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Are there supermarkets open on December 31st and January 1st? – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

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This is important to know which supermarkets are open on December 31st and January 1st, and at what times. Whoever has to prepare the New Year’s Eve dinner and the New Year’s Eve lunch needs to organize themselves to do the last minute shopping for those fresh products that cannot be bought beforehand (such as fish), to stock up on all those small and large things necessary for preparation, but also to recover those ingredients forgotten in the previous shopping but essential for the recipes on the menu.

But not just for them: those who have the privilege of being among the guests also need to know which supermarkets are open on December 31st and January 1st. Maybe to buy a dessert to bring as a gift, or some bubbles to toast since there are never enough on New Year’s Eve. Here then where to go and information on the opening hours of individual stores and possible exceptions.

Supermarkets open on December 31st and January 1st

Esselunga On December 31st the closing in Esselunga supermarkets will be brought forward to 7pm. On January 1st, however, the sales points in all the Italian regions where the chain is present will be closed.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions, click on www.esselunga.it

The giant

Il Gigante closes early on December 31st between 7.30pm and 8pm. It closes on January 1st.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions, click on ilgigante.net

Hyper La Grande

Iper La Grande keeps its stores open with reduced hours and early closing between 7pm and 8pm on December 31st. On January 1st, the restaurants in its supermarkets will also close.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions click on www.iper.it/punti-vendita


On December 31st Aldi supermarkets open on Sundays (8.30am – 8.30pm), while on January 1st they are closed.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions, click on www.aldi.it.


Each of the Carrefour stores – Iper, Market or Express – will have specific opening hours on public holidays. However, they will all be open on December 31st.
For details on each point of sale click on www.carrefour.it.


They will all be open on December 31st, but for the rest there is no univocal indication: each Conad store will observe different opening times and closures during the holidays of the Christmas period.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions on www.conad.it.


Pam supermarkets will remain open on December 31st from 8am to 7pm and closed on January 1st.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions, click on www.pampanorama.it.


On December 31st the supermarkets of the LIDL chain will be open with reduced hours, i.e. from 8am to 8pm, and will remain closed on January 1st.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions, click on www.lidl.it


For Coop supermarkets the general rule is to remain open on 31 December with reduced hours – 08:00-18:00 – and to close on New Year’s Day, 1 January.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions, click on www.coop.it


Famila supermarkets follow the same rule: opening with reduced and different hours depending on the store on New Year’s Eve, and closing on December 1st.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions click on www.famila.it.


Bennet supermarkets will be open on December 31st. Closing is scheduled for January 1st.
For details on each point of sale and any exceptions click on www.bennet.com.

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New Year’s Eve dinner: recipes for a great start – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Not sure what to prepare for dinner New Year’s? We’ll give you the best recipes to compose the New Year’s Eve dinner menu. An easy menu is what you need to celebrate the last day of the year without stress. But giving up creativity is not an option: to make your task easier we have collected in the gallery below all our funniest recipes to be offered during the dinner on December 31st. Whether you are guests at the home of friends or relatives or you have made your kitchen available to wait for the start of the new year together, you can create a festive, colorful New Year’s Eve menu with a touch of tradition that will make it even more magical. this night.

The lucky ingredients

Let’s start from the basics. Although New Year’s Eve may be an opportunity to deviate from more traditional recipes, there are some ingredients that – according to popular beliefs – are necessary to start the upcoming new year off well. And it would be a real shame to take away the opportunity of a year particularly full of good opportunities, right?

First of all then let’s not forget the lentilswhich have always been associated with the concepts of luck and wealth, usually combined with zampone or cotechino: you can bring them to the table in many ways, from soups to first courses, up to meatballs. If you don’t want to include them in your menu, make sure you have a small quantity ready (even stewed) to be served at midnight as a good omen. The same goes for the pomegranatea wonderful red fruit, symbol of abundance, fertility and wealth. It can be enjoyed alone, at the end of a meal, or used creatively, in a tart as well as in salads and first courses (the risotto with artichokes and pomegranate or the macaroni with meat sauce are unmissable).

Easy and creative recipes

When you have to cook for many people it is imperative that the recipes are simple and quick, but how do you avoid the risk of being banal by choosing easy recipes for New Year’s Eve dinner? Let’s start by telling you that it is possible to prepare in 30 minutes (or even less). delicious and sparkling first courses, such as the sparkling wine risotto, the pappardelle with turnip greens and stracciatella or the nice tortellini skewers. If, however, your aim is to get ahead, avoiding spending December 31st in the kitchen, you should rely on first courses to be prepared in advance and reheated at the right time, such as lasagna, baked pasta and savory crepes. And for second? Great classics such as vitello tonnato are a choice to take into consideration, but to further optimize the times, experiment with baking and marinades.

A convivial menu for New Year’s Eve dinner

Why not go all in Quick and easy delicious dishes? Starting from the aperitif, with our Christmas sauces to be prepared only with the blender, perfect for dipping breadsticks and nachos. In addition to cold appetizers to be prepared in advance, savory pies are also an excellent idea, for example the Neapolitan escarole pizza. Even second courses can be more convivial: try the stew in a crust of aromatic rolls and you will leave everyone speechless.

New Year’s sweets

All you have to do is make your dessert decision. The list of traditional Italian New Year’s desserts is full of surprises, but there are also less conventional ideas. Have you ever tried to recycle pandoro and panettone leftover to create completely different desserts, such as panettone tiramisu or pandoro swirls? Not to mention the panettone dessert that we propose in the gallery below. If you’ve never done it, you really need to try it: this is the right time!

New Year’s Eve dinner: the best recipes

New Year's Eve menu with friends

The best recipes for New Year’s Eve

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December: seasonal vegetables and fruit – Italian Cuisine

December: seasonal vegetables and fruit

The last month of the year brings with it an abundance of fruit and vegetable products to be chosen with care at the market and brought to the table every day, waiting to celebrate them in the holiday menus. While it's cold outside, in the fields and orchards large and small delights come to maturity which guarantee, even at this time of the year, taste in the kitchen and Welfare to the body, thanks to the richness in fibers and antioxidants that characterize the crops of this period.

A generous vegetable garden
Speaking of healthy seasonal vegetables, the great family of gods immediately comes to mind cabbages. Those apiece, like broccoli And cauliflower, are rich in protective substances, in particular vitamin C, to be exploited more with rapid cooking and even with raw use, particularly indicated for cauliflower which can be sliced ​​like a carpaccio or finely chopped and seasoned as if it were a cous cous vegetable. Among the leafy ones, there are two in particular that benefit from the first frosts: the cabbage and the black cabbage. In fact, the intense cold not only softens the leaves, but makes them sweeter and more aromatic. Ideal for soups and typical dishes, such as Tuscan ribollita or Milanese cassoeula.
It still resists the pumpkin, a very long-lasting vegetable, and continues the season of beets, radicchio, escarole, celery, fennel. While the first ones begin to arrive artichokes, destined to accompany us until spring. If the taste of these vegetables fascinates you, you must try the Jerusalem artichoke, white-fleshed tubers that are in their golden moment and are called "Jerusalem artichokes".
Other "niche" vegetables, and probable botanical ancestors of artichokes, are the thistles. During this period, i hunchbacks, typical of the Asti area and, in particular, of the Nizza Monferrato area. The name derives from the fact that in the fields, at a certain point of development, the tufts of thistles are folded down and continue their growth underground: the lack of light makes them white and very tender, excellent au gratin, in risotto and indispensable with bagna cauda, ​​the traditional Piedmontese sauce.
The leeks, winter bulbs par excellence, more delicate than onions, more characteristic of shallots and very versatile. The white part, in thin slices, is suitable for sautéed and soups, while sliced ​​into slices, it is boiled and baked again in a pan or in the oven, for rustic side dishes. The green part aromatizes the broths and the large outer leaves, left whole, become the wrapping of rolls and bundles.

A jump into the orchard
Or, better, in the citrus grove! It's time to pick the tastiest and juiciest oranges, especially the varieties red: T.arocco, Moro And Sanguinello. Among tangerines, clementines and mandarins, here comes the sours too grapefruits, the sweets pomelos and small kumquat, or Chinese tangerines, intended to brighten up the fruit bowl on the Christmas tables.
Where the dried fruit: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts, harvested in early autumn, reach their perfect degree of dryness, ready to be shelled at the end of a meal and to enrich breakfasts and snacks.
Chapter esotic fruit: it is now common to bring to the table, especially during the holidays, products that come from tropical countries. Not only the now common pineapple, but also mango, papaya, passion fruit, carambola. Colorful, decorative and also suitable for refined savory dishes, the best are those transported by air (it is indicated on packages and boxes), ready to eat as opposed to those arriving by sea and immature. Another parameter to guide you in your choice is to look for fair trade fruits, which are now often also organic. Thus, the festive table will be not only beautiful, but also good.

Francesca Romana Mezzadri
December 2021

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