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On a diet in winter: tips for not giving up – Italian Cuisine

The end of the year old revelries seem now far away, but summer is not so close: i first months of the year I am a limbo, which lends itself perfectly to make a commitment and lose the extra pounds. From the Tao diet that comes from the East to that of supermetabolism, suitable for the cold season because it allows to eat in quantity, there is certainly no lack of proposals and alternatives to try to dispose of excess weight.

The problem is another. For those who choose to wear on a diet in the middle of winter there is no good news: the "good intentions" diet at the beginning of the year risks skyrocketing. The results of some research are far from encouraging: only 8% of those who start a diet in winter successfully completes it, and even those who laboriously will get some results will quickly recover the few pounds lost.

As often happens, science comes to the aid to explain the reasons of the failure of "winter" diets, breaking a spear in favor of those who, armed with the best intentions, always see their efforts frustrated: the guilt would be of an "ancestral" instinct, the same that pushed our ancestors to eat more in the cold months, the period when food was harder to find, and that still today makes us feel a greater desire for food during the winter, pushing us to accumulate weight.

Many nutritionists argue that during winter should increase calories introduced to better withstand lowering temperatures. But then how to set up if you want to start a diet in winter and you intend to bring it to a successful conclusion?

Here are some tips from dott.ssa Carla Lertola, nutritionist: "If it is true that during the winter we are led to eat more calories, it is equally true that now we live in preheated environments and we move little, and therefore we risk not being able to dispose of them. To achieve a diet is fundamental the mental approach. Starting a weight loss diet in January or February can offer the double advantage of having a long period of time during which you gradually reduce the caloric quota, without upsetting our habits ".

To sum up, apart from good will, here are some tips to get fit in the winter months:

Start the diet on time, in order to have a right amount of time to get used to the new diet, which must however be well balanced and varied

Learn to shop, avoiding buying temptations and choosing instead the ingredianti with which we can prepare some flight comfort food healthy

Buy seasonal products and learn how to cook them in the most correct way to preserve their nutritive principles

Enrich the raw materials with the spices reducing the amount of salt and fat

Finally, let us not forget – we add – that in order to stand firm we can offer ourselves a non-food prize: it has been demonstrated that the "Happy Meal effect" helps us to eat less.

article of Silvia Tatozzi
3 February 2016
updated by Stella Rita
January 2019


Purification diet three days after Christmas – Italian Cuisine

It takes very little to dispose of fluids, toxins and swelling that have given us "parties". A handful of three days to watch out for food, with light but tasty dishes: here's how

You can not celebrate Christmas, and all the parties that you bring with you, without enjoying the rich traditional dishes together with their loved ones. Do not eat grilled chicken breast and salad: it would benefit the body (maybe), but certainly not the heart. At the bottom then only one will suffice three-day diet to purify from excesses and rediscover the form.

Three-day purifying diet

The ideal would be to reset body and mind from eating habits that are not exactly correct acquired on holidays. Abandon alcohol, fizzy drinks, sweets, packaged products and in general anything that could lead you to overdo the portions.
Prefer foods that help the purifying process, like the lemon juice used to season or to aromatize water and green tea. Among the vegetables, the ones with the most detox properties are the beets, salad, spinach, chicory, dandelion (and in general all green leafy vegetables), celery, artichokes is fennel.
Choose lean proteins – fish is White meat, eggs, legumes is lean cheeses (not the light version of fatty cheeses) – that sate and make the metabolism work, and only use it extra virgin olive oil raw as a condiment.

The tricks to resist the diet

In fact it is only a three-day diet to purify, but after all the Christmas goodies reduce the amount of what we eat and return to a simpler diet can be difficult. begin then the meal with della raw vegetables – a pinzimonio or a mixed salad will be fine – that forcing you to chew for good, will help to promote a sense of satiety. Remember to always dress the vegetables with extra virgin olive oil to assimilate the vitamins and exploit the satiating power of the fibers. Always to delude your stomach, try a drink a glass of water before each meal: you will leave with your stomach already a little full.
If you are used to sweets and you just can not give it up, try cook of apples or pears in the oven with all the peel and some cinnamon, nutmeg is cloves. Once cooked they will naturally be very sweet and it will be enough a chopped fruit or a spoonful of thick yogurt for a healthy and delicious snack. To make more tasty white meat and fish try to accompany them with a sauce made by mixing yogurt, curry and oil or mustard and lemon juice. If instead you are among those who drink little – when, in reality, water is essential to eliminate waste and toxins – prepared flavored waters infusing in a liter of water a few slices of lemon, orange or grapefruit or a handful of pomegranate and ginger beans. You will get a tasty drink, which also uses food to purify.

Detox is not the same as a diet – Italian Cuisine

After the parties and big binges it takes a bit of detox. Here are 10 foods that should not be missing at the table.

The parties are over, but the extra pounds remain. But do not be alarmed, the important thing is to immediately run for cover with a little 'physical activity and a correct and more balanced diet. Let's talk about detox.

Fasting yes or no?

According to some nutritionists it is important to detoxify the organism once a month (even better once a week) with a day of fasting. For 24 hours we should simply feed on teas and centrifuged. An impossible undertaking but with time it becomes a good habit and not a great sacrifice.
Another school of thought advises instead to never skip meals, but to eat simply differently. 5 meals a day, well distributed and not excessive.

What does detox mean?

The detox foods are all those foods that help to cleanse the body from waste and toxins, thus preventing premature aging of the body and stimulating cell turnover.
You can detoxify yourself from food, alcohol, smoking and in general from all the habits that hurt our body.
As for the diet, detoxification from excesses of calories and fat accumulates means to drink a lot, consume low-calorie foods, use a few condiments and prefer light cooking.
To learn more about this topic, we suggest you read the article What does Detox mean??

Detox, not diet

You can do detox for 24-48 hours at most. Never go further because it is not good, indeed!
Detoxifying for a couple of days does not mean following a real diet. In a few hours you can eliminate toxins and you can "deflate", but to lose weight and lose weight you must follow a food plan consistently and for a medium-long period of time.
Following very low-calorie diets for more than two days can induce a state of ketoacidosis and cause an increase in the toxins produced. After a week there is the risk of demolishing the body proteins to produce energy and the demolition of the muscles leads to the production of nitrogenous waste.

What should not be missing at the table on detox days?
Stock up on these 10 foods.