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10 giant foods that you find only in the United States

Traveling to the United States to discover ten incredible gigantic foods that you can only find here, in the homeland of "supersized food"

On the quality and variety of foods that you can find in the United States you could talk for a long time, with different opinions and points of view, but on one thing we can all agree: Americans are obsessed with gigantic foods. This craze, unfortunately, often goes hand in hand with an unregulated diet where excess sugar, fat and calories can have dramatic health consequences, including obesity, diabetes or heart disease. Leaving aside the risks that huge food can have, a responsibility that the consumer should always keep in mind, it must be said that this fashion is realizing the forbidden dreams of many gluttons and still represents an interesting phenomenon widespread globally. In the United States these gigantic foods are proposed by food trucks or small and large restaurants to attract customers and to ensure that they engage in real culinary challenges with selfie shots; but also by high-level chefs always looking for ways to amaze their customers. Let's take a short tour through the United States to discover some of these incredible creations.

1. A Guinness Book of World Records

The news of this pizzeria has really gone around the world. Big Mama and Papa at Big Mama's and Papa's, a chain with headquarters in Southern California, has in fact created giant pizza-based recipes, including the "Giant Sicilian" almost a meter and a half long, which has entered the Guinness Book of Records. This pizza should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance and has a base price of $ 300. Remarkable also their Giant Gondola, a huge version of the famous Georgian dish khachapuri, prepared with over 50 eggs and a pound of green peppers and bacon!

2) The famous "hot dog pink" of Los Angeles

The local PINK'S HOT DOGS in Los Angeles (California) is a true legend in the United States, so much to be the destination of actors and celebrities, to whom among other things some sandwiches pay tribute. To make this restaurant famous also the size of hot dogs, including the greedy and spicy "El Cucuy Dog" with jalapeno, 30 cm long.

3) The biggest pretzels in the world

The Mader restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known for its German cuisine and for being the oldest restaurant in town, open since 1902. To make this a place of pilgrimage, however, it is mainly its huge pretzels, as big as a pizza, to be accompanied by a nice one-liter beer mug.

4) An epic hamburger

THE'OOmg burgers of the Chicago SafeHouse more than a sandwich is really a challenge. With well 15 burger and a monstrous amount of dripping melted cheese, this is one of America's biggest burgers and costs only $ 50.
What's more, the OOmg is served with two kilos of cheese curd and a liter and a half of beer.

5) The family-size omelette

The Beth's Cafe in Seattle, a delicious diner open 24 hours a day and specialized in breakfasts and quick but genuine dishes, has its strong point substantial omelettes, available from 6 and 12 eggs, which promise to feed even the most voracious customers! No coincidence that the restaurant appeared in an episode of the well-known TV program Man vs Food.

6) Breakfast of the champions

Always for lovers of abundant breakfasts, another unmissable destination in the United States is the Fine & Rare of New York. The specialty of the house is indeed a truly unique breakfast, weighing a kilo and a half, which consists of a giant ostrich egg, coming from a farm in New Jersey, with peppers, onions, sausage, bacon and bread … an unforgettable breakfast!

7) Half a meter of pancakes

We move to Florida where Shelby's kitchen and Deli serves several colossal foods including a brunch whose dish consists of a big half-meter pancake, covered with two kilos of bacon, eggs, toast and fries.

8) A sushi donut weighing 7 kg

From the western kitchen we now pass to the oriental one. At WAVE Asian Bistro & Sushi in Mount Dora, in Florid, they make some really original donuts made entirely of sushi, weighing as much as 7 kilos and over 7 thousand calories and designed for about 10 people. This dish, prepared with rice for sushi, spicy crab, tuna and cucumber, requires almost three hours of processing time

9) 36 donuts in one

From a salty donut we pass to a sweet one of a kind. In fact, you can find DK's Donuts and Bakery in Santa Monica, California a donut so big as to be the equivalent of 36 classic donuts. Customers can not only choose the size, but also customize their order, choosing for example the type of frosting and decoration.

10) The ice cream of dreams

All of us have dreamed of eating a pyramid of ice cream as children, but also as adults. Disney is well aware that in its Florida amusement park, and particularly in the Disney's Beach Club Resort, it has included in the menu a ice cream cup served in a bowl so big it was called so big it was called Kitchen Sink dessert, the sweet of the kitchen sink. Inside there is practically everything: ice cream with chocolate, mint, coffee, chocolate; but also chocolate biscuits, peanut butter, marshmallows, fresh fruit and nuts, a real blaze of flavors!

Photo: giant donut_by reallyboring_Flikr.jpg

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