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What is the holiday dish of your zodiac sign? – Italian Cuisine

What is the holiday dish of your zodiac sign?

In this festive atmosphere, it is fun to consult the gastronomic horoscope to find out which is the ideal dish for your zodiac sign – or who you love. And then there are 12 recipes!

From Christmas to New Year, ready to put our legs under the table knowing when we will start but not when we will be able to get up permanently for the Parties? Whether you have good intentions of containment or that you postpone them all to early January, it doesn't matter: Italian cuisine offers many traditional dishes for the Christmas holidays and they are (almost) all irresistible. Everyone has their favorite dish: the one that comes best to mum, the traditional dish of our hometown, the dish that reminds us of wonderful moments. In this post I will propose you a traditional holiday dish ideal for any zodiac sign, you are ready?


You are one who does not joke, Aries, not even at Christmas. This is why the dish I have thought for you is Stuffed capon, traditional that you really can't and edible only if then the bingo or the Christmas movie awaits you and nothing more challenging!


There is no better comfort zone than a plate of beef broth (with the pieces of meat chosen by the trusted butcher) in which tortellini swim blessed! Torone, you look great with your legs under the table and are in no hurry to wait for the broth to cool.


Since you have the minimum amount of time with your legs under the table so as not to offend anyone, you need to keep yourself light and for this reason one of your favorite dishes remains the very traditional bracing salad, disguised as vegetables but with the host of capers, olives and anchovies.


It may be the air of tenderness that hovers in these days of celebration, Cancer, but you volunteer to brush the remaining sweets at any time of the day. From the last slice of panettone to the crumbs of Ricciarelli, from the mascarpone cream remained at the bottom of the bowl to struffoli who have tried to escape from the plate you will not really grace any.


You are the undisputed king of all vices, obviously including those at the table. This is why your favorite part of the holidays is making kilometer orders in the rotisserie of all those foods that you would never prepare yourself. Give her scallops au gratin to the pate, from prawn cocktail toRussian salad. The deli counter in the center almost attracts you more than the jewelery counter.


If there is a party you really have no doubts: you want the gastronomic panettone. One of cured meats, one of fish and one even vegetarian, to please everyone. Tidy, composed, not even crumbling or dirty: in short, it is really perfect and you wonder why you have been waiting for the holidays to enjoy one.


To warm your little heart during the holidays, one of your favorite dishes is the lentil and chestnut soup, thick and hot just the way you like it. Given the calories it serves as an appetizer, first and second course but if proposed on a controlled feast day it also accepts to have a Roast in Crust.


You are the zodiac sign most linked to superstition then a cotechino with lentils who bring money, as they say, nobody really takes it away from you! Indeed, while you are there in your parties there are not even the grapes and the pomegranate, all natural lucky charms!


When it comes to parties, you raise your head and volunteer to organize too, thanks to Jupiter who rules your zodiac sign. So your favorite holiday dish is great triumph of fried food, the one that overflows from the two-family serving dish and that to be digested requires at least an afternoon on the sofa drinking carbonated water.


With all the Saturn flowing in your Capricorn veins you have a natural predilection for the leftover dinner, the one in which the dishes on the table have no logical thread that unites them. Among these your favorite leftovers are the cannelloni warm up that, you argue, are even better than the day before.

fish tank

Since you are not really a lover of traditions I would say that you will not take great pains to cook during the holidays and if you are offered a salmon pasta you would not make a turn. Indeed, just to go against the tide you could give yourself to summer dishes like i prawns with lemon or thesea ​​Salad.


Even at the table you want to pamper yourself, Pisces, and in this period of holidays even more. You will not miss comfort food of the highest level like it honey glazed shank, the mashed potatoes engulfed in a generous grating of Parmesan cheese and all the dishes that remind you of the birthplace of when you were little. Romantic!

On holiday in Cortina, the pearl of the Dolomites – Italian Cuisine

Among sports, walks, gourmet breaks, enjoying one of the most incredible views that the mountain can offer

Cortina is the most exclusive place of the Dolomiti, mountains that with the majesty of their peaks have been declared UNESCO heritage, for the show that is unique in the world that they can offer. And the town, with its 50,000 inhabitants during the festive season, has managed to preserve its heritage of traditions very well over time. It can be seen in the order and rigor with which they regulated building growth in respect of the territory, the use of the traditional female costume rich in colors and the custom of the Ladin dialect with sweet inflections. Over the years it has become a destination for elite tourism: actors, politicians, big names in industry do not fail to spend Christmas holidays or a summer vacation in these mountains, immersed in the green of spruce and Scotch pines.

For lovers of the First World War, Cortina is a open-air museum: in addition to the monuments erected in memory of the fallen, such as the Pocol Ossuary, in the mountains there are numerous testimonies of what was the front between Austria and Italy. Galleries and trenches, forts and posts, roads and walkways are just a few examples of what you can find on a trip to the Valle d'Ampezzo. Some of the places that constituted the scene of the fighting between the armies, have been partly restored and transformed into living testimonies. The Valle d'Ampezzo and Cortina were then often chosen by directors and screenwriters for the production of cinematographic films due to the unparalleled beauty and uniqueness of mountain landscapes. Among the most famous films shot in Cortina: Ladyhawke (1985), with Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer and Il grande silenzio (1968), with Jean-Louis.

Where to sleep in Cortina

Hotel Cristallo
If you are also among those who like to be fascinated by these scenarios, the hotel offer is truly endless. Among the many proposals, if you are looking for a fabulous stay, the Hotel Cristallo is for you. In a refined and international atmosphere in the Art Nouveau style you can relax in the warm and welcoming rooms, or regenerate yourself in the Spa, choosing among the various therapeutic treatments that use only the highest quality products for detox, anti-aging and après-sky massages. Or do two strokes in the heated pool. If you prefer to sip a tea in front of the Tofane show, the central hall of the hotel is the convivial and at the same time discreet and refined place for you. In the evening, you will have four different formats for dinner, four distinct environments in which to appreciate the chef's creative cuisine, in full respect of local raw materials.

Hotel Rosapetra
In the evening at sunset, the imposing and rocky peaks of the Tofane are colored with an intense pink, almost as if nature, in the fullness of its beauty, is taken by a shudder and blush. And from the Hotel Rosapetra the show is magnificent every time. In this hotel you can be pampered in a perfect mix of relaxation and nature. Or let yourself be delighted by the refined cuisine of the Corte del Lampone restaurant: the whole staff will be at your complete disposal to satisfy every palate, in every season.

Grand Hotel Savoia
If you want to stay in the hotel preferred by Sofia Loren, Charlton Heston or Umberto di Savoia, all you have to do is book at the Grand Hotel Savoia, right in the pedestrian area of ​​Cortina. Here all the staff has the sole objective of pampering you as a precious guest. For food lovers, the Savoy restaurant will delight you, with a card for every food need and a rich and varied wine selection. If, on the other hand, relaxation is what you are looking for, the 750 square meters of the Spa and Wellness Center will allow you to organize weekends and weeks with personalized itineraries and menus according to the needs of each individual guest, for an unforgettable relaxing holiday.

What to do and where to eat in Cortina

The ski
Cortina is a paradise for those who love sports. Not only skiing, but climbing, walking, snowshoeing and heliskiing on the ice of the Marmolada, with 1500 meters of elevation gain in fresh snow. An unforgettable experience, with hundreds of square meters of virgin and powdery snow on which to let go, in a breathtaking panorama, accompanied by Alpine Guides with excellent professional experience and able to carefully evaluate the best weather and snow conditions to perform safely this beautiful activity.

Starting point: Fiames heliport
Landing point: Cima Marmolada – Punta Rocca 3250m
Return point: Fiames heliport
Difficulty: medium, good skiing

If you love cross-country skiing instead, you can't miss the track between Cortina and Dobbiaco along the old Dolomites railway track from the Fiames Sport Nordic Center training camp. A path full of history and suggestions, in the midst of nature, a highly attractive itinerary that is worth putting on the agenda.

The flowers
For all lovers of flowers, plants and table decoration, the address for you is that of Annette Gottmann, a florist teacher who came to Cortina from Frankfurt to learn Italian, which opened the Officina delle Piante, a precious address for floral decorations, craft decorations, woven baskets, herbal teas and arnica and mountain pine ointments. And it is here that, upon request, it teaches children and adults to decorate the table, to color wool with natural pigments and to recognize plants.

The pastry shop
For a gourmet break, a stop at the Alverà bakery is a must, a historic establishment, which since 1914 has been a fixed stop on the way back from the ski slopes or during the afternoon stroll in the center. It is a small temple of taste that every day produces delicious delicacies ready to satisfy even the most refined palates. Massimo Alverà carefully chooses its ingredients, always of the highest quality, with an eye to the seasonality of the products. Do not miss the sourdough donuts and the Sacher.

From Aurelio to Passo Giau
For those who do not want to miss a breathtaking view while enjoying refined dishes, Da Aurelio is the place not to be missed. A terrace where the scenery is truly unique, one of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites. Opened by Aurelio in 1970, it is now managed by his son Gigi, who finds inspiration for his dishes from the high-altitude meadows of Passo Giau. An inexhaustible source of colors and flavors, the wild flowers and herbs gathered in spring make her dishes truly exclusive. The restaurant Da Aurelio is part of Altogusto a group of restaurateurs who set themselves the goal of enhancing culinary traditions and local raw materials with a view to research and innovation. The new panoramic veranda allows you to have lunch completely surrounded by the enchanting landscape of Passo Giau, even when the sun is out.

SanBrite Restaurant
Riccardo has inherited his passion for genuine and genuine cuisine from his father and before his grandfather. At SanBrite you will taste authentic dishes, born from the inspiration of the aromas and flavors of the mountain, shaped by the research and wisdom of Riccardo, for an emotional journey at 360 °. Whether inside the restaurant, or outside, en plein air, Riccardo knows how to turn a dish into a sensory journey at high altitude.

Pistachio pasta, holiday love – Italian Cuisine

Pistachio pasta, holiday love

Our best pistachio pasta recipes to prepare good and crunchy seasonings with 4 different techniques

If you are looking for a summer pasta and easy to prepare … what pistachio pasta is! Crunchy, sweet and tasty at the same time and always fun. Good in the spaghetti, linguine, penne and fusilli version, but also interesting as a condiment for fresh pasta. Our tips to prepare pistachio-based condiments that smell of summer for simple and informal dinners.

Like pesto

One of the most noteworthy methods for using pistachios in pasta is to peel them and blend them with other ingredients until they are reduced to cream, almost like pesto. The simplest recipe to start with? Pistachios, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and Parmesan. Alternatively, instead of cheese, you can use an anchovy fillet.

Cut with a knife

For a more intense and crunchy result, you can use the coarsely chopped pistachios. They will make a very simple garlic, oil and chilli pepper special, but they are perfect for enriching recipes such as pasta with clams, with sardines or linguine seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and bottarga.

In cream

To obtain an intense and dense cream, chop the pistachios very finely with a chopper, until you get a paste. This condiment cannot be used alone, but it is perfect for enriching your dishes with rich and fragrant drops. In this version, the pistachios are also ideal in combination with confit cherry tomatoes.


Here it is serious. If you are a true pistachio lover you will not resist the idea of ​​eating them whole and crunchy on pasta. Peel and toast them with a pinch of salt in a pan and use them to make unforgettable fish-based first courses, but also a simple white pasta topped with anchovy fillets and breadcrumbs.

In the gallery above, 5 delicious pistachio pastries

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