How to recognize a good pizza according to the great pizza chefs – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

How to recognize a good pizza according to the great pizza chefs

On January 17th we have one more reason to eat it: it’s the Pizza Day. But how do you recognize a good pizza? The most popular Italian dish in the world is also the most inflated, and every time it is a different experience. If it’s true that everyone has their own tastesthat for example a true Neapolitan will hardly appreciate a thin or pan pizza like a Roman, and that those who prefer the crunchy one will never admit (or perhaps) to having appreciated a pizza with a soft crust and filling, there are objective parameters to understand if that What are we eating? Is it a well-made pizza or not?

How to recognize a good pizza

The great pizza chefs we consulted have no doubts: appearance can say a lot, because it’s not just the flavor that counts. And above all, the flavor of the first slice doesn’t matter, nor just the taste experience you experience in the moment.

In the gallery below you will discover the details, with advice from six champions of pizza in Italy: the first in the world for the 50 Top Pizza rankingthat is Francesco Martucci; Diego Vitagliano; Giuseppe Staritawhich carries on the tradition of the historic Starita pizzeria in Materdei which has now become synonymous with the best Neapolitan pizza even overseas; Salvatore Lionellowhich is leading the way with its “differently Neapolitan” pizza that has just arrived in Milan. But not only. We also asked for advice Renato Boscowhich with its “contemporary”, “chunch” and gourmet pizza is among the ambassadors of the nouvelle vague of the pizza world, and Gino Sorbilloanother true Neapolitan who deserves the credit of having made the art of pizza known to the general public. Here’s what they told us.

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