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Brussels sprouts, good for the bones – Italian Cuisine

Brussels sprouts, good for the bones

They are good for the skeleton, but also for the eyes and concentration: here are all the benefits contained in a very small vegetable

Brussels sprouts? A real cure-all for the bones. And not only. Also for the eyes, for the heart, for the prostate and for the brain these vegetables represent a precious mine of health. The bones, however, are the ones that can benefit most from the consumption of Brussels sprouts. And here's why.

Mine of vitamins and minerals

The secret of the privileged relationship of Brussels sprouts with bone health lies in the abundant presence in these small vegetables of vitamin K, which guarantees the correct functionality of some proteins that form and keep our bones stronger. But not only that: Brussels sprouts also contain excellent quantities of mineral salts (starting from iron, calcium and phosphorus), as well as proteins and fibers. The other vitamins present are instead those of group B, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Property to no end

Stimulants of brain activity and concentration, Brussels sprouts also owe these properties to two other elements of which they are particularly rich: thiamine and thefolic acid. Furthermore, it is a food with an important beneficial action on metabolism female hormone and recognized properties antianemic is detoxifiers. As if that weren't enough, Brussels sprouts are also a real mine of antioxidants, among which the zeaxanthin, known for its protective action against the retina of the eyes.

A recipe for bone health

Now, knowing how good Brussels sprouts do, it's time for a recipe for bone health: Brussels sprouts and salmon, Fish rich in vitamin D, that is another important ally in this sense. It begins by washing and boiling 150 grams of sprouts in salted water for ten minutes; in the meantime, in a pan with a little oil, cook two fillets of salmon. After draining the sprouts, they are tossed in another pan with one knob of butter; final touch with parsley and a little pepper and that's it.

Other than Brussels

Final curiosity: despite the name, these small vegetables seem to have little to do with Belgium. They would in fact originate in Italy and only later do they seem to have been imported into the Northern European country thanks to Roman legionaries. However, over three quarters of their world production currently has an English accent, although the cultivation of Brussels sprouts is also widespread in France and Holland.

Great News! The Bones Were Right!

You can see here that the bones are clearly
indicating the older “Harbaugh” would win.

If you lost money betting on the 49ers because of our
chicken wing bone prediction, I have some really great news for you. Upon
further review, the bones were correct! As you can see from the photo, the
bones actually spelled out an “H” and a “+” symbol; and not an “SF” as we’d
originally thought.

The “H” clearly indicates that a “Harbaugh” was going to be the
winner, which was true, and the “+” revealed it would be older brother, John. So
basically, the problem was that the bones were too accurate.

For future reference, when brothers
are coaching against each other, do
not look for the city! Live and learn.
Our original call was based on looking for a city, or team
mascot; but since football’s collective consciousness was focused on this
historic brother vs. brother coaching battle, we should have calibrated for
that instead. My bad.

Anyway, even though you probably lost your ass because of this
little misinterpretation, I’m sure just knowing that the bones’ streak of
correctly predicting the Super Bowl outcome is still intact makes you feel a
lot better. Plus, you can always bet double next year to make up the
difference. You’re welcome!

Apple Cider Glazed Pork Chops – Great Recipe, No Bones About It

This shining example of what a few well-placed ingredients
can do to a plain piece of meat reminded me of a couple very important things.
By the way, if you’re new to cooking, being reminded of stuff is one of the
best parts.

First of all, it had me recalling the old, “if it doesn’t
have a bone in it, it’s really not a chop.” Of course, search engines being
what they are, we were forced to use the oxymoronic “boneless, center-cut pork
chops” instead of the traffic stunting “pork medallions.” Not a big deal, but
worth mentioning in case you’re ever backed into a corner during a heated,
butchery-related water cooler debate.

Secondly, I remembered I need to redo that demo I did for
another website many years ago, on how to cut your own boneless, center-cut
pork chops, thereby saving some cash. It’s a quick and simple trick, and one
I’m sure many of you will remind me I forgot about in a few weeks.

Anyway, the glossy glaze is really easy, and while there’s
no starch or extra butter involved, it reduces quickly to a thick, rich,
sweet-tart apple syrup. The rosemary and pepper flakes were the perfect accents
for me, but this is a technique that begs for your own personal touches. I hope
you give this simple and very tasty pork “chop” recipe a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 6 chops:
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp butter
6 boneless center-cut pork chops (6-8 oz each)
salt and pepper to taste
3 cloves minced garlic
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2 cups apple cider
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp minced rosemary
pinch of red chili flakes

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