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The recipe of the Sicilian cassata by Pietro Adragna of "MasterChef" – Italian Cuisine

One of the most beloved characters of the MasterChef 11 public comes out: the Palermo-born Pietro Adragna, to whom we asked for the recipe of the Sicilian cassata

Two surprise eliminations during the eighth episode of MasterChef 11 – 556 thousand average spectators and 2.04% share despite the Sanremo Festival – aired last night on Sky Uno / + 1 and on demand: the judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli they asked Dalila and Pietro to remove their aprons following the Invention Test and the Pressure Test. "I can summarize my participation in MasterChef in three words: emotion, adrenaline and great joy", declares the Sicilian competitor Pietro Adragna (42 years old) who leaves the television cooking show produced by Endemol with only one regret: «I was unable to prepare the cannoli and cassata at least once. To make up for this lack, we reached him by phone to ask him for his very personal recipe for a perfect one Sicilian cassata to do at home.

Sicilian cassata by Pietro di
Sicilian cassata by Pietro of “MasterChef”.

The recipe of the Sicilian cassata of MasterChef

For the sponge cake
3 eggs
45 g starch
45 g 00 flour
90 g sugar
A pinch of cinnamon

Whip egg whites and yolks separately, slowly adding 45 g of sugar to the mixture during the assembly; gently incorporate the two masses with a marisa taking care not to dismantle the mixture. Combine the buckets and sift them. In small doses, integrate the sieved buckets into the mass and mix with a marisa delicately from top to bottom. Pour the mixture into a greased and floured baking pan and bake in a preheated static oven at 180 for about 30 minutes.

For the ricotta cream
500 g sheep ricotta
100 g granulated sugar
50 g dark chocolate in pieces

Allow the ricotta to dry well and then add it to the sugar, giving it time to absorb it and dissolve completely in the fridge. Add the chocolate cut into thick and fairly consistent pieces.

Pietro Adragna.
Pietro Adragna.

For the marzipan
100 g almond flour
100 g pistachio flour
150 g granulated sugar
50 g egg white

Mix all the ingredients and mix them until you get a solid and chewy consistency, then let it rest in the fridge. The pistachio flour will allow to offer the mixture a natural color without resorting to the use of dyes, as well as giving a more decisive and particular taste to the marzipan.

Dark sugar for icing
500 g granulated sugar
75 g glucose or honey
150 g of water

Boil the ingredients in a pan up to 115 degrees, then transfer to a planetary or work by hand on a marble or steel surface with two spatulas until it becomes white and solid (from this moment it can be sealed and stored for a long time) . To bring it back to a liquid consistency, while maintaining the opaque white color, it will be sufficient to heat it in a water bath, if necessary with the help of just half a teaspoon of water.

For the royal icing for decorations
300 g powdered sugar
20 g egg white
A few drops of lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients and once the consistency is obtained insert into a pastry bag with a very small outlet.

For the wet
50 g Marsala wine
50 g of water


In the specific cassata pan line the walls with icing sugar. Cut a sphere of sponge cake the diameter of the lid of the pan and place it. Always with the sponge cake obtain trapezoidal shapes. Spread the marzipan with the help of the icing sugar and create mirror shapes to the trapezoidal ones just made with the sponge cake. Line the edges of the pan alternating the trapezoids of marzipan and sponge cake, in inverted positions. Once the pan is lined, use the syrup and with a brush let it absorb into the sponge cake. At this point, fill the cassata with the ricotta cream and line the base with another sphere of sponge cake, or with pieces of it enough to cover the whole base. Let it rest in the fridge. Once allowed to rest, proceed with the glazing; after dissolving the dark sugar and quickly using a spatula, coat the cassata of the same, pouring the sugar from above and carefully leveling all the parts. Once the icing has cooled, finish as desired by decorating with royal icing.

The judges of
The judges of "MasterChef".

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Nougat taste cassata – Recipe Nougat taste cassata by – Italian Cuisine

»Nougat taste cassata - Recipe Nougat taste cassata by Misya

First, melt the dark chocolate (in a bain-marie or in the microwave), then pour it into the mold and coat both the bottom and the sides well, creating an even layer.
Drain the excess into the bowl where you melted the chocolate, place the mold in the freezer for 5 minutes, then repeat the operation to create a thicker layer and finally leave it in the fridge.

Melt the white chocolate and add the alba cream.

Also add the candied fruit (do not cut them into too small pieces, the color must be clearly visible).

Pour the mixture thus obtained into the mold, try to level the surface well and let the air bubbles come out, then leave in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
Melt the dark chocolate again, pour a few tablespoons to cover the white surface and leave in the fridge for 1 hour.
(If you want the bottom of the nougat thicker, repeat the operation).

Trim the edges with a blade to remove excess chocolate, try to get air between the mold and the chocolate, then turn over onto the serving dish: if air has entered all around, it should turn out by itself.

The cassata flavor nougat is ready: let it rest for at least 20-30 minutes before cutting it.

The cassata of Filippo La Mantia and Chiara Maci – Italian Cuisine

The cassata of Filippo La Mantia and Chiara Maci

The recipe for celebrating Scalo Milano's birthday signed by the funniest food pair we have!

Filippo La Mantia is Chiara Maci: what a couple, though. He is Sicilian and cook (from the Milanese restaurant that bears his name), she is a very successful bell and food blogger. There kitchen he approaches them, of course, but not too much. Because they have different ideas about everything. But the bond that unites them is strong and they find it in the daily life, in the kitchen, in the shopping list, in the books, in the child who has just turned one year old.

On May 10th, together they created the entire birthday menu to celebrate in style the first year of Scalo Milano Outlet & More, the fashion outlet just outside the capital. Filippo and Chiara, as always, were very good during their show cooking and, from appetizers to desserts, they prepared some of the recipes that fill the pages of their four-handed book "But how do you make the caponata?" made them known), a novel with two voices, where we find Filippo's recipes, those without doses «because the recipe is a story and the emotion kitchen and those of Chiara instead, with ingredients and preparation «because in the kitchen the technique it's important".

And since the book was inspiring, the dinner started with the famous caponata prepared by Filippo, to continue with a pasta with cherry tomato pesto, Chiara curry salmon and finally with a special Sicilian cassata which, only for the special occasion, they revealed the recipe with which they prepared it.

After all, when Chiara is asked with which dish she understood that cooking would become her job, she replies «with sweets. And, from the success received, actually the answer seems to have been the right one.

Cassata recipe

Ingredients for 4 people:

• 1 kg of ricotta
• 400 grams of icing sugar
• 100 grams of chocolate drops
• a pinch of cinnamon

Recipe for sponge cake
• 6 eggs
• 160 grams of sugar
• 170 gr flour 00
• Candied fruit


The form to make the Sicilian cassata is produced in the district of the "calderai" in Palermo. Typical shape with edges to flare outwards, like a pan. At the base there is a recessed profile where to place the green marzipan and the sponge cake that characterizes this wonderful dessert. Without this shape, you can use a pan.

Then line the bottom with transparent film so that it can be easily removed. Bring a sponge cake and reduce it into thin slices with which you will make the bottom of the pan. Stuffed with ricotta cream obtained by mixing 1 kg. of sheep's milk ricotta, 400 gr. of icing sugar, gr.100 gr. of pure chocolate drops and a pinch of powdered cinnamon. Stir gently and let it rest for about 15 minutes.

With the help of a spatula, fill the ricotta cheese and level with a spatula. Cover with a disk of sponge cake and refrigerate for a couple of hours. Place a larger diameter disk on the cassata and turn it upside down. Lift the shape and remove the transparent film. At this point you will have the naked cassata. Now it should be decorated with sugar icing and candied fruit.

by Simona Sirianni

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