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Rainbows to eat at Milano Pride 2019 – Italian Cuisine

Rainbows to eat at Milano Pride 2019

June is the month of the year Pride all over the world, to celebrate thepride and the LGBTQ + culture and promote the values ​​ofequality and oflove, in all its forms. This year we also celebrate an important anniversary: ​​exactly 50 years have passed since the motions of Stonewall, the first revolt for the affirmation of LGBTQ rights, which took place in New York on June 28, 1969.

Even the world of food pays homage to the Pride with many initiatives, in particular for the Milan Pride Week (June 21 to 30) and the long-awaited parade on June 29th.

Let's start with the rainbows to eat, with the special Rainbow cake prepared by Sonia Peronaci in collaboration with Pasticceria Clivati ​​for Deliveroo, up to Multicolor tiramisu of Mascherpa.

There Pizza unites us all and could not be missing as a symbol: Lorenzo Sirabella, chef of Dry Milan in via Solferino, he proposes it with ingredients that recall the colors of the rainbow, while Just Eat tells the love story between a slice of pizza and a pineapple. A provocation to promote the freedom of sexual orientation, and why not, also of food preferences.

The rainbow is also to drink, starting from the official water of the Pride 2019, the Unicorn sap.

The Master Bartender Stefano Righetti he devised instead Jack Rainbow, a special cocktail based on Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Old No. 7, with ginger ale, a lime wedge and a sour power and sparkling candy of a thousand colors.

Absolute Vodka becomes rainbow with two installations in Milan: a bottle over eight meters high in Piazza XXV Aprile, to be filled with colorful messages of love; the square of Largo La Foppa will be sprayed with a real rainbow that flows from a 4.5 meter high rainbow bottle.

Also Coke promotes the love that breaks down all barriers, with a limited edition t-shirt called Love Unites. T-shirts can be purchased until Saturday 29 June in Largo Bellintani, at the stand run by volunteers, Coca-Cola employees, to support educational projects aimed at school students on homophobia, bullying, gender discrimination and 'sexual orientation.

In the gallery above, all the pride to eat and drink during Milano Pride 2019.

Tarte Tatin – See What the Others Aren’t Willing to Show You

When I looked at some other tarte tatin recipes on
YouTube, I noticed that very few showed the “flip on to the plate” step.
They would just skip from the out of the oven shot to the final beauty shot. The
reason of course, is that very few tarte tatins come out of the hot pan
perfectly, and if they showed that, then you may not think they are as awesome as their profile says they are.

So, it’s with much pride that I show you the whole ugly
scene that is the tarte tatin dismount. The good news is, it’s very simple to
slap everything back on the crust before it cools, and none will be the wiser.
This is even easier if you’re doing a version with very soft and tender apples
and lots of caramel, which is my preference, as you’ll see.

If you do a Google image search for a classic, old recipe
like this, you usually see a lot of photos that look alike, but that’s not
necessarily so with tarte tatin. You’ll see an amazingly diverse array, which
is fascinating since they were all made with the same few basic ingredients.
Most of this is a result of cooking time in the pan before baking.

Some feature firm, barely cooked apples, while others cook
the fruit all the way down to a buttery, caramelized jam. The beauty of a
recipe that uses just pastry dough, butter, apples and sugar to make the magic,
is that no matter how yours comes out you’ll enjoy it. Of course, you’ll want
to hedge your bets with some vanilla bean ice cream to be safe. I hope you give
this classic French treat a try soon. Enjoy!

3 large apples, quartered
3 tbsp butter
3/4 cup sugar
pie dough for a single crust

Incoming search terms:

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