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Easter 2019: eggs, doves and wines to party – Italian Cuisine


An Easter more spring than ever, this year!

173209The distance from Christmas doffers offers us the perfect excuse to linger a little more on Easter delights, to be enjoyed at home but also outdoors, in the classic Easter Monday picnic, during this long and welcome period of bridges and holidays.

And speaking of festivities: if at Christmas we have spoiled the little ones, at Easter we spoil the grown-ups a bit! Let's start with a really chocolate egg extrafondente: Baule Volante he also proposes one at 92%, a caliber that only mature palates in terms of gourmet experience can appreciate in all its refinement. Rosso festa, like all the company's products, is strictly organic and sweetened with only cane sugar (€ 14.90).

173203Luigi Záini proposes the new egg dark with hazelnuts as part of the Emilia collection. An egg dedicated to adults, whose surprises I'm small tools from confectionery, silicone molds is magnets from the fridge for … Emilia brand addicted! (8.90 EUR). 173212And for the most glamorous Easter ever, yesholo in the shop Záini Milan, here a tempting and surprising temptation: theEaster egg Ruby, 600g of pure pink chocolate, with an unmistakable taste that conceals to his inside a precious jewel. Wrapped in embossed aluminum and velvet ribbon, it is only sold in the Via De Cristoforis shop at a cost of Euro 40.00.

173215Easter also takes on glamor with Trunks, which paired with Primadonna Collection combines chocolate and fashion. Among the proposals Big Signatures of Bauli, we let ourselves be inspired by this all-female: 210 g eggs. in extra dark chocolate version (cocoa: 70% min.) and superior to milk, which they hide intriguing designer surprises from this brand known for its fashion accessories – as well as for footwear.

173206Can't decide between bitter and milk chocolate? Here for you the Big Egg of Amedei, artisan chocolate maker of excellence. Toscano Brown & Toscano Black 70, more than an egg, is a real treasure chest of egg-shaped chocolate and combines milk chocolate with 70% extra dark chocolate in a single creation. And from the passion for the finest cocoa beans is born also there gourmet surprise enclosed within: a praline egg with an intense taste, two dark chocolate shells that preserve an undiscovered soul of chocolate, hazelnuts and almonds. (50 euros). Amedei products are also available on the e-shop.

173233But sweet Easter is not just chocolate. The Easter Sweet Lotus flower is the traditional Easter cake in version organic and gluten-free. Enriched on the surface with grains of sugar, it is part of the now famous Zer% Gluten line, which includes a wide variety of gluten-free products redeemable for those entitled under the National Health Service but also welcome to all those who have chosen to control the supply of gluten in their diet (11.70 euros).

173236Giorgione is the prized variety of soft wheat 100% Italian which distinguishes this recipe of superior pastry craftsmanship, to give life to this dove by DECO. In a spring pink pack, with the classic almonds and orange peel, 800 gr. at a price of 8.90 euros. Of the same weight, in a sportier version, the dove without candied fruit; of 750gr are instead the versions (badged Pine forest) Chocolate Hearts and Strawberry Hearts, at the interesting price of 3 euros.

173239The Viaggiator Goloso offers many delicious variations of the Easter dove: Chocolate and Apricots; Chocolate and Ginger; Lemon with Nuts; Raisin Variety "Sun Muscat" e Peaches and Amaretto, with candied peaches, almonds and chopped amaretto. They are all really intriguing; prices range between 7.99 euros and 9.99 euros. In addition, there is the wholemeal and organic version.

173224What a party it is if it isn't washed down with a good wine? Here is one 173230perfect proposal for your Easter table, but also to give to guests and family for the occasion. IS the Rymarosè Marche I.G.P. Sangiovese by Ciù Ciù, a wine organic quality sparkling wine brut rmade with the Charmat method from pure Sangiovese grapes. Excellent with dessert and in combination with white meat dishes, it is colored intense pink, in perfect spring style. A splendid one magnum bottle, so that the party is really such (25 euros). And to finish the meal in beauty, the Moscato Passito di Noto D.O.P. of the cellar Feud Luparello, fragrant and intense (15 euros).

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April 2019


Chocolate and coconut party bites

Children's Carnival Party: 5 tips for a perfect party – Italian Cuisine

Children's Carnival Party: 5 tips for a perfect party

Masks, are you ready? Carnival is coming and the kids can not wait to turn into their favorite characters for a day. If for the occasion you have decided to organize a party you are in the right place: here is our advice for a home-made children's carnival party.

What is the theme for the carnival party?

Every self-respecting party must have a theme, to be communicated in advance to the guests, so that they can choose the costume to wear and are ready for the party. An advice? Prepare invitations that are clear and simple, with the day, time and place of the party and, already in the images and graphics, immediately resume the theme of this Carnival. There will be no risk of misunderstanding! Some idea? It depends on who will attend the party and the age of the children, but certainly always in vogue are Disney Frozen and Marvel, with children dressed as Elsa or Anna and "glacial" outfits, or children wearing the costume of Spider-Man or the Avengers and decorations dedicated to the world of gods Super heroes.

The children's menu for Carnival

What to cook for a carnival party? A colorful menu and a mix of tasty and appetizing dishes for children of all ages. Expect both something salty and sweet. From panettos filled with fresh cheese and cooked ham, and decorated with themed flags, good and balanced snacks, such as Vitastor Mini Vitagor, mignon-sized breadsticks to taste Pizza or Parmigiano Reggiano with the famous Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, Pippo, Pluto and Qui, Quo, Qua. Vegetable omelettes in miniature format, tomato skewers and mozzarella and pizzette will be perfect for the party.

To complete the carnival menu you can go on the safe with snacks Kinder. In addition, from 11 February to 31 May 2019, by purchasing 2 packages bearing the logo of the promotion at the choice of Kinder ovens (Kinder Brioss, Kinder Colazione Più, Kinder Pan and Cioc and Kinder Pan and Cioc Cacao), you can enter the competition to win 1 of 10 dream stays for 4 people at Disneyland® Paris! And if you play the codes in the pack you will always receive a 20% discount voucher on purchases made on shopDisney.it find out how to do it!

If the party is in the time of the meal, prepare a first one, like the Potato Stelline Disney Mickey Mouse from Patarò, season with a tomato sauce or a pesto. For an original side dish, bring to the table Mickey Mouse Croccomagie of Pizzoli, delicious frozen potato croquettes that you can quickly prepare in the oven.

And the cake? Perfect is the delicious Rainbow Cake, the famous rainbow cake of American origin and composed of several layers of colored sponge cake.

The decorations for the home for Carnival

Prepare the decorations following the theme you have chosen. Get help from your children: colored cards, thread and scissors are enough for example to create a garland to hang. Always with the colored sheets obtained many confetti rather large in shades that resume the theme of the Carnival party and distribute them on the table where you will prepare sweet and savory snacks. With the tissue paper you create DIY pompons, you will also need cotton thread and scissors. You will have to superimpose 10 sheets of tissue paper and fold them accordion alternating one side and the other, so as to obtain strips about 4 cm high. Make triangular cuts in the center of the folded paper, but leave a couple of centimeters in the center and then close the paper in the middle of the cuts using the cotton thread. Open the sheets trying to give each one a rounded pompom shape.

Animation for the Carnival party

Divide the party in moments, so as to keep the children's mood always high without there being moments of excessive euphoria or boredom. Once you are welcomed for example you can immediately put some music and start with a game, then move on to a first savory snack. Continue with other activities and finish with sweets. If the children are aged 10 or older, you can expect a milder organization, while with the little ones it is necessary for adults to help. Ask the other mothers with whom you are more confident to help and share the tasks so that everything runs smoothly.

The games to do at Carnival

It is always important organize games in home parties so as to manage more children at the same time without getting too loose! For example, prepare a memory by printing pairs of cards of the chosen theme (for example with two Elsa cards, or two of Spider-Man or the other most beloved characters) and divide the children into two teams. Who will be able to complete in the shortest time the pairings will win!

Another idea? There race of streamers: it is a simple relay in which the children will have to blow the streamers in turn. Do not forget the pignatta, filled with confetti and sweets, make it with cardboard. Finally, if the spaces of the house allow it, you can also provide one treasure hunt.

Have fun!

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