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Largo to the young: the under-30 chefs arrive at the Torre restaurant of the Prada Foundation in Milan – Italian Cuisine

Five events from March to November 2019 with talented young international chefs for the CARE's Chef Under 30 project. We start with

From March to November five "Under 30" chefs will be invited to propose, for a period of two weeks each, a four-course menu, inspired by the gastronomic identity of their country of origin. Aldo Yaranga (1989) of the La Niña restaurant in Miraflores (Peru) will be the first young chef in the Torre restaurant from 8 to 24 March 2019. Pedro Miguel Schiaffino's pupil, in his dishes Aldo Yaranga translates his passion for the Peruvian tradition.
The Prada Foundation's Torre restaurant begins the 2019 program of the "CARE's Chef Under 30" project, created in collaboration with the three-star Michelin chef Norbert Niederkofler and with Paolo Ferretti, both founders of "CARE's – The Ethical Chef Days", A project conceived with the aim of promoting" the kitchen of ideas "and a gastronomic culture based on products of proximity, respectful of the environment, the use of products and resources, attentive to waste and a balanced quality / price ratio.

Chef Aldo Yaranga: the first guest
Trained in international kitchens, at the age of 17 he started working in the most prestigious restaurants in Lima. With the intent of rediscovering the products of the Peruvian Amazon, he resides for two years in the region. After this training period he meets chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who guides him during his experience at the Malabar restaurant in Lima. Thus began the dedication of Aldo Yaranga towards sustainability and responsible cooking in direct relationship with the farmers. At the age of 28 he is a sous chef at La Niña restaurant, where together with the owner he collaborates in developing an ethical vision linked to seasonality, using local ingredients and collaborating with local farmers and fishermen. Driven by curiosity for other cultures, Aldo Yaranga participates in numerous gastronomic events all over the world and continues to devote himself to the traditional cuisine of his country.

The project
At the Torre restaurant – next to his permanent chef and the Italian menu inspired by the best regional traditions – there are various gastronomic offerings dedicated to emerging international talents in the kitchen. With the support of "CARE's – The Ethical Chef Days" the Torre restaurant becomes a place for the exchange of ideas that characterize the cuisine of the invited chefs. Thanks to the comparison on the concepts of sustainability, care of the territory and protection of the environment, the Torre restaurant wants to link itself to different cultures, to create a conscious gastronomic knowledge and promote a conscious and careful ethics towards food.

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Young chefs grow up – Sale & Pepe – Italian Cuisine

171673In twenty years the school Virgilio Titone of Castelvetrano (Tp) has formed generations of young chefs who often brought the traditions and the Sicilian tradition beyond the Strait of Messina. So why not celebrate this important anniversary with a mega party? Thanks to
support of partners who collaborate on a permanent basis with the Institute (one of them, the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe La Rotta dei Fenici) has been prepared a big birthday party, a container of events for the promotion and enhancement of resources first of all enogastronomic but also cultural and environmental of the Valle del Belice.

Here, then, Twenty E-winds: because there are twenty years to remember, twenty Sicilian, Italian and foreign hotel schools (from Germany, France and Spain) invited to celebrate this anniversary together, twenty times of celebration (between meetings, tastings, workshops) that, from 2 to 5 April, will animate the spaces of the Titone, housed in a monument of industrial archeology as the former Oleificio SAICA.

171676The program is packed: at the heart of the event will be the challenge between future chefs and barmen ready to compete on the theme Discovering the Mediterranean: a journey through flavors, knowledge and sensations. But in the school spaces will also be set up a Taste Village, with tastings and tastings of food
typically local road (from arancine to bread and panelle).

There will also be workshops on extra virgin olive oil (produced in the area with the amazing olives of the Nocellara del Belice cultivar), on wine (the area is particularly suited to the production of Grillo, Catarratto, Inzolia, Nero d'Avola, ie the Gotha dei native Sicilian vines), on the Ancient Grains, (here is the Tumminìa with which one makes the black bread of Castelvetrano, one of the Slow Food Presidia); on the cheeses of local master cheesemakers (just to name the Vastedda del Belice, another Slow Food Presidium).

And then show coking with the live preparation of a Sicilian cassata from Guinness. And, again, workshops created in collaboration with start-ups and companies of excellence in the sector that will cover various topics such as "Cultural itineraries and creative tourism: work in progress", "Food and wine tourism: a tour in the territory between Couscous, busiate and taste of the sea ". And last but not least guided tours to discover the artistic and cultural beauties of the territory, between the ruins of Selinunte and the baroque splendours of Castelvetrano. (info:

Enrico Saravalle
March 2019
photo credits: Flavio Leone

Masterchef, an outdoor test with special chefs – Italian Cuisine

In the next episode the competitors will have to cook a lunch for 60 people at the Italian Chef Academy in Rome, but to help them there will be the guys of the Italian Association of People Down

If we have dented ingredients or uninviting-looking foods, what do we do? We throw them out? Absolutely not! The food it is not wasted, but it transforms and reuses with imagination to create new dishes. It is what competitors will have to do Masterchef in Mystery Box of the next installment of the program, on air Thursday 21 February starting at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno.


At the stove with the boys of the Italian Down People Association

Super exciting will then be the outdoor test organized on the occasion of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Italian Down People Association, which works to ensure that people with down syndrome achieve good autonomy both in everyday life and in work. Just four guys from the Association will help aspiring chefs prepare a lunch for 60 guests at the Italian Chef Academy cooking school in Rome. They will not fail, then, as usual, the Invention Test and the Pressure Test, during which the competitive spirit and the mutual likes and dislikes of aspiring chefs will surface.

Daily Masterchef

It continues every day, at 19.50 always on Sky Uno, the daily strip of MasterChef Magazine. Also this week the judges of MasterChef Italia will take us to the discovery of their dishes; the chefs in the race will tell unpublished episodes experienced in the program's cooking and the details of the recipes proposed in the MasterClass; some starred chefs will be guests Viviana Varese and Matias Perdomo; finally, the section dedicated to gourmet pizzas will continue.