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Celery, 5 good reasons to use it more in the kitchen

It gives a special touch to dishes, gives satiety and ensures fullness of beneficial substances. That's why adding it is a great idea, especially in winter

Used in the kitchen since ancient times, the celery it is a vegetable rich in healthy virtues. It can be considered to all intents and purposes a nutraceutical food, that is able to prevent ailments and diseases. In the winter period it has an extra gear because it is easily found in season and consequently ensures a greater amount of beneficial substances for the body. From minerals to formidable antioxidants. Furthermore, it has a particular aroma, ideal for enriching typical dishes of the period such as velvety, minestrone and soups. Let's see with the help of Valentina Galiazzo, a nutritional biologist specialized in clinical biochemistry, because it is convenient to add it to recipes and dishes.

It is great for those on a diet

One of the benefits of celery is that it is low in calories – about 15 per 100 grams. "Added during cooking to recipes based on vegetables and seasonal vegetables, it allows you to limit the use of salt, which in excessive doses promotes swelling, overweight and water retention. Its aromatic leaves in fact give a particular taste to the dishes. Celery is also good eaten raw to plug the classic hole in the stomach. It can be eaten as a pinzimonio before lunch or dinner or as a snack between meals. Contains fibers that have a good satiating power. Furthermore, chewing on its particularly crunchy stem promotes a sense of fullness , says nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. But there is more. "Celery is rich in water and minerals that facilitate the elimination of waste through diuresis, to the benefit of the figure and health".

Contrasts aging

Celery is a good source of antioxidants. "Contains chlorophyll, vitamin E and carotenoids that block the action of free radicals and counteract oxidative stress, responsible for the aging of cells and tissues. In addition, it is a source of vitamin C, which promotes the production of collagen, a protein that defends the skin from wrinkles and premature signs of aging .

Promotes bone health

Celery is also a great ally for skeletal health. "It allows you to stock up on high amounts of vitamin K, a vitamin that decreases with advancing age, useful for fixing calcium in the bones and to defend against osteoporosis. To enhance its beneficial effects, it is ideal to combine it at the table with foods that are a source of lipids that facilitate assimilation such as fish, nuts, extra virgin olive oil or eggs ".

He is a friend of sight and heart

Celery also promotes eye health. "The merit is of the lutein of which it is rich which contrasts premature aging and prevents vision disorders," says the expert. This vegetable also promotes the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. "Thanks to the richness of fibers and antioxidants, it slows the absorption of fats, including triglycerides and cholesterol, counteracting the onset of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases in general".

Promotes digestion and fights fatigue

Finally, celery has carminative properties. «It facilitates the digestive processes which tend to be slower during the cold months. In particular, it counteracts the accumulation of air in the stomach, which favors the sense of swelling and heaviness after meals ". Finally, celery is a good source of B vitamins. «It ensures in particular vitamins B5 and B6, useful for energy metabolism. It then provides copper, manganese and phosphorus, micronutrients that counteract fatigue .

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