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the new restaurants under € 35 awarded by Michelin 2022 – Italian Cuisine

the new restaurants under € 35 awarded by Michelin 2022

There are 20 tables with a quality / price ratio that have been awarded in the guide for a total of 255 addresses for all budgets indicated by Michelin. Many addresses in Rome, one in Milan (Chinese), three in Sardinia: here are all the new Bib Gourmands

There Michelin guide it's not just that of the big starred (and expensive) restaurants. Born as a real guide for travelers on four wheels, it also includes tables with an excellent quality / price ratio among its addresses: Bib Gourmand. The symbol is not a rosette but the smiling face of the little Michelin man Bibendum, as well as the official mascot of the Group. These restaurants were initially assigned a red "R", but in 1997 the Bib Gourmand symbol made its debut in driving. The symbol is the recognition that is destined to informal places able to offer a pleasant gastronomic experience, with a complete menu for less than € 35. If we talk so much about Michelin stars and restaurants for special occasions, in reality, the most famous guide is able to indicate even the most affordable tables, of tradition but not only, to really frequent and with a light heart for the wallet.

In Michelin guide 2022 am 20 the new Bib Gourmands, for a total of 255 restaurants. The region with the most Bib Gourmand is Emilia-Romagna (with 35 addresses), followed by Piedmont and Lombardy. Many? No, because the Michelin guide indicates a total of 329 restaurants with 1 star in the 2022 selection, in addition to 38 two-star and 11 three-star restaurants. In the "country of trattorias", as Gualtiero Marchesi defined Italy, in reality the awards for traditional cuisine are still far fewer than the renowned restaurants that offer sophisticated gourmet cuisine.

The list of new Bib Gourmand 2022

Here they are, region by region, as described by the Red. Starting from Rome, which is the city that more than any other in 2022 wins the most awards: «Rome is the city that boasts the primacy of Bib Gourmand: 10 in total, 4 of which are new. Among these, the new adventure of Roy Caceres at the "Carnal", a lively and modern proposal, and the MOI, a bistro with "fresh" cuisine and extensive customization, which respects the seasonality of the products and their availability in the area. And, again, the Hosteria Grappolo d'Oro and the Prati Rione Gastronomico, two simple and very different catering proposals, in which the first enhances tradition and the second expresses gastronomy and cuisine in two distinct environments, in a single formula modern and of quality , declared the director of Michelin guide Italy, Sergio Lovrinovich.


Carnal – Rome RM
Carnal is the most "pop" and lively expression of the famous chef Roy Caceres: music, colorful furnishings, smart service, some dishes to eat even with your hands! A decidedly young setting and a cuisine with a clear Latin American nature (tacos, chevice, mango desserts, and more). Fragrant seasonal ingredients, especially from Italy, to combine with wine, beers and in the evening also with excellent cocktails.

Hosteria Grappolo d'Oro – Rome RM
Near Piazza Navona and Campo de 'Fiori, a place with a long tradition since the beginning of this century in the hands of five members of the sector, one of which in the kitchen. Generous and quality classic Roman cuisine (cacio e pepe, roast lamb, Roman-style cod …) in a rustic and pleasant setting. The soundtrack is not to be underestimated: it shivers to the nostalgic of the Seventies in a rock-blues key.

Moi – Rome RM
Moi is a small and decidedly smart place, which returns, thanks to its quality, to guide the Fleming area, north-west of Rome. With a solid experience behind him, Thomas Moi cooks fresh seasonal ingredients with modern technique, which can also change daily: meat, fish, vegetables and aromatic herbs are offered with taste, at really excellent prices.

Prati Rione Gastronomico – Rome RM
Large multitasking room, open from breakfast to dinner, for a varied offer ranging from bistro to pastry, from cocktail bar to bakery, as well as pizzeria. Well-made cuisine: the choice is limited, but the quality is always greedy and tantalizing!


Da Sapì – Esine BS
Now in its fourth generation, the Foppoli family is now a culinary reference for the territory, thanks to a contemporary cuisine that however has solid regional foundations, with a constant and careful search for local ingredients, but not only. It all started around the ice cream parlor, their great passion, to which some rooms were added. A warranty!

Dahlias and Beans – Manerba del Garda BS
Chef patron Fabio puts at the service of his restaurant all the experience learned in a path of starred restaurants, interrupted about ten years ago precisely to open Dalie e Fagioli: in this case the technical skill is at the service of local ingredients or local recipes, prepared with a touch of imagination and to be accompanied by a decent wine list.

Osteria della Villetta – Palazzolo sull’Oglio BS
For over a hundred years a bastion of tradition, Art Nouveau furnishings and a retro atmosphere have been the side dish to Brescia classics and family recipes: always based on seasonal ingredients, as in the case of the many vegetables from their own garden, from which extra virgin olive oil also comes. olive and a good bubble.

La Piazzetta – Montevecchia LC
In the very pleasant upper and historical part of the town, which dominates the surrounding and industrious Brianza, a room inside a renovated building with two bright rooms for a kitchen with interesting classic and contemporary proposals. Intimate on weekdays, it becomes essential to book on holidays.

The Nine Bowls – Milan MI
The ethnic cuisine now present throughout Italy goes into detail here, as shown by the specialties of this address which draw on the gastronomic richness of the Sichuan province in southwestern China. Spicy and spicy dishes, marked on the menu with the "degree" of spiciness.

Trippi – Sondrio SO
Local historian just outside the city, managed for about ten years by Gianluca intent on livening up mainly regional and Valtellina proposals, with some Mediterranean inspiration; the offer is completed at lunch thanks to a simpler card. But that's not all: a good selection of both cheeses and wines from the area, which you will find on sale at the entrance to the restaurant, even at take-away prices.


Bistrot Donatella – Oviglio AL
In the heart of the small town, the colorful room will welcome you in the cold season, but in good weather it is a rush to book a table in the internal courtyard, under the bell tower of Oviglio. Piedmontese raw materials and recipes are the pride of a simple but tasty menu.

Antiche Sere – Turin TO
In a neighborhood off the beaten track, a well-known tavern with an attentive and friendly service to women. Strictly regional proposals in an ancient setting, divided into three small rooms (one of which is shared with the bar counter). Cozy summer service in the back garden.


Josto – Cagliari CA
In the center of Cagliari, near the suggestive Piazza del Carmine, the design furniture of the two small rooms enliven the break harmonizing perfectly with the chef's cuisine, which is modern, although inspired by Sardinian roots and ingredients.

Hub – Macomer NU
Inside the Progetto H social cooperative, created in 1983 in the pavilions of an old fair and today engaged in the employment of disadvantaged people, chef Leonardo Marongiu has found the ideal cradle for his Hub. Whether you choose the 7-course tasting menu, or the decidedly leaner one of the day, Sardinian flavors will not fail to set the table.

Coxinendi – Sanluri SU
Coxinendi ("cooking", in Sardinian) is the place of a talented chef with important experience behind him – Davide Atzeni – who here manages to revive the most authentic expression of Sardinian cuisine, ancestral and primitive.


Trattoria da Zamboni – Arcugnano / Lapio VI
In an imposing period building: the sober rooms on the first floor (with lift) almost step aside to give space to the view of the Berici hills through the many large windows, while the kitchen, traditional and revisited at the same time, has the strength of 50 years of history. The selection of bottles is also very valid for which lovers do not stop at the extract, ask for the complete card to indulge themselves.

Palmerino – Il Bacalà in Sandrigo – Sandrigo VI
Just outside the town, in a cozy building along the anonymous SP 248, the Chemello family has now reached its fourth generation, giving the role of the absolute protagonist of their restaurant to his majesty the cod. On the menu – however – there are also many other proposals and to end with something strong, the spirits list will not leave you speechless.


L'Ortone – Florence FI
Practically a Tuscan-style bistro, adjacent to the Sant'Ambrogio market: simple in the furnishings and also in the cuisine that, in addition to some mention of the territory, prefers imaginative preparations on Italian "themes", starting from seasonal ingredients, which are they add specialties to the grill; the cellar is also interesting. Excellent prices: opting for the steak you spend a little more.


Geraniums – Sant’Antonio Abate NA
Quality products, many of local origin, enhanced by the skill of the chef who takes up the regional tradition with taste and personal touch, in a spacious room with modern lines. An address to be noted immediately in the diary.


Barz8 – Bisceglie BT
Beautiful location on the port of Bisceglie, the most authentic Mediterranean flavors arrive on the table – primarily the regional ones – accompanied by a competent and jovial service. The outdoor seating is particularly popular: it is best to book.

The joyful mystery of the Michelin Guide – Italian Cuisine

The joyful mystery of the Michelin Guide

Years and decades pass, but the Red remains elusive. Unfulfilled predictions, curious and often questionable choices, apparent imbalance between historic venues and novelties. Ultimately, its strength is to go on a different course, incomprehensible to many. Let's set some minimum posts

Net of any doubt, discussion, controversy, it must be emphasized that now more than ever there are three essential elements of every Revelation Star (once it was called the presentation of the Michelin guide…). The first: in a country made up of previews, background and publication of current accounts, the Red not only manages to hide everything until the last minute, but also afterwards (which, we repeat, is incredible in Italy). The second: cheerfully sbertuccia every prediction, especially of the insiders, so much so that we wonder why someone has not created a racecourse-like totalizer on the percentages of double or third star. The third: even the most expert critics and gastronomic journalists – as far as they claim to understand – have not understood the method of assigning especially the single star, not to mention the double. All talking about the infallible method to conquer it, some even suggesting it scientifically, and here too on Monday in Franciacorta, a good 50 percent of the new stars were known only to those who frequent or work in the local area. How do we put it?

The reality is that the Michelin follows its own inscrutable course. There are objectively a number of young and old chefs who are doing a really good job and recognized by the other guides, but also by the traveling gourmets. The Lido 84 case of Riccardo Camanini is the perfect example: you go through the Five Cappelli dell’Espresso and the Three Forks of Gambero Rosso (the top of their respective publications), but leave a place to a star that for the The Best World's Restaurant it is 15th – the best in Italy – appears to the most absurd, grotesque, delusional. Instead, believe us, he is alone Michelin. With less emphasis, however, it is a situation that concerns chefs like Carlo Cracco, Andrea Berton and Matteo Baronetto who are doing very well. Someone even brings up that they are together with Camanini Marquesans, forgetting that Davide Oldani (two stars) is and this year one of the last students, Fabrizio Molteni, won the Macaron in a good restaurant in Sirmione, La Speranzina. While the chef who replaced him at the Albereta in 2011, Daniel Canzian – good and experienced – has not yet been awarded, despite the fact that he works very well in his restaurant in Milan.

We plant it here, because the list would be boring (and it does not concern only the Marquesans obviously). It is to underline the joyful mystery that no one is able (really) to reveal and in 2021 the plus of the Michelin: because no one discusses the famous 30 percent more bookings in a newly starred venue together with the chef's emotion and enthusiasm. But it's how to get there the theme. The only buoy of the course that is well anchored – because it is underlined by Michelin – is the consistency of performance: it is not enough to make a bang, but once you have reached the level deemed right, there is no failure. And this explains why there are eternal clubs with a star that are vintage (by the author, mind you) compared to those born in the last decade. Quite right? Wrong? And the Michelin. On the other hand, here is the search for under 35 and under 30 – respectively sixteen and five among the newly starred – which on the one hand is meritorious, but at the same time penalizing for many good professionals between 40-50 years of age who (we are not afraid to say it) propose kitchens and work in superior rooms.

In this case, there is less mystery: it is called a very subtle balance between appearing conservative (almost reactionary) and showing oneself revolutionary, even with the idea of ​​the Green Stars, deserving, but linked to a cauldron of aspects that in reality by now characterize a sea of ​​clubs in Italy. We quote verbatim: "In awarding the recognition, inspectors take into consideration many factors: the production of raw materials, respect for work and the support of local producers, waste reduction, waste management, actions aimed at minimizing the use of energy resources and the impact of the structure on the environment, the sustainable training of young people are just some of the themes ". More of everything. Having said that, it will be the months (indeed, the years) that follow that will give weight to the choices of this edition that promised epochal fires – but we were the ones who thought so, as always – but it only fired good firecrackers. Or rather, he exhibited them with the usual style: there are champions who have been chasing the second Star for five or ten years and here is a very serious professional, but objectively not from the saloon like Giovanni Solofra, if he wins it starting from scratch with the Tre Olive trees of Paestum. It is the charm of the Michelin, the mystery that fascinates on the one hand and angers on the other. But in the meantime, we're here to talk about it. Again, so chapeau.

Michelin Guide 2022: the new stars of the South – Italian Cuisine

The 2022 Michelin Guide has announced the new stars and Southern Italy is the winner. Lots of news, including the only woman – and also very young

The Michelin Guide 2022 has announced its new stars. Among the novelties of the “Rossa” 2022, the southern Italy today shines more than ever. From Campania to Calabria, these are the southern chefs who have conquered a space in the Olympus of haute cuisine.

What a beautiful fresh air

Just 6 months after opening, Aria Restaurant to Naples got his first Michelin Star with the chef Paolo Barrale: «Such recognition is a source of immense joy but at the same time represents a gauntlet: we must always give our best to make a difference. A bit like it happens with children: there is a specific responsibility to follow them in everything and make them grow in a healthy and diligent way ", commented the young Sicilian chef. The Aria project, signed by the JCo Group, is a goal that Barrale shares with his entire team, from the brigade to the staff in the dining room (and in the family): "From Mario Stellato, my sous chef, to Giacomo who introduced me to the splendid family that is the J co Group, to Ilaria and Maurizio, to Letizia, Danilo, Angelo, Mario R., Luigi and Gianluigi. Thanks to Serena De Vita, our restaurant manager, to Mattia, Marcello, Chiara, Andrea, Mirko and Camilla. Finally, thanks to my friends and customers of all time but above all I want to say thanks to Marina, my only and irreplaceable life partner .

And there are those who doubles

We always stay in Campania, this time with the restaurant Krèsios from Telese Terme, in the Benevento area, which wins its second Michelin star. After the first obtained in 2013, always reconfirmed, the chef and patron Giuseppe Iannotti doubles and consolidates Krèsios among the most interesting gastronomic realities of the moment. “I'm also happy for my kids, whom I let down and who knew nothing. Perhaps this was the hardest thing for me: looking them in the eye and not being able to share all this, ”commented the chef. And he added: "We never stopped, even in the most difficult moments, we never got scared. Rather we have continued with our heads down, with the awareness of having responsibilities and we have continued to do what we know, to create new paths and invent solutions. This is the strength of Krèsios: to undertake unexplored paths and create new routes, when the known and comforting ones have closed. It is the strength of a group that for me is my family. We have cleared customs for a method: finally in Italy you can only do one tasting itinerary, ours is in the dark .

The twist

Surprisingly, the double star arrives without going through the route (i.e. without any mention) also for Giovanni Solofra of the restaurant Three Olives from Paestum (SA) that with tears in his eyes the first person he thanked is Roberta, his wife. Awarded for its sensorial and territorial gastronomic interpretation, for its proposals hyenas of surprises, the fine technique and the minuteness and precision of the combinations, often intriguing.

My Calabria

Going further south, the recognition of the prestigious guide also goes to Antonio Biafora for his Hyle, to San Giovanni in Fiore (CS) which wins its first star. And to think that the young chef has begun his adventure first in the kitchen of the family restaurant, "where I performed the first service during a graduation party, and the second in Caserta, at the kitchens of the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli. As soon as I got there I asked to start immediately, in front of me I had: parsley, potatoes and tomatoes . When the quality is recognized by the basic ingredients and by the skill with which to know how to combine them harmoniously, the rest is only a matter of time.

Fresh from the star too Luigi Lepore of the restaurant of the same name in Lamezia Terme (CZ) which, after the important experiences at the Trussardi alla Scala in Milan, at the Caino in Tuscany, at Il Comandante in Naples, among others, in 2019 began to write a new e, to do so, he chose his home, his Calabria. But with an innovative format, with broad horizons and, at the same time, with firm roots in the material cultures that characterize the territory's identity. Despite the "hiatus" of 2020, he is today celebrating his "coronation".

All the new 2022 Michelin stars in Southern Italy

Luigi Lepore – Luigi Lepore Restaurant

Hyle – Antonio Antonio Biafora

Aria – Paolo Barrale

Giuseppe Molaro – Contaminations Restaurant

Savio Perna – Li Galli

Francesco Franzese – Rear Restaurant

Nicola Somma – Cannavacciuolo Countryside

Fabio Verrelli D’Amico – Marter1aPr1ma

Alessandro Bellingeri – Osteria Acquarol

Stephan Zippl – 1908

Graziano Cacciappoli – San Giorgio

Jorg Giubbani – Orto by Jorg Giubbani

Sergeev Nikita – The Arcade

Richard Abouzaki and Pierpaolo Ferracuti – Background

Emanuele Petrosino – Bianca on the Lake

Fabrizio Molteni – La Speranzina Restaurant & Relais

Alex and Vittorio Manzoni – Osteria degli Assonica

Salvatore Camedda – Somu

Claudio Sadler – Gusto by Sadler

* Young of the Year Award to Solaika Marrocco del Primo, from Lecce


Opening photo Krèsios (ph Marco Varoli)

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