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5 cakes that make your heart beat – Italian Cuisine

Rose, mandarin, black cherry, raspberry, chocolate and … love. Let yourself be inspired by a sweet messenger of love!

A good surprise when waking up, the day of Valentine's day, a refined closure for a different lunch, a romantic and beautiful snack or a great effect closure, for a dinner based on love. Valentine's Day is an opportunity for say I love you with small gestures and surprises, but also with sweet and different recipes.

Raspberry mousse hearts
Raspberry mousse hearts.

If you do not want to limit yourself to using a heart-shaped mold to prepare the usual dessert, here it is 5 recipes to prepare a sensational dessert on the day of the party of lovers. Follow the recipes step by step and the result will be … a throbbing heart!

Our recipes for Valentine's desserts

4 red heart recipes – Italian Cuisine

Passatelli, red eggs, stuffed mussels and pappa al pomodoro: a collection of simple and quick ideas to bring to the table the taste of Sauces Mutti

Some flakes of snow, the exciting heart of winter and the shared desire to gather around a dish that perfume of home. And of tomato sauce. The one that accompanies us from an early age in the most intimate moments, simple and radiant at the table, the same that makes us want to pick up the sauce to make the dish shine, dreaming of an encore. Even in those days when it is impossible to devote to cooking for hours, but you want to escape from the usual arranged and hasty preparations that never satisfy us to the end. And not to make mistakes, why not rely on an ideal tomato base to turn each recipe into an amazing dish?

Good every day

We arrive at home running and we have just enough time to look at the fridge, pantry and think about what to cook. But if omelette, garlic pasta, oil and chilli and steak and salad have become such predictable solutions to bore us, it's time to cook simple, practical but tasty dishes, able to conquer us with creativity. Always have homemade tomato sauces like those offered by the Mutti range, is a first step towards the freedom to create genuine and tasty dishes, but at the same time compatible with our frenetic routine.
At the base of the three recipes characterized by different varieties of tomatoes, the love for the raw material and the great experience of Mutti in the transformation of one of the most important ingredients of our culinary tradition. Few simple ingredients for a guaranteed result that is built right from datterini, cherry tomatoes and red round tomatoes. Proposed in three different recipes with a sweet, fresh and simple taste they will know how to inspire us in the realization of first, seconds is Side Dishes able to catalyze the attention of the diners.

The recipes

These recipes are perfect to rediscover how beautiful it is to cook every day, when we are looking for the right inspiration even if we have less than an hour's time available. But also to bring to the table dishes with a distinctly Italian taste where tomato is much more than a classic condiment. It turns into a real stew in the recipes of passatelli and stuffed mussels, it becomes the cooking base of the egg and is from taste with spoonfuls in our revisited version of the pappa al pomodoro. Here is the tomato sauce in all its versatility.

Passatelli, olives and mozzarelline in Datterini Mutti sauce

In this preparation the recipe based on Salsa Datterini Mutti gives the best of itself in an original preparation where we mix raw and cooked elements. The final effect is that of a delicate warm soup where there are both traditional elements such as passatelli and ingredients with a distinct freshness such as mozzarella, olives and caper fruits that are pleasantly matched to the sweetness of the datterini.

Ingredients for 6 people

500 g of Datterini Mutti sauce, 200 g mozzarella, 600 g of passatelli, 60 g pitted taggiasche olives, 40 g sugar, caper fruits, extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper in grains.


Caramelize 30 g of sugar, then add the Taggiasca olives and mix well to cover them with caramel; Drain everything on baking paper and let it cool. Heat the Datterini Mutti Sauce in a saucepan adding a glass of warm water and stirring often. Chop the olives and the caramel with the knife, then blend with 10 g of oil to obtain a pâté of caramelized olives. Dip the passatelli in boiling salted water, cook for 1 'from the boil, then drain with the skimmer spreading them on a tray greased with oil and let them cool. Divide into the dishes the Datterini Mutti sauce, add the passatelli, spread the mozzarella and some caper fruits, garnished with drops of olive pâté and completed, before serving, with a drizzle of oil and pepper.

Egg cooked in the classic Mutti sauce

For this recipe we chose the simple taste of a traditional and balanced sauce, perfect to highlight the delicacy of the egg and present it in a simple and interesting preparation at the same time.

Ingredients for 4

300 g of Classic Mutti Sauce, 4 large eggs, marjoram, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil.


Heat the Mutti Classic Sauce in a pan with a little oil and form, with the help of a spoon, 4 spaces where you break the eggs. Bring the eggs to cooking, serve with the tomato sauce and fresh marjoram.

Mussels stuffed in stew with Mutti Cherry Sauce

The taste fresh from the Mutti Cherry Sauce is perfect for rebalancing an intense preparation like that of stuffed mussels. Fennel and mint in the recipe are ideal if combined with molluscs and shells.

Ingredients for 4

300 g of Cherry Mutti Sauce , 300 g spinach, 100 g minced pork, 50 g thinly cooked ham, 32 large clean mussels, 2 eggs, grated parmesan, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil.


Open the mussels still raw using a small knife: insert the blade between the two valves and making a slight pressure separate them without detaching each other. Then wash the mussels carefully. Boil the spinach for 2 minutes, drain, squeeze and chop them using a knife. Finely chop the ham. Mix it with the ground pork pulp, the eggs, 2 tablespoons of parmesan, the minced spinach, a pinch of salt and a ground pepper so as to obtain a homogeneous filling. Fill the mussels with a generous filling walnut, bring the two valves close together and close each mussel by tying with kitchen string. Place the mussels in a saucepan with oil and 300 g of Mutti Cherry Sauce. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat, remove the string and serve immediately.

Pappa al pomodoro with Datterini Mutti sauce

Our version of the traditional Tuscan recipe It is ideal for exploring the sweetness of Salsa Datterini Mutti. Here delicately and tastefully characterizes a dish with a simple soul whose success is closely linked to the quality of the ingredients chosen to prepare it.

Ingredients for 4

g 500 Salsa Datterini Mutti, Tuscan bread (better if stale) 300 g, a liter of meat broth, extra virgin olive oil, basil, salt, pepper


Heat the Datterini Mutti Sauce, cut the bread into thin slices and pass it in the oven with oil; add it to the sauce and mix well. When the bread has absorbed the Datterini Mutti sauce, add the boiling broth and season with salt and pepper. Boil for about 15 minutes adding more broth if necessary. Leave to stand for about half an hour, then mix well to completely unpack the bread. Serve hot but not boiling with a drizzle of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and a tuft of basil.

The best sweets to heart for Valentine's Day – Italian Cuisine

The heart is universally recognized as the symbol of romantic love. When we fall in love with the brain it releases a hormonal storm that can accelerate the heart by as many as ten beats per minute.

What's better then a dessert that takes the unmistakable shapes to celebrate the sweetest party of the year? From traditional and scenic St. Valentine cake, to the romantic heart with berries without forgetting the gluttons crispy cream hearts, choose to celebrate your Valentine's Day with recipes Salt and pepper.

If your partner loves chocolate, the ideal choice is the heart: a fragrant heart of shortcrust pastry contains a soft filling made with dark chocolate and cream, decorated with a few curls of chocolate or a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, which give a feeling of well-being and good humor, spurring the increase in sexual attraction …

It is an explosion of chocolate, too St. Valentine cake, with the ganache cream that covers it and colored sugar hearts that give a further romantic touch.

Based on bitter cocoa, i spicy marzipan hearts they are sprinkled with cinnamon and are prepared in a few minutes.

If instead you want to focus on fruit, prepare for your sweet half the heart with berries, spectacular dessert and easy to make: two layers of heart-shaped sponge cake are filled with custard, cream and raspberries, blueberries & co.

The heart with banana and almond crumble instead it is a delicious variant of the classic crumble with apples, a typical Anglo-Saxon dessert. Its crumbly and crunchy consistency will conquer your he.

If you prefer a fresh dessert, try the cold hearts to the peach: you just need the ice cream with peach and slices of panettoncino or gingerbread. The heart-shaped molds can make them yourself: take strips of cardboard, cover them with aluminum sheets and shaped like a heart, fixing them at the end.

The sweet Valentine's heart instead it is a sweet treat to see and super delicious: three biscuit-flavored almond paste hearts with alchermes (from the consistency of the sponge cake) are stacked and interspersed with a filling of cranberries also flavored with almonds.

Choice no less greedy, i crispy hearts with cream they are perfect for a romantic dinner at home to celebrate for a special occasion like Valentine's Day: heart on heart, shortbread and Italian chantily cream alternate in a pleasure charge.

Scroll through the recipes we offer you, choose the heart that's right for you and … Happy Valentine's Day!