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The best delicatessens in Turin: 5 trusted addresses – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The best delicatessens in Turin: 5 trusted addresses

There are places, such as delicatessens, that are part of the social fabric of a city. It also happens with gastronomy of Turin, where the Piedmontese tradition breathes its highest representativeness precisely within these premises. There are delicatessens exclusively suited to ready-made local preparations, those which also serve the best of fresh pasta, those which have absorbed, over the years, the gastronomic culture of other regions of Italy (and not only), those which, as one would say the Turin blogger Monsu Barachin, have become trattorias 2.0 because they offer the possibility of eating on site.
Let’s try to discover some of them because, despite being frequented all year round, it is during holiday periods, such as Easter, that they are most successful. Moreover, the delicatessens of Turin, which were founded at the end of the nineteenth century to allow nobles and bourgeois to be able to have guests without having to have the servants cook, have maintained their purpose over time: to offer good dishes for everyday use which become more elaborate under festivities.

The best pizzerias in Turin: 7 addresses to try now – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The best pizzerias in Turin: 7 addresses to try now

If you are in the Piedmontese capital and you want pizza, here is the article to immediately save in your memory: here are the best pizzerias in Turin to mark you.

Symbol of Italian cuisine in the world, pizza celebrates its World Pizza Day and is confirmed as one of the most loved dishes ever. A research carried out by Just Eat, leader in the food market
digital food delivery, demonstrates how almost 5.5 million kilos of food were ordered in 2023 alone
pizza for a total which, if calculated in distance, would reach 5,800 kilometres.
In short, pizza mania fuels the hearts of Italians with trends in choices
differ from north to south Italy.

From the pan pizza to the classic round one to the gourmet one, let’s find out which are the best pizzerias in Turin among novelties and staples of the city’s gastronomy.

The best pizzerias in Turin in 7 addresses

Green Pea: the first Green Retail Park in the world is in Turin – Italian Cuisine

Green Pea: the first Green Retail Park in the world is in Turin

A new retail dedicated to the theme of respect and sustainability, where everything is green

It happens that even great entrepreneurs can be influenced and inspired by the young Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, the champion of the green revolution, respect for the environment and sustainable living.
As we all know, Greta is bringing the problems of climate change around the world to the fore, reaching young and old alike in every part of the globe.

It also happened to Oscar Farinetti, which after the positive experiences of Unieuro and Eataly, has recently inaugurated, Green Pea, the first green retail park in the world. A project created with his son Francesco, a real example of how you can think and create a 100% sustainable structure: 15 thousand square meters dedicated to leisure, home, clothing and food.
A selection of products made in Italy and from around the world, all made with a low environmental impact. The numbers of Green Pea: 66 shops, distributed over five levels of services and products, a museum, two restaurants and a cocktail bar.
And then a swimming pool (heated in winter), a club dedicated to leisure and a Spa.

In the Covid-19 era, entrances will be limited, no more than 1000 customers at the same time within the structure, with temperature measurement and security to keep people at a distance. For the moment it will be open only during the week, from Monday to Friday, 10-20 hours.
New provisions from the DPCM are expected for weekends and holidays.

Two proposals dedicated to food: 100 wines and Affini (the third born in the Affini house) and a completely new look for the starred Casa Vicina, which has been part of Eataly Torino since 2007, which finally returns to see the light of the sun, in the its new large spaces.
On the top floor a cocktail bar, in the area dedicated to the Otium, between the Spa and the cantilevered swimming pool with an incredible view of the Alps.

100 Wines and Affines

Davide Terenzio Pinto and his team have created a very interesting and ambitious project: a brand new laboratory of experimentation and innovation in the world of liqueurs, cider, beer, mixology, but also cooking, with a dedicated proposal.
And it is the liqueurs that have a central role in the proposal of 100 Wines and Affines with the relaunch of the historic brand Subalpine Distilleries. After the presentation of Fernet, launched in recent months, 100 Vini e Affini offers four brand new liqueurs: Nuvolari, one of Affini's flagship products, in a cocktail liqueur version; the Ascari and the Green Bee (green bee) created to celebrate the birth of Green Pea, with a bright green color and prepared with 100% natural elements, the Elixir Le Masche.
Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.
The gastronomic proposal will also focus on sustainability, with a selection of organic, local raw materials and reuse of waste.
The idea of ​​#UseTheExisting is interesting, inspired by the Zegna family who introduced it to the world of fashion. They range from coffee grounds, for the creation of new syrups, to wine leftovers to create new Hippocratic wines from waste. To give a second life to everything that exists and must not be wasted.

Casa Vicina Restaurant

The Vicinas have been restaurateurs for over 100 years, five generations who have passed the baton at the helm of one of the most known and loved restaurants in the city, for traditional cuisine, always original and never banal proposals, which have their roots in tradition of Piedmontese cuisine.
Located on the third floor of the structure, 300 square meters of space between dining room and kitchen, large windows, natural light that illuminates the whole room from which you can enjoy the view of the Turin hills.
Outside, an outdoor area available for guests to admire the city from a new point of view.
For the moment open only for lunch (Tuesday to Sunday), pending new provisions for the next few weeks.
Casa Vicina Restaurant – Green Pea

Green Pea
via Nizza 230 (part of the Lingotto Shopping Center)

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