and thefolic acid. Furthermore, it is a food with an important beneficial action on metabolism female hormone and recognized properties antianemic is detoxifiers. As if that weren't enough, Brussels sprouts are also a real mine of antioxidants, among which the zeaxanthin, known for its protective action against the retina of the eyes.

A recipe for bone health

Now, knowing how good Brussels sprouts do, it's time for a recipe for bone health: Brussels sprouts and salmon, Fish rich in vitamin D, that is another important ally in this sense. It begins by washing and boiling 150 grams of sprouts in salted water for ten minutes; in the meantime, in a pan with a little oil, cook two fillets of salmon. After draining the sprouts, they are tossed in another pan with one knob of butter; final touch with parsley and a little pepper and that's it.

Other than Brussels

Final curiosity: despite the name, these small vegetables seem to have little to do with Belgium. They would in fact originate in Italy and only later do they seem to have been imported into the Northern European country thanks to Roman legionaries. However, over three quarters of their world production currently has an English accent, although the cultivation of Brussels sprouts is also widespread in France and Holland.

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