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Talento, Stefano Bollani and Food For Soul: great Berlucchi party – Italian Cuisine

Talento, Stefano Bollani and Food For Soul: great Berlucchi party

Friday 22 October is a great day for the newly awarded winery Cantina dell’Anno 2022: here's how to participate

Friday 22 October is another important date to mark on the calendar for the Guido Berlucchi, a recently proclaimed pioneer company of Franciacorta Gambero Rosso winery of the year 2022. A day of celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first bottle of Franciacorta, wanted and created by Franco Ziliani in 1961, founding father of an entire wine area, with ben two extraordinary events. The first of a visionary cultural nature: in the historic headquarters of Palazzo Lana in Borgonato (BS), the 3rd Edition of Academia Berlucchi 2021 with the theme "Talent, nourishment for the Future". The second, an extraordinary one benefit concert by Stefano Bollani at the Teatro Grande in Brescia open to the public, which will contribute to the support of the ONLUS "Food for Soul”By Lara Gilmore and Massimo Bottura. Congratulations!

Academia Berlucchi 2021

The 3rd edition of Academia Berlucchi on October 22 will have as its theme the "Talent, nourishment for the future"Which will participate – in an open reflection on the Future, New Generations and Sustainable Development – leading names including the architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri, the botanist, essayist and popularizer Prof. Stefano Mancuso, the theologian and philosopher Prof. Vito Mancuso, Irina Mella Burlacu, founder and owner of Vita International, Lara Gilmore, founder, together with her husband Massimo Bottura, of the ONLUS Food for Soul e Barbara Nappini, new president of Slow Food Italy. To lead the guests into dialogue with each other will be John Antwerp, Deputy Director and author of RAI 1, always sensitive to socio-environmental issues e Caroline Corbetta, curator of contemporary art and founder of @ilcrepaccio, collective of art and founding members of the Board of Academia Berlucchi.

Stefano Bollani in concert

To underline Guido Berlucchi's indissoluble relationship with his territory, the day of 22 October will close with an extraordinary benefit concert by the multifaceted artist Sefano Bollani at the Teatro Grande in Brescia – open to public. The evening will contribute to the support of the ONLUS Food for Soul, a cultural project created to give light and voice to the unexpressed potential of people, places and food. The most talented and eclectic Italian composer will entertain the audience with his cultured improvisations and his acrobatic monologues in music. As stated in the official presentation, Plan only is "a tribute to the art of improvisation. When Stefano Bollani takes the stage for his one man show, anything can happen. There is no lineup, no room program to cling to to follow the succession of songs. The viewer is drawn into a different adventure every evening, a breathtaking journey through musical horizons that are only apparently distant. One can thus pass from his compositions to Carosone, from jazz to Brazilian rhythms, with sudden forays into pop or the Italian repertoire of the 1940s. In this real flow of musical consciousness, laughter and emotion mix ".

Tickets for the concert on 22 October (with admission from 8.00 pm, for the necessary health checks) can be purchased on the www.vivaticket.com platform and at the Teatro Grande Box Office (tel. 030 2979333; ticket office@teatrogrande.it. Hours: Tue-Fri 13.30-19.00, Sat 15.30-19.00).


– PLATEA and STAGES I-II-III order € 55.00

– THE GALLERY and IV-tier STAGES € 30.00

– II GALLERY € 20.00

Carnival party: savory recipes – Italian Cuisine

What do pirates, clowns, princesses and vampires eat? Of everything and more, as long as they are delicious tastes! Here's what to prepare for a Carnival party

To reign on the tables, at Carnival, desserts are true. But who said that you can't think of a fun salty menu for this party?
We have imagined a selection of recipes to be enjoyed in mask to fully enjoy the carefree spirit of the craziest days of the year.
What do pirates, clowns, princesses and vampires eat? Of everything and more, as long as they are delicious tastes!

Carnival kids

Carnival party: recipes and advice

And in order not to fill our buffet table of the Carnival party with the usual trays full of sandwiches, sandwiches and pizzas, you can orient yourself on something different and fun, which steals the appearance (and name) of the most famous carnival sweets.
Like the unpublished shallots with shallots and cabbage salad, the delicate ones cheese souffle, honey and nuts, the savory cartellate with gorgonzola and the greedy ones shrimp chestnuts. When you prepare the table, accompany these preparations with a small paper flag on which you will write the name of the recipe. Guests will enjoy tasting these brand new savory versions of the famous carnival dishes.

Chicken and tuna meatballs with mayonnaise in cucunci.
Chicken and tuna meatballs with mayonnaise in cucunci.

For pancake lovers instead, a collection of savory proposals: pancakes of shrimps, Pancakes of zucchini, pancakes of beets with almond mayonnaise, fritters of cauliflower in buckwheat batter and pancakes cod. An idea that goes well with the occasion is to prepare a small amount of each recipe and serve each guest a cone containing two pancakes per type. It will be fun, surprising and delicious.

And to complete the proposal of tasty tastings for Carnival, mondeghili, falafel of cicerchie and spicy cream of purple carrots, steamed meatballs with coconut sauce, fried chicken and popcorn, kalitsounia, stuffed crescents, coconut prawns and curry, chickpea and beef croquettes with herbal yogurt, panadas is polenta chips.

Our 20 savory recipes for Carnival

Cocktail party, two recipes for your aperitifs – Italian Cuisine

From Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve, the holidays become more intriguing with the signature drinks made by the well-known mixologist Mattia Pastorile in collaboration with Bibite Sanpellegrino

To start the festivities with the right spirit, welcome your guests with a home-made welcome aperitif, bet on simple but party-proof cocktails, such as the signature drinks signed by the award-winning bertender Mattia Pastori, twice nominated Best Italian Diageo World Class Bartender, inspired by soft drinks Sanpellegrino has created two recipes to make in a few simple steps.

The protagonists?

The Cocktail and the Silver Cocktail SanpellegrinoThe first is ruby ​​red, the second is transparent and bright, both characterized by a pleasantly bitter taste and spicy notes that make them the perfect accompaniment to be offered on the festive table.

Klaus's American

Klaus's Americano is a non-alcoholic reinterpretation of the most traditional cocktail of the same name, which takes its name from the mix of vermouth and bitters already mixed in the Milano Torino cocktail, which with the addition of a lot of ice and a soda spray is called Americano .

10 cl of Cocktail Sanpellegrino
3 cl of cold tea infused with orange and sweetened cinnamon
2 cl of syrup with Vermouth
We prepare the tea, sweet it to taste and let it cool. In parallel, we prepare the Vermouth syrup by heating the liqueur in a saucepan over high heat until reduced. Mix the two ingredients obtained in a low tumbler by adding the Sanpellegrino Cocktail and lots of ice. Decorate with lemon zest and a cinnamon stick.

Silver winter

Inspired by the famous French 75 international cocktail, in this revisitation the champagne is replaced by the pleasantly bitter and spicy taste of the Silver Cocktail, the citrus aromas are enhanced by the Bergamot Rosolio, while the pomegranate helps to give the final touch, which lucky charm for the beginning of the new year!

10 cl of Silver Cocktail Sanpellegrino
3cl of Bergamot Rosolio (Bergamot liqueur)
2cl of sugar syrup
2cl of Gin
We mix all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice using a barspoon and serve in a cocktail glass decorated with edible sugar and pomegranate beans.

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