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Milan Coffee Festival, great success for the second edition – Italian Cuisine

The Milan Coffee Festival 2019: this is what happened this year, waiting for the next edition

The second edition of the Milan Coffee Festival al Superstudio Più in via Tortona it closed with large numbers: 5,701 visitors, of which 3,460 were consumed and 2,241 operators in the sector. With more than 40 exhibitors, the edition was confirmed as a success, including coffee tastings and coffee mixology demonstrations, but also milk art shows with Italian and world champions. There were also conferences and debates at the Lab, as well as aperitifs with music, pizza and coffee cocktails.

The winners of the Roast Masters race

The innovative contest, organized in partnership with Faema, saw 22 emerging roasters struggling with roasting is mixing of coffee, in front of an international jury of industry experts.

After the tests, commented in real time by Francesco Sanapo (owner of Ditta Artigianale, roaster, award-winning bartender and barista trainer) and Antonia Trucillo (Marketing & Academy Manager at Cesare Trucillo Spa), first place was awarded by the French of Belleville Brulerie. In second place Kalve Coffee, while to the third the Italians of Peacocks Coffee Roasters, an independent micro-roastery of Lissone. The winners of Roast Masters won a trip to Peru, the country of origin of the green coffee used during the tests of the first discipline and offered by Falcon Coffees.

The Crush The Rush competition

Another tender, organized in partnership with La Marzocco, involved teams of baristas from all over Europe in making coffee-based drinks. The Spanish team from Hola Coffee.

The appointment with the third edition of the Milan Coffee Festival is already set from 21 to 23 November 2020.

Far da Mangiare 2019: a festival and an exhibition – Italian Cuisine


The panorama of festivals dedicated to the world of food is wide and varied. From those in the spotlight, with glam and glossy guests to the most "veracious", from the province. Also to Sesto San Giovanni, on the outskirts of Milan, an event dedicated to culinary art finds space To eat. 2019 cooking festival. Sixth edition in the program Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November, at the Spazio Mil, in a very suggestive area, that of the industrial archaeological park of the former Breda factory. The festival takes place not coincidentally with the Italian Cuisine Week in the world, which aims to spread the culture of food from different points of view, from preparation to tasting and from raw material to processing tools.

The theme
The theme of the event is conviviality, an aspect common to all the cultures of the world in every age and in every place. Food has always been perceived as a moment of meeting and sharing. Each country with its customs and typicality contributes to creating a good dialogue between different cultures.

The program
179471A two-day program is planned with a all free activities, with a focus on exotic atmospheres and sui perfumes from Asia and South America.

On the calendar there are cooking workshops such as Hosomaki for everyone by Lilli Geri, manager of the courses at Gambero Rosso and Boscolo, or The semolina this unknown, which sees the participation of the “Giallo Zafferano” blogger Elisabetta La Cerra, there is no lack of tastings, meetings with producers and cooking shows with recipes that pass from East to West.

For lunch and dinner, visitors will be able to explore international foods from different regions of Italy in an area dedicated to street food. MEAL space, where to choose the proposals of the various food trucks.

Food and design
During Sunday, throughout the day, the food design workshop Food is culture held by designers Marika Aakesson and Francesco Subioli, addressed to sixteen Product and Communication Design students selected from those who sent their candidature to info@spaziomil.org. The young aspiring designers are called to explore the tastes, forms and rituals of eating between Italy and China, and to propose effective solutions for the usability of food in specific contexts and situations.

For children
There is also a space dedicated to children, with workshops that, through play, manipulation and discovery, bring children closer to smells and flavors from all over the world and to the importance of a healthy and varied diet, including biscuits and tasty snacks.

The exhibition: Twelve stories about food
179450Starting from Thursday 21 November, the festival is anticipated by the exhibition Twelve stories about food. From Horse to Cart. Cards from the Rapisarda collection, edited by Andrea Tomasetig. On display is a selection of vintage papers and documents from the vast collection of Milanese scholar Michele Rapisarda, which tell twelve curious stories about Italian food from 1865 to the present day.

Interesting covers of various illustrated magazines, from the historic "Domenica del Corriere" designed by Achille Beltrame and Walter Molino, to the current artist magazine "Toiletpaper" created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, as well as advertising pages with graphics signed by Leonetto Cappiello, Antonio Rubino, Benito Jacovitti. To these are added postcards, calendars, receipts for meals at the tavern, gadgets and leaflets.

The documents on display range from the period in which the rich Lombard bourgeoisie went to eat out of doors in a carriage, also providing for the coachman's and horse's meal, to arrive at the emergence of supermarkets and shopping carts.

179456Visitors will find the lunch of Ferragosto of 1904 under the spiers of the Duomo of Milan and the Neapolitan urchins "mangiamaccheroni" always from the early twentieth century.

The advertisements of the 1930s such as that of the ultra-modern Algidus fridge and the innovative Caffè Cirio vacuum-packed, before arriving at the advent of television in 1954 and the television success of Carosello, to conclude with a tribute to the great Gualtiero Marchesi.

On display are visible both the original materials and their enlarged reproduction on the wall, accompanied by short texts to deepen their historical and social context and those who wish can take advantage of guided tours with the collector and the curator.

The info on the festival and the exhibition are at this link.

Mariacristina Coppeto
November 2019


Venice, NutriMenti is back, festival of gastronomic culture – Italian Cuisine

Venice, NutriMenti is back, festival of gastronomic culture

The second edition of the review organized by the Italian High School of Gastronomy Luigi Veronelli is a four-day meeting, tasting, workshop and debates with personalities from the world of wine, gastronomic criticism and culture

Food and wine: the pillars of local culture. The kitchen, agriculture and food tell us so much about the land, the people who live there and their social relationships. For all lovers of gastronomic culture, be they professionals or curious minds, in Venice, from 24 to 27 October, come back nourishments, the second edition of the festival organized byLuigi Veronelli High Italian Gastronomy School. There will be four days of meetings, tastings and debates, a large wine and table workshop in which personalities from the world of wine, food criticism and culture will participate. The appointment is on the Venetian island of San Giorgio Maggiore, overlooking the San Marco basin, where the Giorgio Cini Foundation is based.

The program

It begins Thursday 24, with the preview presentation of the Gold Guide Veronelli 2020 wines: from 2.30 pm, the editors will tell about the new edition of the first guide to Italian wines. And, in the Palladian Upper Room, the ten Suns, special prizes for the will be delivered Tales in the form of wine that best represent the competence, commitment and creativity of Italian winemakers. Then guests can taste the award-winning wines and talk with producers and curators of the guide.

The day ends with the short film Not just food !, realized within the European project Food Relations, supported by the Veronelli Seminar to focus on the study of new dynamics of hospitality and knowledge between different cultures, and to show how in the kitchen and at the table nobody is ever really foreign.

Friday the festival activities are reserved for the Scientific Committee, the Faculty and the Partners of the High Italian Gastronomy School Luigi Veronelli.

But Saturday 26 we return to deepen our knowledge of Italian wine excellences together with all the enthusiasts. It can become Gastronomi for a day and attend some lessons of the advanced course of the Veronelli High School, Walking the vineyards: places, people and the culture of Italian wine. Fabio Rizzari, authoritative signature of wine criticism, will talk about wine productions in Sicily and Sardinia, while Giuliano Boni, Vinidea's head of training, will lead a journey to discover the sensorial defects of wines. At the round table Venice All You can Eat we will talk about Venice as a theater of evolutions and degeneration of cuisine and urbanity. There will also be space for music: with Sixth Sense, by the musicologist Luca Damiani (conductor of Six Degrees, cult broadcast of Rai Radio 3) we will start for an ideal journey that combines musical pieces interpreted by Claudio Farinone, guitarist and author, and great wines offered in guided tasting.

Sunday we start again with a focus and a comparison on food communication: Write with meaning. Then, on the 90th anniversary of "La Cucina Italiana" and a few months after the bicentenary of the birth of Pellegrino Artusi, the panel discussion… And the art of eating well will investigate home cooking as a "possible revolution of daily food": at 3 pm Alberto Capatti, a historian of gastronomy, Maddalena Fossati Dondero, director of "La Cucina Italiana", Laila Tentoni, president of Casa Artusi, Massimiliano Borgia, director of the food journalism festival in Turin and Aldo Colonetti, philosopher and design historian. The festival ends with a dialogue with Annalisa Metta: in Land, wine and landscape the story of four agrarian landscapes will be combined with the tasting of as many wines selected by the editorial staff of the Gold Guide The Wines of Veronelli.

Both Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am to 5 pm, the Palladian Cenacle of the Giorgio Cini Foundation will host the Sensorium Veronelli High School, a tasting counter of wine excellences, which guests can enjoy in front of The Wedding at Cana, a masterpiece by Paolo Veronese now kept in the Louvre. There will also be sensorial focuses, tastings and masterclasses: to participate in the events it is necessary to book on the website of the High School Veronelli (here the complete program).

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