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Potato gnocchi, because they are also good on a diet

Simple and rich in taste, in the right quantities and with the most suitable ingredients, they are an ally of the line. Here are the advice of an expert to follow

The potato gnocchi they combine tradition and taste and are also good a diet. They are an excellent alternative to pasta, for example on holidays, when it is more necessary to reconcile moments of conviviality with the need for the line because they provide almost half the calories, but allow you to bring dishes and recipes with a particular flavor to the table. But which ones to choose? Better homemade or packaged ones? "The ready-made ones often contain not only potatoes, flour and water, but in some cases palm and rapeseed oil, sulphites, glutamate and many other preservatives that risk making the dish less healthy and less ally of the line", explains the nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino. "Then, you need to pay attention to the quantities to avoid exceeding with starches with a high glycemic index that can cause a sudden increase in blood sugar and make weight loss more difficult due to the reappearance of appetite in a short time", says the expert, which explains why potato gnocchi are also good on a diet.

The advantages for the line

«Egg-free potato gnocchi mainly provide slow-release carbohydrates and many B-complex vitamins, such as vitamins B1, B2 and B3, which give energy and satiety and promote metabolic processes. In addition, thanks to the richness of tryptophan, they activate a whole series of wellness hormones that help you feel better, including serotonin. The latter, in addition to making you feel satisfied and relaxed, is involved in the regulation of hunger, "says the expert. If the potato gnocchi are prepared with eggs, they are slightly more caloric, but at the same time they provide proteins that make the recipes even more complete. "Combined, for example, with seasonal vegetables and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, they can become a single dish that in a single course guarantees all the nutrients the body needs for a balanced meal".

The tips to follow

"To make potato gnocchi excellent allies in the diet, first of all, you can add the boiled potatoes to the dough only after having cooled them in the fridge. Cooling in fact modifies the structure of the starch and lowers its glycemic index, thus avoiding the fluctuations in blood sugar that promote greater production of insulin, the hormone that stimulates hunger. The combination with other foods will do the rest ", explains nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino. Another small trick is to use the black one, also called violet, in the dough instead of the white potato. "In this way anthocyanins are added which also give the dish antioxidant properties, useful for facilitating the disposal of toxins and counteracting inflammation". To improve the nutritional profile of the dish, type 2 whole wheat flour can be used in the dough. "Compared to refined, 00 and 0, it provides slow-release carbohydrates and fibers that slow down the absorption of starches. And, finally, you can completely exclude the salt in the dough and add it only in the sauce, to avoid overdoing the sodium, which promotes retention and swelling ".

How to combine them at the table

"A mistake that is often made when eating potato gnocchi is to consume other foods rich in carbohydrates in the same meal, such as bread and starchy foods in general, which worsen their impact on blood sugar." Then pay attention to the condiments. «For example, eating a plate of gnocchi with butter will have a different effect than a plate of gnocchi prepared for example with tomato sauce and seasonal vegetables. In fact, vegetable fibers slow down the absorption of starches, reduce their effects on blood sugar, blood sugar levels and increase their satiating effect ". Ok also with fish such as salmon or with the classic meat sauce. "They both provide noble proteins, complete with all essential amino acids and healthy polyunsaturated fats that improve their impact on insulin. In these cases, however, it is better to give up the second one to avoid an excess of protein that slows down its digestibility and combine the dish with a mixed salad, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, which increases its satiating effect ".

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