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Who pays what? Does the invitee have to offer? here's the answers – Italian Cuisine

Who pays what? Does the invitee have to offer? here's the answers

Who pays what? Equality and flexibility govern the pleasure of invitations away from home. Whether they are complex and sumptuous or simple and festive

"Hello to all! I decided to organize a surprise party for my boyfriend's birthday. We should be roughly fifteen people. As a place I chose his favorite restaurant, where you eat fish. But a doubt came to my mind: since I thought and organized, should I pay for everyone or should everyone pay for themselves? .

This question, launched on the social group Socialgnock – Women Ignite Relationships (community founded in 2013 by Lorena Di Stasi and which today has almost 18,000 members), in three days it sparked hundreds of conflicting comments. Once the practice was clear: who invites, offers. Today the landscape is much more varied. It is likely that a young man who is already working has more resources than someone who is still studying law or medicine; A trader of a teacher is more likely to have more availability. And entering the minefield of money, we must remember that the true meaning of each «beautiful wayAre the nuances of respect for others, and an invitation is simply a ritual to share a happy moment. The premise is that we will study things in order to build a carefree, balanced, light parenthesis for our guests. Even from an economic point of view. Without overdoing it.

Is it a big party?

Are you eighteen, is it your degree?
In the South it is a big party, if not like that of a wedding, however luxurious as the family can afford. In the north, everything is more subdued: at the exit of the exam, for the graduate surrounded by a laurel wreath and his friends, there is lunch in one of the best restaurants in the city with a toast. And, from the bar to the restaurant, the parents of the birthday boy are paid in full.

Is this a normal party?

The most elegant solution is that it offers those who celebrate according to their possibilities. A double round of drinks after dinner will make happy (many) peers who save all week to afford the bar with friends on Saturday evening. ("We are all more displeased than our parents at the same age", the boys agree, from Milan to Palermo). A little more expensive but original is to focus on the new young places with creative cuts open from the morning, where you can celebrate with an English breakfast, or a limited brunch, or an alcoholic tea-time, or cocktail with reinforcement.

Surprise party: who pays?

The birthday boy is in the dark about everything. Meanwhile, friends have made a chat to choose a place that satisfies all tastes and budgets, often with tragicomic implications on which pluriennial partnerships are wrecked. Here it would be a mortal sin not to take into account the various economic resources. Then you do not choose the celebrated fish restaurant, as in the case of the question on social media, unless you are willing to take on all the costs. Happy solution is one of the new "quality trattorias", around 30-50 euros per person. Tips: agree the menu in advance and choose an "empty" day of customers, such as Monday or Tuesday, to check the best price.

Gift? Yes, no, ni

The golden rule is "cuius regio, eius religio", that is, we must accept the customs of the place with grace. From Rome downwards, those who invite offer (and are rather upset when, from Rome upwards, they are asked to hand over their quota); from Rome upwards, it divides. At this point the gift appears out of place. In addition to being obsolete. In case you can join forces for a funny subject cake design cake. Or, better, you can make a common cash to sign, with the name of the birthday boy, an offer to those who really need a gift.

Dinner with friends: who pays?

To try a new restaurant, because it is the season of truffles, strawberries and mushrooms. The expense is shared. But how? «Roman style, divided into equal shares, or «going dutch or «German style, each settling his own account? Here more than ever it is a question of civilization. Those who are more comfortable will avoid ordering particularly expensive wines or foods. In order not to charge the price of his choices on others, if you do "Roman"; in order not to humiliate those who cannot go beyond an (albeit excellent) Lambrusco by ordering a bottle of Château Latour, if they are "German". Unless you decide to offer Château Latour to everyone. Robin Hood, however, in the case of a "Roman-style" account, would suggest to the less comfortable to aim for the more expensive dishes, thus making pay – even if only pro quota – to those who have more what he usually cannot afford.

Condé Nast Social Academy: the new offer for companies – Italian Cuisine

Condé Nast Social Academy: the new offer for companies

A competence training project

Condé Nast Italia, after three years of experience in training and certification of new key figures on Social Media, adds to the current Academy a new offer designed to help companies in the Digital Transformation thanks to the development of new skills in the field Communication and Marketing. The Corporate Academy focuses on a practical and theoretical path that touches on all aspects of Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy that are useful for defining, planning and managing new communication projects across the various media.

The goal of Condé Nast with the Corporate Academy is the transversal transmission of knowledge, skills and abilities in the world of digital media through direct comparison with the professionals of communication, marketing and Content Strategy of Condé Nast. Experts in international training and leaders of digital media make themselves available to companies interested in training and updating internal professionals, who intend to operate more effectively on social media and on the various communication channels thanks to a Content Marketing strategy and an accurate knowledge of the means.

The new training proposal was designed with Riccardo Pozzoli, Creative Director of the Condé Nast Talent Agency, former lecturer at the Students Social Academy and lecturer at some of the most prestigious Italian and international business schools such as Harvard, SDA Bocconi and Catholic University.
"Condé Nast Corporate Academy is an absolutely innovative project within the Italian panorama, not only for the program and the topics offered but for the possibility of meeting and confrontation with personalities with professionalism and unique experiences in the field of media, digital marketing , communication and social media. The idea of ​​creating a path for professionals is a duty, at this time where the world of communication evolves very quickly and needs updated and responsive workers. It is now necessary to be mature in the use of digital tools that technology and innovation continually offer us. Today the audience is increasingly divided between the various social networks and the media and uses them differently. It is no longer the time to improvise but it is necessary to have a strong and precise preparation. Each brand (and every professional in the communication of reflection) must understand how to correctly tell their DNA to the world by declining it on each channel with the correct language " – comments Riccardo Pozzoli.

Under the direction of Pozzoli, the classroom lessons will be enriched by the interventions of a teaching staff of excellence that sees among others Luca Dini – editorial director of Condé Nast Italia – Emanuele Farneti – Director of Vogue ItaliaSimone Marchetti – Director of Vanity FairGiovanni Audiffredi – Director of GQFederico Ferrazza – Director of WiredMaddalena Fossati – Director of The Italian kitchen – as well as some international Special Guests from the world of communication and Social Influencing.

“Today, more than ever, the achievement of communication and marketing results passes through the need for an open system where the skills of those who plan and manage are enriched by our knowledge of consumers' interest, their use of means and actions effective to hit their attention "he explains Raffaella Buda, director of the Social Academy and Branded Content Director of Condé Nast Italia. "The Corporate Academy goes in this direction. In fact, we want to allow partners to be supported by us in transforming their skills to better understand and use the media system that puts them in daily contact with the consumer ".

The course, which always combines a Custom component with training plans, is organized on the model of intensive theoretical, system and practical training that includes the immediate application of concepts in group work with simulation of real needs. Once the intensive course has been completed, companies will be able to receive support for the daily practical application of the knowledge acquired through the opening of a dedicated reserved area that will give them access to new tests and an update on vertical workshops for the deepening of need specifications.

To apply http://socialacademy.condenast.it/

For further information: socialacademy@condenast.it

Emporio Armani Coffee and Restaurant in Milan: renewed design and gastronomic offer – Italian Cuisine

Emporio Armani Coffee and Restaurant in Milan: renewed design and gastronomic offer

It closed its doors last May, and then reopened with a completely new look both in design and in the kitchen: theEmporio Armani Coffee and Restaurant in Milan he celebrated the reopening last night. Contextually with the Milan Fashion Week, the exclusive event welcomed the reborn local signed Giorgio Armani which, like a phoenix, has returned to give the Milanese and tourists an important point for the food and level hospitality.

Thursday morning, the stylist ambassador of Italian style in the world presented the collection Autumn Winter 2019/20 of Emporio Armani in front of a selected public of professionals e celebrity Which Georgia May Jagger, Olivia Palermo, Ludovica Comello, Eva Riccobono is Serena Rossi. King George, so often called by the foreign press, has imagined the next winter colored red, a color charged and vitamin that "together with white and black, everything that is seen around is so much, it's too much", He told the Corriere. And it is precisely this his search for the discrete good taste and the attitude for timeless elegance that we find in the new local Red Cross street presented the same evening.

Giorgio Armani at the end of the Emporio Armani fashion show (Photo by Andreas SOLARO / AFP / Getty Images)

After the applause on the catwalk, the court of King George has come to discover the renewed space ofEmporio Armani Coffee and Restaurant expanded (a second was added dehors) and completely redesigned by the designer with his infallible team of internal architects. Like the main building, the interior architecture is inspired by some elements of the style thirties, a period appreciated in particular by the designer, going to develop a totally contemporary design. The furnishing elements, the subdivision of the rooms and the choice of colors merge to create a welcoming and refined atmosphere characterized by the Armani lifestyle.

Giorgia Surina at the opening of the Emporio Armani Caffè e Ristorante (Instagram)

New structure

On the ground floor with access via the Red Cross is the new large bar cafeteria where it is possible to taste and buy both fresh pastries of own production and products Armani / Dolci by Guido Gobino. From here (or from the new entrance of Via Giardini) you can access a versatile space, designed for entertainment at any time of the day, from breakfast to Sunday brunch until the aperitif or after dinner. Like an urban sky, the walls are covered with fabric panels of a special iridescent shade between green and blue and are reflected on the dark green of the large square slabs with a 'seeded' effect on the floor. Around the long ribbon bar in champagne-colored lacquered wood, round or rectangular tables take place, accompanied by colored, slightly padded chairs in blue, green or red fabric for an effect of liveliness and movement.

EA Caffè and Ristorante Milano – Caffè interiors (Photo by Beppe Raso)

From the spectacular dark green and gold staircase, you access the upper floor to get to the Restaurant, open for lunch and dinner, preceded by an elegant one champagne bar at the entrance. Here, the color palette continues with softer hues between light blue gray and sage green, enhanced by gently screened natural light. The rectangular tables along the walls are separated by small glass screens with a delicate palm motif, one of the most significant patterns in the collection Armani / Casa. Particularly pleasant and engaging is the visible kitchen thanks to the shaded effect glass. Not a small one is missing private room to allow VIPs or those who wish to have lunch or dinner in an intimate and intimate atmosphere in front of the large dark marble fireplace.

EA Caffè and Ristorante Milano – Restaurant interiors (Photo by Davide Lovatti)

The Emporio Armani Caffè e Ristorante menu

In the fashionable and tourist center of Milan, theEmporio Armani Coffee and Restaurant promises to satisfy the tastes of its international audience through a wide and varied gastronomic proposal. How to Giorgio Armani, the kitchen is Mediterranean and continues to offer a all-Italian menu, where simplicity and lightness give life to a sophisticated and unique taste.

Spaghetti with Volcano Tomato (Photo by Federica Bottoli)

To the Coffee, more informal, the offer is based on a modern and fast card with the most classic, genuine and tasty dishes that have always distinguished the Emporio Armani Caffè – the Saffron risotto, i Spaghetti with tomato sauce or the Milanese cutlet they are made with a care that enhances the simple and special flavors at the same time. Gourmet it is instead the menu of the Restaurant, which mixes tradition with innovation with great skill. And it is in this paper that Italian philosophy is enriched with more typical features and traits of northern, Lombard and other cuisine, always maintaining a balance between meat and fish.

Whole cooked pigeon, red fruit sauce, celeriac puree and apple chutney (Photo by Federica Bottoli)

The research of the highest quality raw materials, the careful preparation of even the simplest proposals, the elegant and essential presentation and the dishes, reflect the pleasure of the table according to Giorgio Armani and are the elements that identify and unite all the Armani restaurants in the world.

Emporio Armani Caffè today it is present in Bologna (we talked about here), Dubai, Milan, Monaco, Paris, Tokyo.

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