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Carnival party: the best recipes – Italian Cuisine

For Carnival Do you want to cheer children but also the older ones with a party full of flavors and delicious dishes? We suggest some recipes with which to prepare a tasty buffet. Appetizers and sweet treats that will delight both the appetite and the good mood.

The inevitable classic carnival pancakes, many salty snacks to munch in the company and at least a couple of hot dishes.

With the Sale & Pepe's recipes yours carnival party it will be a guaranteed success.

Between fried desserts you will certainly not be able to miss them Chatter: one pulls the other!

But also the castagnole with anise, another typical dessert of the Carnival widespread and appreciated in most of Italy; region that you go, name and variant that you find: they are also known as beans, tortelli, strufoli, frittole or caragnoli. They are fragrant pancakes, internally soft, scented with anise and sprinkled with sugar, which, in grabbing them, sticks a little to the fingers, to be licked. They are delicious just cooked, warm and fragrant, but also cold, for a snack between streamers and masks!

For a complete menu, carnival, as a first course an excellent idea is to prepare with your own hands colored tagliatelle, similar to true streamers, or gods colorful gnocchi, which will look like confetti: the green dough is given by the basil, the yellow one by the saffron, the pink one by the beet. They will also like the little ones! Another first child-proof are the noodle croquettes with ham and mozzarella: the golden casing, to be bitten, has a warm and warm heart! He will conquer all with his taste.

The fried chicken is a second dish that really like everyone, irresistible: delicious, quick and easy to prepare, it is to be served hot with a fresh salad in season!

As a delicacy with which to intercalate, during a lunch or dinner, or in a buffet or as a snack or snack, try the focaccia rolled up, stuffed with olives, anchovies and dried tomatoes. Or let the children have fun with it smile toast, a nice and tasty sandwich with smiley faces, eggs and salad.

If you want to bring the table rightly vegetables, having the foresight to prepare a recipe that will eat even the smallest, you can try to use them as a basis for the vegetarian meatballs.

Fruit? Sure! With the Brazilian-style bananas, perfect dish to serve both sweet and salty, easy and quick to make: you can sprinkle them with a little salt and serve as a side dish, or sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and enjoy them as a snack or as an unusual dessert.

Whether it's an afternoon party, a whim of a moment, any time is good to nibble on the ghiotti chocolate sticks. Light and crunchy, we present them in three variations.

Search among the recipes of Sale & Pepe what most makes you mouth water, put yourself in the kitchen and … good Carnival!


recipes and customs for the funniest party – Italian Cuisine

Carnival in the mouth has the flavor of a sweet fried. Sugar and boiling oil. And often a super-alcoholic touch. From the times of the times: even the ancient Romans, in the centuries Avati Cristo, fried and sold fried, sweet and stuffed pasta, along the streets of the empire, for citizens and travelers during the Carnival era. Probably accompanied by wine, and in particular by an ancestor of vin brulé, which could date back to those times (by the way: here the recipe for a perfect mulled wine, the sangria of winter!).

We hope you have taken advantage of the time window between Epiphany and Carnival by following the advice to not give up the diet in winter, because now it is no longer time to save calories: Fat Tuesday is coming! From the peaks to the islands of the Bel Paese, the pans start to quiver and sizzle: here is a roundup of sweets Local carnival.

169659First of all there are the chatter, or lies (or 'intrigoni', in Reggio, or many other local names) whether you prefer: perhaps now the most common carnival frescos in the national territory – even if, we must admit, there is now also the 'baked' version , but above all there are the stuffed versions – like the delicious one with cocoa and pine nuts – or the accompanying sauces – in particular the hot zabaglione, also derived from it Piedmont-Ligurian. Similar to lies the 'sfrappole', typical of the carnival emilian and in particular Bolognese (here the recipe for a grappa version). Then of course i fried sweet ravioli, filled with cream, chocolate, jam, hazelnut cream & chocolate. Or maybe ricotta, in the case of Sicilians fravioli.

169662Also filled, with custard, i Milanese tortelli Carnival: an ancient recipe, which in the twentieth century was further enriched thanks to the vanilla. And then there are the 'Chinulille', sweets typical of the tradition Calabrian: it's exquisite panzerotti stuffed with a cream based ricotta, orange and cognac. from Romagna they arrive instead sweet carnival noodles, with sugar and grated orange peel. Fried desserts from the Carnival Tuscan are the rags at the Vin Santo, whose dough is enriched by the exquisite dessert wine, as well as by the orange peel – and orange is also the jam with which they are usually served.

47711They are the only ones that are made with the batter, as Orsola knows, confectioner Venetian blind that fry in the eighteenth century in a comedy by Carlo Goldoni. I'm the 'fritole', fried batter balls whose particularities are raisins and rum – a liqueur in use since the sixteenth century. Ball shaped – of the size of a walnut – they are also the Castagnole', an ancient recipe spread in the regions of Center of Italy which has different variations, but a simple base of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, yeast and lemon. And oil for frying, of course! Try them in various versions, like that aniseed or that with marsala.

Of balls – of the size of a hazelnut, however, is also composed the 'cicerchiatadi Carnevale', scenic sweet carnivalesque native ofUmbria but widespread throughout central Italy, which at mountain of fried balls unites the colorful candied fruit.

169668Simple, similar and certainly delicious recipes. Pancakes in gogo spread throughout Italy, starting from a great classic apple fritters. But fantasy to Carnival is essential, then invent your sweets! From February 28th to March 5th melt the reins to the imagination even in the kitchen: disguised and super-colored recipes, revelers in the kitchen. There is only one rule: at least the dessert, must necessarily be fried!

Carola Traverso Saibante
January 2019


Dried fruit, the fixed appointment at the party table – Italian Cuisine

Unfailing after Christmas lunch, must be chosen and consumed with some forethought. Eight walnuts are good, even after a meal. But they are very caloric: do not exaggerate with quantities

It's not really Christmas if, at the end of the meal, the classic dried fruit tray is not offered. Walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios. Do you think you are exaggerating? In reality, with the due precautions, a bit 'of dried fruit can do well and help reduce damage from saturated fats, such as those found in meats, meats and cheeses, all great protagonists of the rich party lunches. According to a study by the Policlinico di Barcellona, ​​published on the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the unsaturated fatty acids of oily seeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, sunflowers) have a protective effect, if consumed in the same meal, and perhaps right at the end. In particular, 8 walnuts (about 28 grams) help protect the coronaries from the negative effects of saturated fat and LDL cholesterol. Even more olive oil, as oil seeds contain more polyunsaturates. Both nuts and olive oil contribute to reducing inflammatory and oxidative reactions in the arteries, but nuts, in addition, preserve elasticity and flexibility.

Dried fruits, which to eat?

Dried fruit is part of a proper diet and has a preventive function on various diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases. But which is better to choose, especially for our Christmas lunchtime basket?

WALNUTS. We know that they contain omega-3 fatty acids that have a protective effect on the heart and help prevent atherosclerotic lesions of the walls of blood vessels. The American Food and Drug Administration, for years, recommend eating 8 a day.

HAZELNUTS. Unfortunately, many of their precious ones substances, such as vitamins A, B1, B2 and E, are lost during toasting. But the manganese containing active digestive enzymes: facilitates the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol and promotes the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. Hazelnuts contribute to the health of the digestive system, help intestinal transit and elimination of toxins.

ALMOND. They are rich in precious substances, such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus, which are important for the bones. I'm very recommended for vegetariansbecause they contain so many proteins, about 20 grams per pound. And they are a valid help against constipation.

PEANUTS. They are the most "thin", because they have less than 50 grams of fat per hectare, and are rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, proteins and iron.

PISTACHIOS. Avoid serving (and eating) those toasted and very salty. In the "natural" version, they have many virtues, including vitamin E, an antioxidant that works against free radicals and, therefore, against aging.

Eye to calories

Dried fruit has many virtues, but it remains a very caloric food: a pound of walnuts provides about 582 calories, a third of the energy an adult woman needs in a day. So, eat it without remorse but, at the octave, lay the nutcracker!