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Beautiful (and even good!) Christmas recipes – Italian Cuisine

Beautiful (and even good!) Christmas recipes

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The most beautiful covers of our 40s – Italian Cuisine

The Italian Cuisine turns 90 years old. To celebrate this milestone, let's take a dip in the past

When we celebrate a birthday we cannot help but look back to remember how we were and to understand where we arrived. Especially when there are so many candles.

In 90 years Italian Cuisine has gone through historical periods long ago. Leafing through our first magazines, it seems to read a history book: it is impossible not to be fascinated and incredulous in the face of the changes that follow one after the other, year after year.

To share with you the best of this story, we have collected some of the most beautiful and interesting ones covers of La Cucina Italiana. Let's start with 1940, in the first few years to have a real illustrated cover.

Even the elegant lady does not disdain the morning market excursion today. Is that the modern housewife knows how it is necessary to make economy, choose the most suitable genres, prefer the fresher and better ones.

Our 40s begin like this: although the concept of housewife today has definitely changed, attention to intelligent spending and fresh seasonal ingredients seems to already be in our soul. After all, the cover describes La Cucina Italiana just like the magazine for Italian families and women, though eat better and spend less.

In the gallery above, look at some of the covers of the first 40s magazines.

Healthy and beautiful with blueberries – Italian Cuisine

Healthy and beautiful with blueberries

Small, delicious and rich of beneficial substances the blueberries, wild and not, they are miraculous fruits. They contain abundant antioxidants, organic acids, tannins and vitamins. The concentrated cranberry juice and the encapsulated extract is ready to use and are even prescribed by doctors to shock treatment natural, but certainly the consumption of whole fruits on the prevention front it is more effective. Because in nature the beneficial substances are wisely mixed in food to guarantee maximum bioavailability.

It is important to choose to fill up the substances contained and not to negate the beneficial effects of blueberries pairings and correct cooking techniques. As explained by Chiara Manzi, founding nutritionist of the European Academy of culinary nutrition and author of "Antiging con gusto" (Sperling & Kupfer): "to make the most of their quality blueberries should not be consumed with yogurt, as with milk, ricotta or cream, because casein inhibits the action of polyphenols , the main substance contained in these small fruits. Indeed, blueberries are the only fruits that contain polyphenols both in the skin and in the pulp and that therefore powerfully favor the production of antioxidants in our body. Therefore it is good to exploit them to the maximum avoiding, in addition to milk derivatives, to associate them with very caloric ingredients, which generate many free radicals, neutralizing the antioxidant power of blueberries ".

The good news, though, is that the polyphenols are heat-resistant, therefore blueberries can be cooked without losing their properties. “In the blueberry jam – continues Chiara Manzi- the polyphenols are still present, but for what has just been said it is good to choose low jams sugar content (less than 30%). The words "only fruit sugars" can be misleading because some jams are added of sugars obtained from fruit, but not only from the one in the jam. Therefore, it is better to check the percentage of sugar on the label ".

With blueberries a fullness of goodness
Numerous Scientific studies support the beneficial properties of this fruit. The one presented at the American Chemical Society in Boston, for example, shows that the polyphenols and flavonoids contained in blueberries strengthen the microciglia of the brain, of the fate of small broomsticks that cleanse it of toxins, bringing its operating speed back to normal, so the thought is more lucid. Waste disposal also has a preventive effect degenerative diseases of the brain and in general against memory loss.
According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, blueberries, in a dose of one cup a day, prevent thehypertension, reducing the minimum values ​​by 10%. The anthocyanins contained in mirtilii, then, contrast the capillary fragility and all the disturbances derived from the cedimanto of the venous wall.
With blueberries also the view it improves, because the greater muscular elasticity allows a more rapid change of focus and the recovery of the visus in lack of light. Thanks to antiseptic substances contained in the small fruits, they are precious in the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract.

In the kitchen: just cooking and imaginative recipes
To take advantage of all the properties of blueberries the recommended dose is 100-150 grams per day, even frozen. For a healthy, efficient and delicious consumption of blueberries it is also important to choose the right cooking techniques. There vitamica C, of which blueberries are rich, it is thermolabile only if it comes in contact with oxygen. There vacuum cookingtherefore, it does not damage it. Pay attention to the addition of sugars to balance the sour taste of blueberries. You can choose natural and zero-calorie sugars with no marked aftertaste, like theerythritol, obtained from fermented fruit and also for sale in supermarkets.
"I would recommend this recipe – explains Chiara Manzi – a chocolate mousse 70% dark chocolate prepared by mixing the chocolate (also rich in polyphenols) melted in a bain-marie with the egg whites whipped, half normal sugar and half erythritol accompanied by blueberries ".
For those who want to indulge in a treat, there are so many sweet recipes, predominantly of the Anglo-Saxon tradition in which blueberries are the main ingredient: tarts and pious, cheesecake and soft muffin, also pancakes for breakfast they are often accompanied by fresh fruits or blueberry jam.
There are also savory recipes that combine the sour taste of blueberries with the flavor of other ingredients such as in the roasted, or in risottos – try the risotto recipe creamed with mushrooms and blueberries.

"Do it yourself" blueberries
Did you know that blueberries can easily be made grow on the terrace or in the garden? Just choose robust varieties that grow well even in the plains (like the red american blueberry) and are particularly lush. The fruits, many, are gathered from spring forwarded to the beginning Autumn. With one warning: they are very good and the birds are greedy, so they must be protected with a net or small scarecrows.

Silvia Bombelli
July 2016

updated in September 2019 by Claudia Minnella


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