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Il Mulino Bianco turns green – Italian Cuisine

And he puts flowers in the fields where soft wheat is grown with which Mulino Bianco products are made, involving farmers, stockists and millers in a more sustainable agriculture.


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It is the main purchaser of soft wheat flour in Italy. Logical, therefore, that the decision of Mulino Bianco (Barilla brand, ed) to obtain it from a more sustainable supply chain has very important repercussions for theagriculture Italian. A number is enough to understand the scope of the project "Carta del Mulino": in 2018 involved 73 farmers, this year have already risen to 500 and in 2022 will be 5 thousand. And 3% of the land where the is cultivated Wheat it will be covered with flowers. A "green revolution" that also involves us consumers. The first is on the market a few weeks ago product Mulino Bianco obtained in this way sustainable: it is the Buongrano shortbread, on whose packaging the Carta del Mulino and some of its are presented rules. Moreover, framing the QR code present on the packs through the Mulino PerMe app, access is given to video that tell what is there behind Mulino Bianco products.

What changes with the "Carta del Mulino"
It is from 2003 that Barilla has embarked on its path towards a greater one sustainability summarized in the slogan "Good for You, Good for the Planet" and that every year yes enriches of new elements. The novelty of 2019 is the "Carta del Mulino", a disciplinary where the 10 rules are listed Barilla is committed to respecting (and making farmers, wheat farmers and allies respectful) millers, recognizing them an economic prize to cover their costs) to enhance sustainable agriculture, which gives value to products and that he cares aboutenvironment. For example, farms must adopt a rotation plan with at least three crops different over five years; in this way the earth is maintained "Viva" and fertile and reduces the presence of parasites and weeds. And again, the use of neocotinoids, the insecticides that threaten the life of the bees and other pollinating insects. Banned throughout the cultivation cycle, too, the much discussed herbicide glyphosate in favor of agricultural practices more respectful of the health environment. Always to reduce the use of chemicals, wheat must be conserved by adopting physical methods (such as refrigeration or modified atmosphere). The most "Curious" is rule 3: the obligation to allocate to flowery oases at least 3% of the land where soft wheat is grown. Such as? Sowing of the vegetable essences to create flowering areas, temporary or permanent, not treated with chemicals. The goal is to encourage the establishment of pollinating insects, of natural predators of pests and other animals, thus favoring the biodiversity.

We're just starting out
Behind this decalogue there is a long work, conducted together with WWF to identify the rules to be respected and with university of Bologna and Tuscia to assess the economic impact of this protocol, and then define the prizes to be allocated to the farmers involved in these projects and whose work is subjected to checks carried out by an external body. The Buongrano shortbread, which is produced in the plant of Castiglione delle Stiviere with 100% sustainable wheat flour from sustainable agriculture, in Mantua, it is only the first "testimonial" of the new way of growing soft wheat started by Barilla. THE'company in fact, it wants to arrive by 2022 to make 100% of the whole sustainable flour of soft wheat necessary to make the products Mulino Bianco. In figures, it is a good 240 thousand tons a year, equal to 5% of the entire Italian production of flour wheat tender.

Manuela Soressi
May 2019

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Green or clear, round or long? For each courgette his recipe – Italian Cuisine

Distant relatives of the pumpkin, le zucchini were imported into Europe from Central America around the 17th century. There are various types: dark green and light green, round and elongated ones, those with or without flowers. Their season is summer, even though they are now all year round. But which courgettes to choose when you're at the market? The answer it depends on what you intend to cook.

Which courgettes to choose in the kitchen?

The best way to cook le round zucchini it is to do them filled. Their shape, which resembles that of an egg, seems to be made on purpose to be stuffed. With what depends only on the tastes of the diners or the imagination of the chef on duty. If you opt for the light version, you can make round zucchini in the vegetable garden. For a second a little more substantial but still healthy here are the round zucchini stuffed with meat or with growth.

Long and green, in the pan or in the sauce

The elongated zucchini with a green color they are richer in humidity, therefore during cooking they are more juicy. For this they can be used as filling, as in the case of pizza with leeks and zucchini, or zucchini cake, pine nuts and raisins. For the same reason, this variant is also indicated as a base for a sauce (for example for pasta with guitar with zucchini), to be cooked in the pan or for a fried julienne.

Of (zucchini) cooked and raw

The zucchini mignon with the flower, besides being scenographic, they are particularly tender and sweet. To preserve and enhance its flavor is better to use them raw, for example for a pinzimonio of mini courgettes and cucumbers or for a fresh and quick pasta to prepare, such as fusilli with raw zucchini and aromas, without forgetting to add flowers too.

Yellow zucchini, ideal for risotto and velvety

Very common in Friuli and in Veneto, the yellow zucchini they differ from the green ones in addition to the color of the peel also for the flavor, so sweet that in some cases reminiscent of pumpkin. They are mainly used to make risottos, but are also suitable for other uses in the kitchen. The best way to enhance its qualities, however, is to do one velvety. To prepare it you need six yellow zucchini, a carrot, a shallot, half a stalk of celery, water oil, salt, pepper and pumpkin seeds. It begins with a sauté of shallots, carrot and celery. Then the courgettes are cut into small pieces and covered with cold water. They are cooked over a medium heat for half an hour and, once they are warmed, they are blended with the mixer. The velvety goes served hot with a sprinkling of pepper and pumpkin seeds.


Stuffed round courgettes


Zucchini cake, pine nuts and raisins


Fried Julienne


Fusilli with raw zucchini and aromas


Round courgettes with vegetables


Courgette packets


Contour of melissa zucchini


Crunchy pie with zucchini


Pea soup, zucchini and borage

Recipe Salad with potatoes, green beans and raspberries – Italian Cuisine

  • 300 g red potatoes
  • 300 g sprinkled green beans
  • 100 g puntarelle peeled
  • 70 g boiled chickpeas
  • 50 g white wine vinegar
  • 20 pcs raspberries
  • Sesame seeds
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper

For the salad recipe with potatoes, green beans and raspberries, mix the vinegar with a dozen raspberries in a bowl, seal with plastic wrap and let cook for at least 45 minutes. Meanwhile, separately boil the potatoes for 30 minutes and the beans for 6-7 minutes. Slice the chicory thinly and dip them in very cold water. Cut the boiled potatoes into wedges, without peeling them, and collect them in a bowl with the green beans, chickpeas and drained chicory. Prepare a vinaigrette by mixing 2-3 tablespoons of oil with 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar flavored with raspberries, a pinch of salt and pepper and use it to season the mix of vegetables and legumes. Distribute it on the plates and complete with the remaining raspberries, sesame seeds and, to taste, tufts of chervil.