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Carnival party: savory recipes – Italian Cuisine

What do pirates, clowns, princesses and vampires eat? Of everything and more, as long as they are delicious tastes! Here's what to prepare for a Carnival party

To reign on the tables, at Carnival, desserts are true. But who said that you can't think of a fun salty menu for this party?
We have imagined a selection of recipes to be enjoyed in mask to fully enjoy the carefree spirit of the craziest days of the year.
What do pirates, clowns, princesses and vampires eat? Of everything and more, as long as they are delicious tastes!

Carnival kids

Carnival party: recipes and advice

And in order not to fill our buffet table of the Carnival party with the usual trays full of sandwiches, sandwiches and pizzas, you can orient yourself on something different and fun, which steals the appearance (and name) of the most famous carnival sweets.
Like the unpublished shallots with shallots and cabbage salad, the delicate ones cheese souffle, honey and nuts, the savory cartellate with gorgonzola and the greedy ones shrimp chestnuts. When you prepare the table, accompany these preparations with a small paper flag on which you will write the name of the recipe. Guests will enjoy tasting these brand new savory versions of the famous carnival dishes.

Chicken and tuna meatballs with mayonnaise in cucunci.
Chicken and tuna meatballs with mayonnaise in cucunci.

For pancake lovers instead, a collection of savory proposals: pancakes of shrimps, Pancakes of zucchini, pancakes of beets with almond mayonnaise, fritters of cauliflower in buckwheat batter and pancakes cod. An idea that goes well with the occasion is to prepare a small amount of each recipe and serve each guest a cone containing two pancakes per type. It will be fun, surprising and delicious.

And to complete the proposal of tasty tastings for Carnival, mondeghili, falafel of cicerchie and spicy cream of purple carrots, steamed meatballs with coconut sauce, fried chicken and popcorn, kalitsounia, stuffed crescents, coconut prawns and curry, chickpea and beef croquettes with herbal yogurt, panadas is polenta chips.

Our 20 savory recipes for Carnival

Cocktail party, two recipes for your aperitifs – Italian Cuisine

From Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve, the holidays become more intriguing with the signature drinks made by the well-known mixologist Mattia Pastorile in collaboration with Bibite Sanpellegrino

To start the festivities with the right spirit, welcome your guests with a home-made welcome aperitif, bet on simple but party-proof cocktails, such as the signature drinks signed by the award-winning bertender Mattia Pastori, twice nominated Best Italian Diageo World Class Bartender, inspired by soft drinks Sanpellegrino has created two recipes to make in a few simple steps.

The protagonists?

The Cocktail and the Silver Cocktail SanpellegrinoThe first is ruby ​​red, the second is transparent and bright, both characterized by a pleasantly bitter taste and spicy notes that make them the perfect accompaniment to be offered on the festive table.

Klaus's American

Klaus's Americano is a non-alcoholic reinterpretation of the most traditional cocktail of the same name, which takes its name from the mix of vermouth and bitters already mixed in the Milano Torino cocktail, which with the addition of a lot of ice and a soda spray is called Americano .

10 cl of Cocktail Sanpellegrino
3 cl of cold tea infused with orange and sweetened cinnamon
2 cl of syrup with Vermouth
We prepare the tea, sweet it to taste and let it cool. In parallel, we prepare the Vermouth syrup by heating the liqueur in a saucepan over high heat until reduced. Mix the two ingredients obtained in a low tumbler by adding the Sanpellegrino Cocktail and lots of ice. Decorate with lemon zest and a cinnamon stick.

Silver winter

Inspired by the famous French 75 international cocktail, in this revisitation the champagne is replaced by the pleasantly bitter and spicy taste of the Silver Cocktail, the citrus aromas are enhanced by the Bergamot Rosolio, while the pomegranate helps to give the final touch, which lucky charm for the beginning of the new year!

10 cl of Silver Cocktail Sanpellegrino
3cl of Bergamot Rosolio (Bergamot liqueur)
2cl of sugar syrup
2cl of Gin
We mix all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice using a barspoon and serve in a cocktail glass decorated with edible sugar and pomegranate beans.

The perfect mise en place for the party table – Italian Cuisine


Thinking about Christmas gifts, choosing the menus of the party lunches and finding the right recipes, for those who are looking for something a little less obvious, is certainly not easy. Certainly there are those who rely on tradition and those who want to experiment. And also to furnish the table, care, ideas and time are needed. Certainly, sharing these important moments in complete harmony is what we all want and we can also organize a beautiful table where gathering family and friends is part of the feast ritual.

180503But what are the trends of mise en place for Christmas 2019? To find out what is in vogue this year, we have heard the opinion of Giorgia Fantin Borghi, expert in the art of the table and etiquette, event organizer and wedding planner among the most successful in the industry.
"Our convivial appointments – tells Giorgia Fantin Borghi – they are seen as real celebratory meetings where, this year more than in the past, an elegant informality, a refined but relaxed table wins, and an attention to details that has the good taste of the matter without exasperation".
Because organizing the Christmas table is not just a commitment, it also means expressing one's personality and giving vent to creativity. "Whether it is an opportunity to be with family, with friends or to get closer to work colleagues – the expert continues – the time together is organized with commitment to transform it into a sought after but joyful and light moment, which helps to create precious moments, to strengthen and strengthen personal relationships and to express ourselves, even in receiving ”.

Here are some suggestions of Giorgia Fantin Borghi on the trends of the 2019 Christmas table, interesting and useful ideas for drawing inspiration and setting the table with taste, and why not, winking at the fashion of the moment.

180506Go ahead for allegorical symbols
They are well-wishing, have a protective and exorcising value with an idea of ​​rebirth and renewal. Space for animal figures as a metaphor for change and small objects with a talisman function, mixing design and tradition, more classic colors with images halfway between the mythological and the magical.
Mise en place ideal for the superstitious.

Lots of light with gold and metals
All the variations of gold and metals are still very trendy: gold, silver, brass and copper. Suggestive and bright effects, not brazen, but highly decorative. Finishes, details and small objects, in leaf or foil, for a refined but not ostentatious effect.
Perfect table for those who love to shine but with discretion.

Unconventional combinations
Plates and underplates with a traditional pictorial style and more formal ornaments are combined with more contemporary cutlery or ultramodern accessories. Mixing different styles, colors and materials within the same context helps to express our personality. But, be careful not to go "by chance", the combination of the various elements requires a minimum of attention.
For the daring, mix & match lovers.

180512Long live colors and materials
Two options for this Christmas 2019: on the one hand the dark and smoky colors like the intense greens and the very deep reds, on the other the absolute clear with small sparkling affectations. Whatever the choice, the direction goes in the sign of contrast with the background, whether it is a tablecloth or a material surface such as wood or marble.
For those who don't like compromises.

Small sophisticated details
Using embroidered cloth napkins, even in a very simple way, gives the table a special charm, a feeling of particular attention to detail. A superchic trick? Giorgia Fantin Borghi suggests changing the napkin before serving the dessert with a little smaller or simply a different color.
Chic details for the maniacs.

Essential and personal
"Our table – explains Giorgia Fantin Borghi – precisely because it is ours, it must be unique. There is therefore a very precious rule: to surround ourselves with a few objects but very significant for us and to be inspired only by the trends that really belong to us, without choosing what others would choose only because they are fashionable. Focus on the essential, making it completely personal ".
For those who don't like to follow fashions at all costs.

Beyond current trends, we asked Giorgia Fantin Borghi what absolutely must not miss on the Christmas table and which are the evergreens.

My inevitable on the Christmas table are a beautiful tablecloth, something a little special that dresses up the table to party. A rich and somewhat more abundant fall than usual makes the scene immediately elegant and refined. And if our favorite is a little short? To present the table, however, "habillé" it will be enough to use a longer fabric as a base (even in solid colors) and simply overlap the tablecloth. The underplates, in addition to being a huge fan, I think they are an extremely decorative element that allows the guest to keep his living spaces and the tablecloth to save himself from a bleach bath. The centerpiece, on imported occasions you can't miss it! It can be traditional with fir branches and Ilex berries or "green" with seasonal fruit and cinnamon branches or even unconventional with design objects of various kinds. However, the addition of mini lights or a few candles will immediately catapult you into the perfect scenario.

What are the main mistakes you should not make when preparing for the holidays?
The worst mistake is to put too many things on the table. Setting the table with forty-seven forks and thirty-two knives does not particularly help the service but, on the other hand, it creates a great confusion, also because in the end you never know where to place the serving dishes! The second is undoubtedly always leave the empty seat at the table because they are busy preparing the dishes in the kitchen or answering the various phone calls for wishes. At table you tend to sit!

How much and in what way do you think the conviviality and spontaneity of an informal family lunch – even during a party like Christmas – are influenced by a particularly sophisticated and richly detailed table?
Unfortunately the habit of “beautiful at the table” has been lost a little over time and it can happen that finding yourself in front of a particularly sought after equipment influences the approach to dining by covering it with a formality, but often it is only an initial sensation. But I think the warmth of the parties has a soothing effect, the taste of traditional dishes, music, memories, everything is part of that attention to detail that in some situations is good and right. Living in this beauty and enjoying it for some time I think it's wonderful, so then all the panettone are already without a tie!

Mariacristina Coppeto
December 2019


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