JJ Martin’s holiday table: elegant tips (video) – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

What does a fun board look like?
«Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years when it comes to table preparation: people have learned to have fun. You used to use your wedding dishes every 3 months or never. My table is meant to be an encouragement to play with the things you have in your cupboard; to elevate the role of mise en place”.

What is your favorite part of preparing your table?
«I love decorating the table with small colored Murano glass vases made by Salviati for my home line. I enjoy filling them with flowers and composing an informal centrepiece. This brings so much light and color to the table without prints and without overwhelming the rest. If you want to give more importance and solemnity, add an imposing vase in the center, then remove it, like a theatrical backdrop, when the guests are seated. I suggest it for a Christmas table, for example.”

«Champagne glasses paired with colored tumblers. I chose the first ones vintage, carved and transparent, to balance the first ones. The napkins are large and white, to lighten a very important table. And embroidered with my initials. In the markets I also found small salt shakers. I used small clear glass plates with gold edges for the bread, on a very decorated tablecloth. The large plates are from the 2023/24 collection in a green, yellow and white palette with a touch of joy without being too Christmassy. I’m not a big fan of traditional Christmas services. So I chose colored carved glasses, precious but not solemn, and champagne glasses, but vintage. Finally white napkins, embroidered with my initials, to dampen all these fantasies.”

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