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Zero spechi: 10 great chefs against food waste – Italian Cuisine

Zero spechi: 10 great chefs against food waste

Fighting food waste to combat climate change. Too Good To Go, together with Carlo Cracco and the great Chefs, for the second International Day against Food Waste

We know that tackling food waste is one of the main solutions against climate change. Precisely on this topic the September 29 the second will be celebrated International Day of Awareness on Food Waste and Loss. For this occasion Too Good To Go, the app against food waste, joins great Chefs such as Carlo Cracco And Cristina Bowerman, and offers various activities that focus attention on a greater awareness of consumers, who can make a difference through their small daily actions.

How Too Good To Go works

The Too Good To Go app allows restaurateurs and merchants to offer them every day Magic Box, “Bag” with a surprise selection of fresh products and dishes, which remained unsold at the end of the day and which cannot be put back on sale the next day. Users can book and pay for the Magic Box in the app and then collect it at the point of sale at the specified time slot. Exclusively on the occasion of the September 29, the Chefs who have joined the Too Good To Go campaign, will make available on the app "Chef Box", which will contain theirs anti-waste recipe dedicated to this day of awareness against waste.

The commitment of the chefs

Food is not thrown away: this must become an affirmation that goes from haute cuisine to the stove at home. Project Drawdown, has in fact identified that the production and consumption of food, and therefore even more so its waste, which involves a further use of resources, are in fact among the major causes of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. How do we make this awareness our own? Here they come into play ten great chefs of Italian cuisine, which exceptionally on 29 September will make available "Chef Box ", containing a real anti-waste plate, accompanied by the recipe and the CO2e count emitted by the various foods. The target? raise consumer awareness onimpact that even small actions, just like that of "saving" and not wasting a dish, they may have for our planet.

The appointments between Rome and Milan

As well as at the restaurant of Carlo Cracco, in Milan le Chef Box will be available thanks to the commitment against food waste by Claudio Sadler (Sadler restaurant), Eugenio Boer (Bu restaurant: r) e Marco Ambrosino (28 Places).
In Rome it will instead be possible to book the anti-waste Magic Boxes of Cristina Bowerman (Glass Hostaria) e Niko Romito And Gaia Giordano (Bar and Kitchen Area), while in Cernobbio it will be active Davide Caranchini (Ristorante Materia) and in Catania Alessandro Ingiulla (Sapio Restaurant). Also Philippe Léveillé (Ristorante Miramonti l'altra) e Caterina Ceraudo (Ristorante Dattilo) will participate by providing their recipe against waste.

For a better future

It is precisely in the kitchens of the house that 53% of food waste is produced in Europe (EU Fusions, 2016): in a survey promoted by Too Good To Go and YouGov, the majority (77%) of the same interviewees indicate that consumers are the first to take responsibility and take action to combat waste.
Through a ironic video the chef Chef Carlo Cracco points out that "The true value of food", it is quantifiable in its environmental impact.

Other initiatives

Too Good To Go will undertake to carry out a series of initiatives in the city of Milan thanks to a billboard campaign within the city and the creation of a mural, created with a special purifying paint by the emerging artist Elena Zecchin, on an area made available by Rob de Matt. The local will also be recipient of food donations, which will be reused in projects in favor of the population groups most in difficulty. The mural, of 22 square meters, will eliminate the smog of approx 4.7 petrol cars € 6 per day, as would the equivalent area of ​​a forest. Furthermore, in the first month of life, the mural will also absorb 951.2 g of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Cutting-edge chefs: the New Year's Eve menu, from the restaurant to your home – Italian Cuisine

Cutting-edge chefs: the New Year's Eve menu, from the restaurant to your home

Red zone for New Year 2021. This was the final sentence. But don't panic, the dinner to satisfy at least our stomach we can give it to ourselves. There are those who spend the day in the kitchen, those who buy a thousand cooking magazines in search of the perfect dish to start the year well, those who prefer to relax and opt for a dinner delivery or take away in their favorite restaurant. No effort, maximum satisfaction.

Milan or Rome, surroundings or not, have you tried to browse which places have studied ad hoc proposals for this special occasion for you? Here are some ideas to take inspiration from.

We are in Milan "at home" of Andrea Berton, starred chef, who after announcing the opening of a pop-up restaurant in Montecarlo during the holidays, has prepared a special menu for December 31st, with easy and fun gourmet dishes to regenerate or finish at home. "A way to stay close to customers, to make them feel a little as if they were sitting there, at the table in our restaurant". It starts with a steamed beetroot sandwich, the meat and anchovy olive and the salmon marinated with green apple compote, to continue with; shrimp tails, carrot, parsley, almond and amaranth popcorn; chicken tortellini in broth; cod steak with Trasimeno beans and shallots and veal cheek with mashed potatoes with extra virgin olive oil. Finally, the chocolate cake and raspberry sauce. There is, of course, the small patisserie: orange nougat, salted caramel chocolate and coffee puffs.

And then there is the Bu: r by Eugenio Boer and Carlotta Perilli, or rather the Bu: r at your home. This idea, born during the first lockdown, is a gastronomic menu enriched specifically for New Year's Eve ideal for two people. It all starts with smoked ham Vol-au-vents, Russian salad, tuna puffs, a pink shrimp tart and veal paté jelly. Smoked salmon with bread and prized Black Adamas caviar with soft tigelle. Staying on the traditional, which never disappoints, the first course is cappelletti in broth, passing through boiled capon with Cremona mustard and cotechino with lentils. In short, dishes that hardly disappoint. But beware … a dinner never ends without a dessert. And here is Bu: r pays homage to you with its delicious profiteroles.

But have you ever gone to that Bistrot in Porta Genova? Is called 28 Places and it is a must try as soon as the free all returns. In the meantime, why not delight yourself with a nice delivery for the dinner. Affordable price and one hundred percent satisfied palate. This is why Marco Ambrosino takes care of it, who for the occasion has signed the box to send you home to prepare all the recipes in two, maximum four hands. Here you can find bread with Tumminia wheat with smoked butter, a jar of Genovese di Polpo plus the Trottoel from Pastificio dei Campi. We proceed with a roasted stuffed chicken to be heated in the oven with the accompanying sauce, ending with the Kugelhopf, the home-made, naturally leavened Alsatian dessert. Are you still hesitating? I would call now.

We move to Rome, the eternal city. How much he suffers from the lack of his beloved tourists intent on photographing all his beauty. But they will come back, we are all sure. In the meantime, she too has done everything to not disappoint its inhabitants, in fact the delivery menus of the premises for the night of December 31st are really many.

We meet On the floors, in the Parioli district. Since 1872 this restaurant has been distinguished by the scrupulous search for seafood and the best fish from the Lazio coast and, not surprisingly, is a reference point for eating fresh fish in Rome, a mission that is not taken for granted. In keeping with tradition and to send a message of optimism also to its loyal customers, for the New Year's Eve dinner they opted for take away, an operation already implemented under the name "Ai Piani a casa tua" and to which usually delivery is added, suspended only on this occasion. It will be possible to agree directly with the property the dishes to compose your menu including raw or cooked appetizers, first courses, second courses with the individual prices specified per portion, while in the three different preparations of Catalan lobster the indication is per hectogram.

The chef also joined in the same way Riccardo Di Giacinto of the All’Oro restaurant, who is happy to be present in the cafeterias of his Romans, has provided impeccable menus for both Christmas and New Year's Eve: terrine of boiled meat, pickled vegetables and green sauce; lasagnette with guinea fowl, porcini mushrooms and black truffle; beef cheek braised in Barolo and potato millefeuille; Golden tiramisu; small bakery. And for those who want the inseparable lentils and cotechino.

It is known that the Romans are very fond of their traditional cuisine for this Hosteria Grappolo D'Oro under the guidance of chef Antonello Magliari, will propose for these holidays a typically homemade menu enriched by off-menu, or special dishes that will vary day by day depending on the chef's inspiration. Leafing through the pages of the à la carte menu, the creamed cod with fresh artichoke salad, the millefeuille of burrata and anchovies and the boiled meatballs with green sauce stand out. Then again, the fresh pasta is homemade including artichoke ravioli alla gricia and lasagna broccoli and sausage but also fish first courses such as spaghettone water and flour with spright and Romanesco broccoli. The second courses confirm the traditional and enjoyable spirit from cod to Roman-style lamb, from meatballs to veal breast sauce in the fornara style with some small digressions such as sea bass in artichoke crust. Delicious conclusion with tiramisu or buckwheat tart with raspberry jam.

The home menu operation has been on for a while now. This restaurant has in fact become a real training ground for life, which we can all try to support while waiting for better times. Everyone as can. Reminding us that good food always keeps our moods high, even the darkest ones.

Elena Strappa

The advent calendar of chefs – Italian Cuisine

The advent calendar of chefs

Italy must not stop cooking … especially at Christmas! Here is the new initiative to support restaurateurs and learn new Christmas recipes directly from great chefs

This year the Advent calendar is not just about eating! The project Italy Keeps On Cooking, in collaboration with Eataly, launches a series of cooking courses in streaming to support restaurateurs and give everyone the opportunity, even from a distance, to share their passion for cooking.

From the beginning of December until Christmas Eve, 24 chefs between starred and emerging will hold cooking classes in streaming, individual or group, which will involve the participants thanks to a Collectible Christmas Box illustrated by Serena Pretti and made with ecological material: inside there will be the kitchen apron, the complete recipe and some ingredients, selected by Eataly, to enhance the food and wine excellence of our territory.

Italia Keeps On Cooking: the protagonists

The chefs who will hold the cooking courses in streaming will be the following: Franco Aliberti, Marco Ambrosino, Daniel Canzian, the couple formed by Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto, Matteo Dolcemascolo, Federico Trobbiani, Luca Natalini, Mirko Ronzoni, Wicky Priyan, Eugenio Boer , Andrea Zazzara, Gianluca Fusto, Ugo Alciati, Giancarlo Perbellini, Davide Caranchini, Andrea Berton, the brothers Christian and Manuel Costardi, Lorenzo Cogo, Niccolò Rizzi, Eugenio Roncoroni, Alberto Gipponi, Cristina Bowerman, Luigi Taglienti and Roberto Di Pinto.

In addition, on 13 and 16 December, there will be two events dedicated to Christmas cocktail. Together with Guglielmo Miriello, bar manager of Ceresio 7 in Milan, you will be able to learn how to create three great classics of mixology: French 75, Vintage Negroni and Old Fashioned.

The complete calendar of chefs with their respective Christmas themed recipes you can consult it by clicking here.

Italy Keeps On Cooking

Italia Keeps On Cooking is the movement born last March on the occasion of the agency's first lockdown Alessia Rizzetto PR & Communication. A project created to morally support the protagonists of the restaurant world and concretely the Luigi Sacco hospital in Milan. A social fundraising campaign that started in Milan and then went viral thanks to the more than 1600 people who wore the apron that invited them to “never stop cooking”. An appeal to be understood in the broadest sense of the term: Italy must remain united to continue churning out ideas, projects and recipes.

"Remaining faithful to the claim 'Italia Keeps On Cooking', which in recent months has become our mantra, we have reacted to the persistence of current restrictions by churning out an 'out of the ordinary' project, which could demonstrate to restaurateurs our closeness to them. . The enthusiasm with which our idea was received makes us understand how Italian chefs want to get involved, to express their creativity and to share their dishes – albeit virtually – with all those who can't wait to to be able to go back to the restaurant Alessia Rizzetto, founder of the homonymous communication and public relations agency.

"We are happy to be able to support this project, which we had already followed as spectators since its inception, while enhancing the excellence of Italian products. Never before have we wanted to support the world of catering and bring the carefree care that quality food and a cooking lesson can offer to the homes of the 'Eatalians' ", he adds Clotilde Balassone, Head of Marketing of Eataly.

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