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Sweet omelette recipe with jam – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Sweet omelette recipe with jam

Among the testimonies that the editorial team of La Cucina Italiana has collected to create a “national bank” of home recipes there is the one from the recipe book of the Dalla Vedova family which collects the preparations of Ada, the beloved home cook.

One of the recipes is that of omelette with jam: “Sweets in our house were considered something extra and appeared only on so to speak canonical occasions: sossole (chatter, ed.) at Carnival, hot chocolate and pudding at birthdays – says Nicoletta Dalla Vedova, who wrote the recipe book with the help of brothers, cousins ​​and childhood friends – The omelettes with jam were part of the recipes dedicated to the children at home. Even my cousin Giorgio remembers how good they were and I remember how abundant they were!”.

Discover other sweet and savory omelet recipes:

Recipe Bread with sourdough by Fulvio Marino – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Recipe Bread with sourdough by Fulvio Marino

The Bread of Alba it is a loaf with a sturdy crust and an aromatic, melt-in-your-mouth crumb. We learned to do it in Alba, in fact, spending a day with floured hands at our side Fulvio Marinoto steal the secrets and recipes of a miller who dedicated his life to wheat and white art.

Known to the public as The Breadmaker of the television program It’s always midday with Antonella Clerici, and for being the face of In your home ovenon Food Network, e The oven of wonders, on Real Time, Fulvio says: «I literally grew up in a mill. Both the white art and the milling art are part of me, and without even just one of the two components I couldn’t be who I am.”

Whether we’re talking about savory or sweet doughs, they’re there three rules which, according to Fulvio Marino, is always good to respect.

Facilitates the kneading process. Use water kept in the refrigerator at 4 °C to make the dough more workable and more toned (with hot water it risks remaining too soft).

Use a probe thermometer and check the temperature of the dough, which it must not exceed 25‐26 °C. The ideal is to keep it at a maximum of 22-23 °C.

Before kneading, mix the flour with the water and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. This favors the splitting of starches (autolysis) which will make it easier to work the dough, which will absorb the subsequent water much better. The bread will then be more digestible.

Ravioli with nettles recipe | The Italian kitchen – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Ravioli with nettles recipe |  The Italian kitchen

Have you ever eaten ravioli with nettles and salted lemon sipping a gin and tonic? Venture into this chef’s recipe Daniel Canzian in which the meeting between the ingredients is a surprise, always exquisite.

The recipe for ravioli with nettles by Daniel Canzian

In this gourmet preparation, a thin egg pasta closed to form plinths, in the Piedmontese style, contains a filling of nettles, bruscandoli and dandelion flavored with herbs and spices and pickled lemon (which can be found online or in oriental specialty shops or do at home); the dish is completed with a walnuts sauce, chopped walnuts and nettle shoots. Enjoy the dish while drinking a gin and tonic, it will accentuate the flavours.

Who is chef Daniel Canzian

Born in the Veneto region, in Conegliano, to a family of innkeepers, Daniel Canzian worked in the best kitchens in Italy and France from a very young age. The meeting with Gualtiero Marchesi is crucial: the maestro puts him in charge of his group’s restaurants in the role of executive chef. After receiving the «Pellegrino Artusi award as best young chef, in 2013 Canzian the restaurant that bears his name opens in Milan, where he states his idea of ​​cuisine that eliminates the superfluous to let the raw material speak, according to simplicity, respect for tradition and seasonality. Today he is vice president of the European board of the JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs association.

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